All I want for Christmas is sleep

So, 6 month sleep regression. Is this a thing? 

Mabel is not going through a brain leap (she just went through leap 5 a couple weeks ago). The only thing I can think of is teething – she cut her first tooth 2 weeks ago and maybe there’s another one about to push through? She’s also sooooooo close to crawling and she just recently started sitting unassisted. I think I read somewhere that they have trouble sleeping when they’re on the cusp of learning new skills. 

Here’s the deal:

Mabel is a great napper. She consistently naps 3-4 times a day. M, the nanny, has her on a predictable schedule and can now just put her down in her crib when she’s sleepy. Mabel will protest for a few minutes, but she always falls asleep relatively quickly. 

And putting Mabel to bed in the evening is pretty painless. She eats “dinner” – purées at the moment- around 6:00. We do some quiet play time until about 7:15. We then put her pjs on, give her a bottle, read a book or two and then rock her and sing to her until she falls asleep. At the end of our daily bedtime routine, she’s almost always asleep by 7:45 or 8. And we then transfer her to her crib. We love her bedtime routine, definitely a highlight of our day. I feel like it’s just as much for us as for her. Easy peasy. 

Until 3 weeks ago, Mabel was getting up like clockwork twice a night. Usually around 1am and then again at 4-ish. She’d take a bottle and then pass right out. She’d be awake for maybe 10-15 min. We’d gotten used to this and didn’t mind it. And then she’d be up for the day at 7am. 

3 weeks ago, the sleep weirdness began. She’d go down for the night no problem. But at her first wake-up at 1am, she refused to go back to her crib. She’d be snoring in my arms but as soon as her body touched her crib mattress, she’d wake up and start screaming. So after trying for an hour to transfer her back to her crib, I’d give up and cosleep with her in the bed in the nursery for the last half of the night. 

About 2 weeks ago, she started waking up a lot. And protesting her crib in general. We even bought a quilted pad for her crib and some flannel sheets, thinking maybe her mattress was cold at night. Doesn’t seem to have changed anything. 

Last night was typical- 

  • 7:45pm – asleep for the night in her crib
  • 9:30pm – wakes up and cries. We offer comfort and after refusing to go back in her crib, we put her in the pack n play in our room. She stays asleep.
  • 10:30pm – wakes up crying. Give her a bottle and she drinks a bit before passing out
  • 11:30pm – wakes up crying. Rock her back to sleep
  • 1:30am – wakes up crying- S gives her a bottle and she passes out again
  • 3:00am – wakes up crying and passes out after being held by me for a few minutes
  • 4:00am – wide awake! Tries to pull herself up in the pack n play – giggles when she sees me. I take her into the nursery to rock her back to sleep. She bats at my face and runs her hands through my hair the whole time. finally falls asleep at 5am. I put her down in her crib and go back to bed. 
  • 5:30 – she starts crying. I hand her off to S as I have to start getting ready for work. S cosleeps with her in the bed in the nursery until 7am and I leave for work. 

What the fuck is going on?!?!?

She hasn’t had this much trouble staying asleep since she was a newborn. We don’t jump up and attend to her right away for each wake up either. We wait a few minutes to see if she can settle herself and fall back asleep (and occasionally she does).

Our house can get a bit cold at night, but we have her in fleece footed pjs with a non-swaddle sleep sack on top of that. And she has a warm blanket that she likes to sleep with as well. 

We’re not ready for CIO sleep training, but we’re also aware that our views on that might change after a few more weeks of severe sleep deprivation. 

Lord help us. I hope this is a phase that passes quickly!

Love and cute babies

After these past few heartbreaking days, I’ve been struggling to figure out how I can help. In any way. 

I’ve decided to focus on the micro-levels of my life. Be a patient mom. An encouraging wife. An accepting and kind friend. To let go of any grudges I might have been holding. We’re already donors to Planned Parenthood, but we’re now considering becoming monthly donors. Adding the ACLU into the small group of charities we support financially. We’ll be volunteering at our local food bank. 

