CD1, but who’s counting

AF showed up this morning. Instead of gearing up for another month of tracking my cycle, however, I’ve gently packed away my OPKs and my thermometer. I will not be keeping tabs on my body this month. We leave for Vietnam in a week and 2 days!

We’re all vaccinated with anti-malarial pills at the ready, an antibiotic prescription filled and packed (in case of “traveler’s stomach”). Still have some shopping and packing to do this weekend, but we’re almost there.

I’m not tracking my cycle because really, who wants to worry about that while exploring a new country? I’m certain the shock of the 14-hour time difference, the heat and humidity, and the complete change in my routine will throw my cycle out of whack anyway. I’m curious how long it will take it to settle back to normal after our return. Why did we decide to start trying right after a major trip again??

While my cycle arrives every month, it certainly isn’t like clockwork. It varies every cycle, usually landing between 26 and 34 days, with ovulation occurring anytime between CD12 and CD17. It could be worse, I suppose. I’ve noticed my body is very sensitive to stress, which does not bode well for this spring. We return from our trip just in time for my busiest months at work – April, May, and June. As soon as my body gets back into the groove of being home, I’ll be hitting it with some good old-fashioned cortisol. I planned a large fundraiser last November (also a stressful month) and my cycle immediately following that event was only 18 days long! What the what? Who knows how Mrs. Uterus will behave right in the middle of my busy season, which is also right when we’ll probably (hopefully) start inseminating. It’s anyone’s guess.

So I’m going to enjoy this month of not taking my temperature. Of not sneaking OPK tests into the bathroom at work. Of not analyzing the comparative darkness of a tiny line on an LH test stick. Here’s to not caring about my bodily functions for four whole weeks!

We’re back in the US April 4th. After many hours of sleep, I’ll be sure to post an update and maybe some photos.

Good luck to those of you in the TTC world! I’ll be sending baby dust your way and hoping that I get to read about a lot of BFPs when I return!