WTF ovaries?

So I’ve been taking my temp and peeing on a lot of OPKs this past week, but no signs of ovulation. Last week, Dr. H pointed out my thick lining and small follicles and guessed that maybe I had just ovulated. Which would be fine, except that it was only CD10. I hadn’t even started testing for ovulation yet this cycle. That would be way earlier than normal.

All the OPKs this week came back negative – the test line dark, but definitely not “positive dark.” I can usually see the line fade in and get progressively darker over a few days time. So when I saw the somewhat dark line the day after my appointment, I kept expecting to see it darken the next day. But alas, the last two days it actually lightened quite a bit.

Also, no temp spikes.

So this means either I didn’t ovulate at all this month or I released an egg really early and caught my LH on its downward journey. Oh yeah, except that my temperature didn’t spike. What the hell is going on down there ovaries??

I went in to have blood drawn today for a progesterone check. I should know tomorrow whether I released an egg or not this cycle. I’m not too concerned about it right now. I know we’re not inseminating next month, so we have some time to figure it all out.

In other news, we had a long discussion about becoming foster parents. It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time. A part of me feels guilty for putting so much effort and money into creating a tiny human when there are so many tiny (and less tiny) humans out there that need loving homes. We sat down the other day and realized this is something we both really want to do. S suggested we focus on TTC for now and start the foster parent certification process in 1 year. I’m not sure I want to wait that long but for now, that’s our plan. We’ll see how the TTC process goes and then this time next year, we’ll see if we can help out some other kiddos. It’s not our back-up plan either. This is something we’ll do regardless of whether we’re able to conceive a baby or not.

For some reason, I feel so much calmer about this whole process now. I do love the idea of being pregnant, growing a human, and raising a baby. But I’m also really excited about finding alternative ways to have a family.


10 thoughts on “WTF ovaries?

  1. Ovulating before CD10 is very rare and there may be problems with the maturation of the egg if it’s released that early. Were you on any medication this cycle? That can cause false positives. Your doctor could confirm ovulation by testing your progesterone (kind of surprised he didn’t).


    • I just went yesterday to be tested for progesterone. No medication. And no positives on the OPKs either, so I think it just didn’t happen this month. I should get the results of the test today.


  2. Is it possible for them to monitor your more closely? CD10 seems too early to be ovulating. I loved temping, but I found that slight changes in my routine would throw off the whole measurement (example: getting up earlier than usual, not getting a good night’s sleep, getting up to pee in the middle of the night…).


    • Yeah, my temps are sensitive to stress. Probably because when I’m stressed, I tend to wake up a lot throughout the night. If the blood work comes back with a big fat No for ovulation, I’ll ask for more monitoring when we start inseminations.


  3. AS you may know, my wife and I are foster parents. I just wanted to suggest possibly getting started with the process to become a foster home as soon as you can. I know here in NY, and in the county that we live in, the 10week MAPP certification course is done quarterly, and it’s usually wait listed, so it took us 6 months after calling United Way to get set up with the course. Then it’s a 10 week course, but you have to also account holidays and things like that where class may not be in session. It took us 14 weeks to complete a 10 week course. They then have to review all your paperwork (you get tons of homework and profile stuff you have to fill out). After that gets approved, there are 2 home visits. One from the program that is doing the certification, and then one from your resource worker. BUt that could take weeks, even months depending on their case load and availability! THEN there is usually quite a wait before they call you for a placement, but that all depends on the age group you are fostering. 10-21 usually get calls pretty often, sometimes even within 3 months! But ages 0-5 takes a while. We were lucky that they called us within 2 weeks of having our home certifified. Another foster parent waited 8 whole months! All of that said, it took us 22 months from making our United Way call to get fully certified with a child in our home…just thought it might be something you want to know…

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    • Yes! Thank you, that is super helpful! I’d love to get started sooner. I’ll be sure to pass this info along to S. We’d most likely want the younger age group, but I think we’d be willing to take up to age 10. We’ll see. Thanks for the advice! I might be coming to you for more of it when we start the process!

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      • Oh definitely…I love being a foster parents and I think it is one of the most amazing things anyone can do, provided their heart can stand to be a little fuller. It has changed my life in ways that I wasn’t anticipating. Granted, the system is completely flawed and we have experience our share of heartache, but the long of it is, we love what we do!

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