We’re also focusing on the local politics. If the country doesn’t reflect the values we cherish, we want to at least make sure that Mabel’s hometown does. And we’re so lucky in that regard. Not only is California incredibly progressive (although the state definitely needs to get its shit together about the death penalty!), but the Bay Area is even more so. In our city, all of the bonds on the ballot that will be spent to repair our schools and revitalize neighborhoods passed with flying colors. We’ll start attending city council meetings when we can. Saying hello to our neighbors more frequently. 

There’s obviously a lot of anger in the middle of the country from people who feel left out of the economic recovery. But I refuse to let that anger seep into my life.  We are better than that. And I will fight it with love. Love trumps hate.

I’ve let all my friends know they are welcome to crash at our home any time they need a safe space. If anyone of you lovely ladies are in the Bay Area and need a place to vent, cry, or just snuggle a cute baby, our door is open to you. 

I wore a pantsuit yesterday for Mabel. As a way of showing her I’m still fighting for equality, tolerance, and civility. 

My friends and I have agreed to trade photos of cute babies and pets as a way to counter the anxiety and dread social media has started doling out. So I’m sharing some cute photos of our darling 5 1/2 month old. We started her out on purées recently after she showed interest in our food. So far she’s had rice cereal, puréed green beans, peas, and pumpkin. She’s also sitting in the bumbo chair pretty well these days.

Much love to everyone. We’ll get through this. Just keep up the good fight!

How we survive

Now that I’ve been back at work for a little over 2 months, we’ve learned the routines and tips that help keep us afloat and sane. I think it goes without saying that these are just the things that work for us – they might not work for everyone. And we’re always happy to hear other tips as well! Lay ’em on us!

Hire the best help you can afford. We are very fortunate that we can afford a nannyshare. S’s family lives about 2 hours away, which is great for weekend visits – not great for having them watch Mabel regularly. In an ideal world, S’s mom would live nearby and watch Mabel during the week. Sigh. So here we are. Mabel shares her nanny with one other baby who is 5 weeks younger than her. We’re barely making ends meet each month, but it is worth every.single.penny. M, the nanny, is great with the babies. Mabel lights up every morning when M walks through our front door. And she has cried when M left at the end of the day. This makes it so much easier to leave in the morning, knowing Mabel feels loved while we’re gone. M also washes whatever bottles Mabel uses during the day and does Mabel’s laundry each week. Worth every single penny.

Meal planning. We have a giant whiteboard calendar on a wall of our kitchen. Each month, I wipe it clean and start planning our monthly menu and notating it on there. We’re trying to lower our grocery bills (see nanny costs above), so we’re just buying what we need and planning our meals ahead of times. We typically cook a meal on Monday, have the leftovers on Tuesday, cook a meal on Wednesday, leftovers on Thursday. And Friday is our “date night” so we treat ourselves to take out and watch a movie once the kiddo is asleep. It’s nice to look ahead at what’s for dinner. And we haven’t gotten sick of leftovers yet, which is nice. We also always have a spare “emergency dinner” on hand – for nights when things go haywire and it’s suddenly 9pm and we’re starving and haven’t done any dinner prep. These are usually frozen meals like Newmans Own brand – where you just open the bag and dump everything into a skillet for 10 minutes. Not the healthiest, but better than a bowl of cereal. Advice about meal planning: pay attention to the weather. When planning our September meals, I got carried away with fall comfort foods, but the weather was still stuck in summer mode. So mid-september, I followed the meal plan and made soup one day in the crock pot, not thinking about the weather. Turned out to be unseasonably warm that day, in the 80s! and there we were eating hot soup and sweating. 

