HSG advice y’all

So AF finally showed her face yesterday morning. After a 39 day cycle, yikes. I actually called out, “Yesssss, I finally started!” while in the bathroom. Which just made S laugh.

I called my radiology dept, as instructed, to schedule my HSG. They only do these x-rays on certain days and they had ONE open spot for next week! The nurse asked me if that time worked and said if not, I’d have to wait until next month. Um, hell no. I am not waiting another month. So I said yes, I’ll take it. I’m booked for next Wed. at 2pm.

Here’s the issue. My appt is right before 2 important meetings. I meet with our fund development committee, which is comprised of board members and staff. Directly after that is our board meeting. Normally, I wouldn’t care about missing them. However, these meetings follow our 2nd biggest fundraiser of the year (which I manage and which is tomorrow!) so I’m expected to give a report on the event metrics and revenue, both to the committe and the board.

Dr. H prescribed valium for this x-ray and if I take it, I’m not going to these meetings, obviously. What should I do? Just say fuck it, take the valium and take the rest of the day off? Or just take some ibuprofen, hope it’s not too painful, and then hurry back to work? I’m not so great at this work/life balance thing. No one at work knows we’re starting this process and I’d like to keep it that way.
Any wise words from ladies that have had this procedure? Did you feel ok afterwards? What did you take beforehand?


9 thoughts on “HSG advice y’all

  1. I only took Advil before my HSG and I was fine. I think if you have blockages, twisted Fallopian tubes, or a narrow cervix it can be uncomfortable. As long as you don’t have those issues, you should be just fine to head straight back to work.

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  2. Im not sure where you are located, but I used to work in a radiology department, and things don’t often run to schedule! It might be worth taking the Valium and canning the meetings- if the list is running late you may be a bit pressed for time (and rushing a HSG doesn’t sound like fun).
    Good luck for the HSG!

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  3. I don’t know about how your doctor will do it, but mine told me to take the valium an hour ahead of time, which worked out to when I was leaving work anyway. Depending on how far the lab is, you might be able to pop your valium after the meetings – you’ll be waiting around at the radiology place for a few min beforehand anyway, filling out forms etc. It took 20min for the valium to start working, so I would assume that would be way better than not taking it. From what I’ve read, it makes a big difference with the cramping.
    I had a perfectly comfortable HSG experience, the only surprise being the rush of fluid after it was all over. I thought it would come out right away, but it decided to wait until we were in the car on the way home. 🙂
    It seems to depend on how sensitive you are, though, how skilled your tech is at inserting the catheter, and whether or not they bust out the tenaculum. I wish you the best of luck and the most comfortable of HSGs!

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    • Oh, the appt is before the meetings! I totally read after. Well, the valium only made me loopy for about an hour, but it was like a low level buzz so unless you’re really sensitive to that it should be fine. I’d be much more worried about the appt taking longer than expected and there’s not anything you can really do about that. :/

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  4. I had an hsg with only 600mg of ibuprofen, and went directly to work after it with no I’ll effect. Some women find their hsg to very painful though and would benefit from test after it. I don’t know of any way to tell if it will be easy or not for you.

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  5. I wasn’t even offered Valium for my HSG. They told me to take 2 Ibuprofen 2 hours beforehand, but I forgot. I had no pain at all, and was completely fine afterwards. It felt like getting a PAP smear, with a little bit of pressure when they injected the dye. I do have a friend who said hers hurt a lot. It seems it completely depends on the person and their level of pain tolerance. Maybe the safest thing to do is to tell work that you have a Dr appointment for a small procedure, and if you aren’t feeling well you may not make the meetings. Then they will know you’ll try to be there, but if you’re feeling painful you won’t go.

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  6. Thanks for the advice everyone! I think I’ll just take the ibuprofenand hope it’s not too painful. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. Fingers crossed I don’t have an awkward cervix!


  7. I didn’t take anything and was totally fine. I didn’t even get told it was an option. Do what feels best for you! Meetings can seem super important but will it matter in a year? That’s what I always ask myself. Good luck deciding! Wishing you a pain free procedure.

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  8. I thought the Valium was a necessary evil. It didn’t help as much during but after it helped me tolerate the pain by letting me sleep. I also too ibuprofen 600mg before the surgery. Not everyone feels the same but there’s no way I would have worked or gone anywhere afterward.

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