I’m normal! So far anyway….

For someone that’s always challenged the idea of normalcy, it’s funny what a huge relief it was to find myself completely average in terms of blood work!

I have some of my results, but not all of them. The ones that I do have (for those of you that like to look at this kind of thing):

  • FSH – 7.8
  • Estradiol – 56
  • Prolactin – 9
  • TSH – 1.43
  • Blood type – O+
  • CMV – negative

Oh and I’m negative for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, but, come on, I could have told you that beforehand.

I spoke with a nurse today and scheduled my first in-person appointment! That fertility center is crazy popular because the first available appt. wasn’t until the end of March. I told her we were out of the country until April 4th so we booked an appointment for April 14th. The doctor will go over all of my lab results with me in detail and check my antral follicle count via transvaginal ultrasound. Oy, I’ve never had a transvag ultrasound and I’m not looking forward to it.

The nurse checked my labs and said the remaining hormone tests were still “cooking.” Apparently, I won’t be given all of my results before the appointment, but if anything comes out abnormal I’ll receive a phone call. So until April, no news is good news!

I’m so glad we went ahead and had the labs done before our trip. Especially after finding out the wait time for our first in-person appointment was at least 6 weeks. So now we can just prep for Vietnam.

I found out today that in addition to the various vaccines I’m getting next week, I’ll also have to take anti-malarial pills while I’m there and for 7 days after leaving the region (we’re only in the malaria danger zone for the first week of the trip, thank goodness.) The travel clinic nurse said we need to wait 30 days after my last dose before trying to get pregnant, which means it’s no-go until the beginning of May. But that timeline still makes me nervous. Only 30 days, really? I need to do a bit more research on that.

I’m crossing my fingers and toes for those of you in the TWW! Hoping we see lots of BFPs in the coming weeks!


Initial Blood Work!

So AF showed up about 5 days earlier than expected. A part of me is like, “Great!  Let’s get this show on the road.” But another part of me is a little concerned at how my cycles have been jumping around a bit lately.

Today is CD 2-ish.  (AF showed up late Friday evening.) Luckily, my HMO’s lab is open 7 days a week. I found out a few days ago that they’re actually testing for way more than the NP initially mentioned.  All the labs covered in this initial blood work:

Fertility Labs

  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)
  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
  • Estradiol
  • Prolactin
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  • Hemoglobin A1C
  • Vitamin D
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Blood Type (ABO Rh)
  • Varicella
  • Rubella

Infectious Disease Labs

  • Chlamydia/Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
  • Hepatitis B Core Antibody
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV 1 & 2
  • T Pallidum

They don’t mess around.

Since we knew they’d be taking a lot of blood, S very sweetly brought some juice for me to sip afterwards. Here’s how much blood they took….

All the vials

And I took this photo before the phlebotomist filled up the last two vials!  Some of you are pros at this and probably see this photo and think “Pshh, that’s nothing!” but I couldn’t stop staring at it all.

So now we wait 24-48 hours for the results.  Once we have them, the RE will call to schedule an in-person appointment. The excitement of the blood work has sort of given way to a bit of nervousness about the results. In 48 hours, I’ll have a pretty good idea of my ovarian reserve and how much help we’re gonna need to make a tiny human. Whoa.

Baby Steps (pun intended)

I changed the name of the blog because earlier this week, the wife and I were sitting and discussing the big endeavor we’re about to undertake and she said, “I’m going to call this Project Tiny Human.” I like it.

Warm thanks to all of you who gave advice after the last post! It was greatly appreciated. We decided to go ahead and start the process with the fertility center, but hold off on buying sperm until some tests are done. And our first insemination will of course wait until April or May, after our Asia trip.

So my OB referred me to the fertility center and I had a phone consultation earlier this week! It was a small but exciting first step. It feels solid, now that we’re officially in their system. The nurse practitioner wants me to start with Day 3 blood work to test my estrogen, FSH, and LH levels. From there, we’ll be guided by whatever the results are. As today is CD19, just 12-sh days until we start checking in with the plumbing down there!

In the meantime, I’m preparing my body for the roller coaster ahead. The wife and I both joined a gym recently and I’m really liking the classes they offer. It makes for a nice stress reliever and break from my mostly sedentary, but crazy-busy job. On the food front: I’m a pretty healthy eater already, though I do have a wicked sweet tooth sometimes. As a long-time vegetarian, I’m now focused on making sure I’m eating enough protein and cutting back on processed foods. The coffee thing, sigh, that’s the hardest. I have a deep, intense love for coffee. I’m down to only one cup each morning and damn, it’s painful. Especially around 2pm when I would normally have another one. I’m drinking herbal tea, but man, it’s just Not.The.Same. I am not looking forward to cutting out caffeine completely. Any advice on pre-conception fertility foods?

Super stoked that we’ve started this process, though I’m glad we’re doing it at our own pace. As much as we’ve been looking forward to this, it does get a little scarier the closer we get to the reality of starting a family. Because of that, we’re trying to make time for lots of date nights, lazy Sundays, and weekend getaways while we can!