Food Prep is everything. Meal planning doesn’t help much if you don’t prep beforehand. Making a stir fry is much harder if you’re trying to chop veggies AND cook it. All while wrangling a kid. Or if you wait til the kid is asleep to start, it’s 9:30 before you even get to sit down to eat. Therefore, I carve out an hour or two each Sunday to prep for the week. This includes prepping my lunches. I might bake a few potatoes and make some mason jar salads. Or cook a big batch of quinoa and roasted veggies. I’ll chop veggies for all our weekday dinners. Then when it’s time to make dinner later that week, I just have to dump the ingredients into a pan and not waste time chopping. Or I’ll make a meal and freeze it Sunday, if it’s something that freezes nicely. Now that it’s cozy fall season, I’ve taken to baking on Sundays too. Pumpkin bread, corn muffins, and banana bread are quick and easy. And make our house smell lovely. 

Crock Pot. I love our crock pot. We never really used it much until I went back to work. But it’s so easy!  We’ve made veggie chili in it. Potato and corn chowder. I have butternut squash soup planned for next week. The crock pot is a must. I’m trying to explore beyond soups, so throw any cool recipes my way. It’s very satisfying to just throw a bunch of stuff in it and turn it on. And then come home to a nice-smelling home and a hot meal.

Night prep. I get up between 5:30-6:00 each morning. I’m pretty much a zombie until I leave the house for work. If I had to  make my lunch, set up the coffee machine, pick out my clothes, or pack my work bag, I would be late to work every single day. It’s absolutely necessary for me to get everything picked out and ready to go the night before. It’s not fun. The last thing I want to do when I’m tired at the end of the day is get the coffee machine prepped and ready. Or pack my breakfast and lunch. Or lay out my clothes. But I so appreciate it when I can just throw my lunch in my bag. Or walk into the kitchen and immediately pour myself coffee. It’s made my mornings much, much easier. 

Splitting the night shift. There’s no way I could pull night shift all by myself with Mabel and then go to work and function. So S and I take turns. Each evening is split into two shifts. One from 10pm-2am. And one from 2am-6am. We don’t always switch over at 2. We keep it pretty loose, based on how Mabel’s doing. But the important thing is that no one is expected to pull the night shift by themselves.

Syncing our calendars. I’m usually the one rushing home at5pm to relieve the nanny, but working in events means there are a few days a month that I have evening events. So we’ve found that me sending S calendar appts for those days really helps keep us on the same page. I went through and sent her appointments for all the evenings I have to work late until the end of the year. We also discuss it’s home of course, but now S gets a notification a few hours before she has to be home as a gentle reminder to leave work earlier than usual. So far it’s working and we’ve only had one snafu where the nanny had to stay 30 min late. 

Routine. Routine. Routine. I know babies love routine, but I do as well. M has been great about getting Mabel on a schedule during the day. We care less about following the clock exactly than about making sure Mabel’s days follow a certain pattern. So her schedule might vary by an hour or so from day to day, but the pattern always stays the same – wake, eat, play, nap and repeat. This helps us as well. We know what to expect and because I know she’ll go down for her final nap right after I get home, I can squeeze in a few extra work emails during that time. Or start dinner. Or just zone out on the couch if it’s been a stressful day. Routine is our friend these days. I know the routine will change as she grows, but I think all 3 of us benefit from having a predictable pattern to our days. 

She’s baaaaaack. 

So I stopped breastfeeding just after Mabel turned 3 months old. My supply just went down to nil. I was pumping 3-4 times a day and my grand total was 2 oz. which meant it took 2 days just to pump 1 bottle worth of milk. So I stopped. 

That was 2 months ago, so I’ve been waiting for AF to rear her ugly head again.  I had some spotting over the weekend 2 weeks ago and I thought, hmm. Maybe my body is letting me off easy and that was my first period. 


Last Thursday she arrived with a vengeance. I didn’t even have anything with me. For someone who was waiting for it to happen, I was entirely unprepared. I got out the ol’ Fertility Friend app and saw that I was only 1 day behind when the app predicted I would start my period again. What do you know… 

I did not miss having my period.

So I’m tracking my cycles again. We’ve discussed having a second kid a lot, though we have no idea how we’d swing it financially. We have excellent health insurance that covers “infertility*” treatments, so the cost of getting pregnant is not what we’re worried about. It’s the cost of just HAVING 2 kids. And paying someone to take care of them while we work. Right now, we’re sort of feeling like “let’s see what the universe offers in the next year and reasses our situation.” 

So we’ll reassess our situation in early 2018. Until then, I’ll keep tracking. 

* I put infertility in quotes, not because I don’t think it’s real. But because the fertility clinic has to code our treatment as Infertility, even though, so far anyway, we haven’t had fertility issues.

We’ve got this. I think.

What? How can Mabel be 5 months old now? While we still look back in awe at photos of her first few weeks of life, I have to say I really love this current phase. 

We babble to each other all day. She’s started making some consonant sounds, like gagagaga. Or babababa. She laughs at us when we make funny faces or dance around. So we basically just act like nonstop fools – doing whatever it takes to make her laugh. 

I feel like we’ve got a handle on the current situation. I’m sure this will change soon. Every time we get used to a routine, she goes and changes and keeps us on our toes. But right now – today – its really, really good.

Some bullet points

  • Mabel is rolling over like a champ. In fact, she now knows how to roll multiple times in a row in order to reach a toy out of reach. We’re in trouble once she’s fully mobile.
  • She likes to give us open mouth kisses. I think she’s in the beginning stages of teething, because she likes to clamp down on our chins or cheekbones with her gums. 
  • She’s obsessed with the cats. One cat is in poor health, so we keep her away from him. But the other cat, Boris, seems ok with her. She’s already pulled out clumps of his fur and he was ok with it. We’re trying to teach her to be gentle, but of course she’s not quite old enough to grasp the concept. We don’t leave them alone though, because I have no doubt Mabel would just pounce on him and freak him out. He’s also in trouble once she’s fully mobile. If a cat is in the room, she has laser focus and will look at nothing else.
  • S and I are sleeping in the same bed again! We were taking shifts sleeping in the nursery. At 3 months, Mabel insisted on sleeping on her belly. We’d put her down on her back and she’d immediately roll over on her stomach and pass out. So we stopped swaddling her, but we were scared her neck muscles weren’t quite strong enough for stomach sleeping so we wanted to be nearby. Now at 5 months, we’re confident she’s not going to suffocate at night. So we just keep an eye on her with the video monitor. Mabel still wakes up 2 times a night, but the sleep we get in between her wake ups is much better now. Also, we make sure all bedroom doors are wide open so we can reach her quickly.
  • Mabel can move a toy from one hand to the other and has this adorable concentration face when she’s inspecting whatever she’s holding. She furrows her brows a bit and does this quick panting, like a little puppy. 

Getting ready to enter the holiday season! So exciting to think we can start some family traditions now. The weather has turned chilly here so I’m loving the cozy home activities, like Sunday baking. Overall, I can’t complain these days.  

Thankful Thursday

After yesterday’s Whinefest, I decided to do a Thankful Thursday post to remind myself of all the wonderful things in my life right now. It’s easy to focus on the less than stellar things, but important to remember it’s not all doom and gloom. 

1) My sister reminded me of how just two months ago, I was struggling to shower everyday and get dressed before noon. Now I’m getting dressed every morning, commuting into San Francisco, completing a full day’s work, going home, putting some kind of dinner on the table, and am still able to dance around the house with Mabel before bedtime. 

2) I have a great partner. S has been so supportive since I went back to work. She can work crazy long days at her lab, but she always helps with Mabel without complaint. We have 4 hour shifts at night when we’re each on “Mabel Duty.” Whoever is on duty when Mabel wakes up tends to her needs. This way we each get at least 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep each night. She never grumbles about this, even when she has worked a 12 hour day and wants nothing more than to pass out in bed for 8 or so hours. She washes bottles when I oversleep and have to race out the door. She scoops the cat litter. 

3) Even though money is tight, we can afford a lovely nanny. All of our bills get paid. We have food on the table every day. We each have a retirement fund. 

4) Mabel. This girl is the light of my life. She is super smiley and has recently started chuckling. Not full belly laughs yet, but close. My favorite times each day:  her 5:30am feeding when we can snuggle. She usually nurses and then curls up with me in bed until I get up at 6. And when I get home from work in the evening, it’s usually right before she goes down for her last nap of the day. She curls her arms around my shoulders and buries her face in my neck while she “growls” herself to sleep. (That’s the only way I can describe it! She does this low growling sound as she’s drifting off, which I assume is her soothing herself to sleep.)

So things aren’t all bad. They’re pretty good actually when you look at the big picture. I just need to keep reminding myself of this when life gets stressful. 

Whiney Wednesday

It is Wednesday, right? I lose track of the days of the week somewhere around Tuesday.

First up on my whine list: my commute. We’re looking into getting a second car but first we have to look over our finances and we’d like to pay off our current car. S mentioned looking this weekend, but we’ll see. I’m a preparer and hate jumping into something big, like buying a car, without a plan already laid out. In the meantime, I’ve been late to work every day this week and I’ve found that I have to leave around 3:45pm in order to not be late meeting the nanny at 5pm. Because sometimes public transit isn’t so great. So I’m in the office for only about 7 hours a day. Sounds great, right? Except I have a mountain of work to do for our big November fundraiser. My tight schedule in the office is just stressful right now. 

Whine #2  – pumping. I’ve had a very low milk supply from the get-go, but I’ve been pumping religiously and nursing Mabel in the mornings. Suddenly last weekend, my supply took another dip. Normally, 3-4 pumping sessions a day would yield about 4 oz. Enough for a bottle for Mabel. And I was fine with that. One day that just dropped down to 2.5 oz – the total after pumping 4 times! Now it takes me 2 days to pump 1 bottles worth of breast milk. I’m taking all kinds of herbs and drinking lactation tea every day, but it hasn’t budged in the last few days. I’m giving it more time, but I sadly can see the end of pumping in my near future. 

Whine #3 – comparisons. I know I shouldn’t compare myself to other moms or Mabel to other babies. I know this! But it’s hard not to. My friend L, who we’ll have a nannyshare with when she starts back to work in 2 weeks, is wonderful. She’s hilarious and smart and while we’ve been colleagues (we work at the same nonprofit) for a while, we bonded over being pregnant at the same time and have become good friends. Because we have daughters only 5 weeks apart in age, it’s been easy to compare our journeys. L has an abundance of breast milk. She can feed her daughter and then pump 8 oz in one sitting like its nothing. You just heard my story (see Whine #2). L was wearing her pre-pregnancy jeans 3 weeks after giving birth. I can only fit into 2 of my pre-pregnancy pants now, 4 months postpartum – and those are my super stretchy jeggings. And last but not least, L’s daughter just started sleeping 8 hours a night! Straight. As in from 9pm – 5am. SHE’S the elusive 3 month old sleeping through the night. I love my life. I love my kiddo – who is down to two wake ups per night. I hate that I’m putting any sort of dark cloud over this motherhood experience by comparing us to others. I’m working on it.

That’s enough whining for one morning. 

Balancing act

Y’all, I was going to do a post on “work nesting” the week before I returned to work and yet here I am, 2.5 weeks into being back at the office. This is indicative of my life at the moment. 

Working mom. Damn. It’s hard. I love my job and I love my colleagues. I actually have a lot of fun when I’m at work, but it’s definitely different now. 

I leave for work at 7am so I’m there by 8am. S is at home to greet the nanny at 8am and then she heads to her job. I leave my office at 4pm so I can relieve the nanny by 5. S gets home around 6:30 or 7. 

First, the commute. My hour long commute never bothered me before, but now it does. I have to take a bus to the closest BART station (our commuter train into San Francisco). After one week of this, S and I decided we needed to become a 2-car family – even though we’re already stretched thin financially. Driving to the BART station will shave 20 min off my commute – one way. Hells yes. We’re planning to dip into savings to pay off our current car so we only have 1 car payment each month. I cannot wait for this. Always prided ourselves on living in an urban area and taking advantage of public transit. Nothing makes me feel more suburban than us having two cars. But damn I have no patience for long commutes anymore.

Pre-baby, I had good time management skills at work, but I wasn’t hustling all day. I would take a leisurely walk to a coffee shop and I often ate my lunch at a nearby park. No more. I have an inflexible time when I have to leave the office, not to mention the 3 pump breaks I have to take throughout the work day. When I’m at work now I’m all business, all the time. Which is…a little lonely. I tend to wolf down lunch at my desk. I can’t take part in any after-work happy hours. I know I should cut myself some slack and spend a little fun time with my colleagues every once in awhile, but I think I also feel a tad guilty that I’m only in the office for 8 hours a day. Like I need to make up for it by getting as much done as humanly possible in that time frame. Is that weird?

I also didn’t realize just how tired I would be every night. It feels like we never stop moving until we go to bed. After getting home, playing with Mabel, cooking dinner, washing bottles and dishes, doing a couple household chores and prepping for the next day, we practically fall into bed already asleep.

The good parts? I’m taking better care of myself physically after a summer spent mostly in pjs with messy hair and unbrushed teeth. I do enjoy having conversations with adults all day, though I feel a bit behind in current events. 

In the midst of all this, we moved Mabel to her crib. We realized she was as long as the bassinet mattress now and she learned how to roll over last week! This meant I kept waking up to find she had rolled in her sleep and was smashed against the side of the bassinet. Now she has lots of wiggle room in the crib. Though we aren’t quite ready to have her in a separate room from us (and her crib won’t fit in our bedroom) so we’re taking turns sleeping on the bed we have in the nursery. Not sleeping in the same bed as my wife most days – a post for another day. Not an ideal situation, but we know it’s only temporary. And we are actually getting a bit more sleep this way. 

Also, I read in TWO separate books recently that most babies are sleeping through the night at three months old and this just made me irrationally ANGRY. Mabel wakes up 3 times a night at pretty much the same times every night. And I don’t really see this changing anytime soon. 

Ok, I’m about to pass out, but I have so many blog posts outlined in my head right now. I’ll try to be more on top of it. 

12 weeks old

I can’t believe Mabel is 12 weeks old as of yesterday! It feels both like she’s been with us forever and like we just met her.

Some bullet points:

  • Mabel’s sleep schedule is still pretty wacky. She’s been going through Leap 3 and waking up every 2 hours during the night. She also tends to have a lot of gas and it seems to be part of the reason for her frequent wakes. I give her some gripe water right before putting her down, but it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. The good part: she’s a pretty good napper.
  • Speaking of napping, I finally got it together in terms of her nap schedule. The first 2 months, I naively thought Mabel would just fall asleep on her own when she was tired during the day – which resulted in a very cranky and overly tired baby every evening. Now I follow the 90 minute rule and create a window for her to nap after she’s been awake for 90 minutes. It has helped tremendously! She still fights it sometimes, but she usually naps 3-4 times a day for about an hour each time.
  • She smiles all the time. As soon as she wakes up in the morning, when we sing to her, when we dance around the house, when we respond to her coos with our own. She’s just a happy baby most of the time. Which makes the sleep deprivation so much easier to bear. 
  • She suddenly hates the ergo. I used to walk with her in the ergo every day and then suddenly she started screaming whenever she was in it. I took her to Target – she wouldn’t stay in it. I took her to Muir Woods- she only let me put her in it once she was asleep. I’m really hoping this is just a phase because I love wearing her. And it’s easier than always using the stroller. She recently outgrew the infant insert for the ergo, so maybe she doesn’t like how it feels now without the insert?
  • She’s starting to track toys smoothly across her vision, follow us with her eyes when we cross a room, turn her head toward our voices, etc. So cool to see new developments appear practically overnight.
  • Mabel will bat at her toys now on her activity mat and can sometimes grasp them. She also loves to grab our hair now when we hold her. Or tighten her arm around our necks. 
  • She’s grown fond of her lovey – a stuffed hedgehog with tags on it. She gnaws on it all the time.
  • Speaking of gnawing – the girl likes to chew on her hands nonstop unless I put the hedgehog in her lap. She sometimes sticks her fingers too far down her throat and will gag herself. Scares me to death!

This is my last week of maternity leave. Insert sad violin solo here. I love my job, I really do, but what I would give to spend Mabel’s first year at home with her. America really needs to get it together in terms of parental leave. 3 months is just way too soon to leave your baby. 

Alas, we do need my income, so off to work I go on Monday. And I’ve found myself going through some “work nesting” the last week or so. I’ll post about that in a couple days. Until then, here are some cute photos. 

Settling into motherhood

Mabel turns 8 weeks old on Tuesday and I feel like we’re starting to find our groove. Some random thoughts and updates:

  • I still have a low milk supply and we’re supplementing with formula. Though at this point she’s actually drinking more formula than breast milk. I still nurse at night and in the morning. Still give her the boob first for most feedings, but my supply is just not keeping up. I pump when I can ( averaging about 6-8 oz a day), but I’ve decided to not stress about it. I’ve made a conscious choice to just revel in my time with Mabel and not spend my days worrying about how I’m feeding her. If we’re curled up on the couch for an afternoon nap, I don’t walk away in order to pump, I just enjoy the sweet snuggles. The important thing is she’s being fed and growing rapidly.
  • Mabel is babbling and cooing up a storm these days. She’ll make squawking sounds to get our attention if we’re not right next to her. She’ll coo and try to copy our tones when we sing to her. It’s too too cute. 
  • we’ve found a nanny! We’re doing a nanny share with one of my friends/coworkers who has a 2 week old daughter. The nanny starts right after Labor Day and will just watch Mabel until my friend, L, goes back to work at the end of September. Then Nanny M will watch both babies at our house. Excited to have found someone that we had a connection with and who is very qualified. She’s bilingual and will speak Spanish to the girls, which I love. And she had excellent references. We had originally planned on just having a nanny for the first year and then enrolling Mabel in daycare next summer. However, we’re now thinking we might keep Nanny M longer if all goes well this year and the financial aspect of having a nanny isn’t too hard for us (though it definitely eats up a vast majority of our disposable income!).
  • We’re already thinking about Baby #2, if you can believe it. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, but we’re dreaming of a 2 kid family these days. We weren’t even sure we wanted a second kid until this week. Now we’re putting a timeline to it! If we still want a second kid at the beginning of 2018, we’ll go back to the fertility clinic and start the process again. I’ll have just turned 38 by that point, so I wouldn’t want to put it off much longer than that. Of course this all depends on our financial situation (can we really afford childcare for 2 kids?? Right now the answer is no).
  • Mabel is going through her second developmental leap and her sleep is suffering for it. She starts the night off beautifully and sleeps for 3-4 hours in her bassinet. But then it gets cray. She’ll wake up every hour or hour and a half and take forever to go back to sleep. This morning she just decided to start the day at 4:30am. Wide awake and giving me huge smiles, she was ready to go! Thankfully, S took over at that point so I could get a few hours of sleep. I hit the jackpot with my wife, I tell you.
  • I’m already nostalgic for the newborn she was 6 weeks ago. We went to visit my friend L and her brand new baby this past week. He baby had just turned 2 weeks old and I got all sappy thinking of Mabel at that age. I think it’s way too early to feel nostalgic but man, hearing those little newborn grunts just tugged at my heart strings. Hence the renewed talk of possibly having a second kid. 
  • Having said that, I am loving the new interactive Mabel. She really looks at us now, studies her toys and it feels like we’re having a conversation when she coos at us and we coo back. She responds to rattles now and will turn her head towards sounds. Practically overnight she transformed from a little blob to a tiny human that engages with us. It’s wonderful!