That wasn’t so bad

HSG is done! Thank you to everyone that posted advice. I meant to respond to each one, but I got swept up in my fundraiser planning and then proceeded to sleep the entire weekend away. Except for Sunday. We had S’s family over for her birthday and hosted a pizza-making party. We covered the dining table in bowls of pizza toppings and everyone got to make their own pizza and drink lots of mimosas. Her family includes 3 girls under the age of 5 (so many females in that family) so by the end of the day we had sparkly stickers, markers, coloring books and little plastic bracelets everywhere. And cheese! We gave the 16 month old a little bowl of shredded cheese and she proceeded to walk around the apartment and leave us little cheese surprises 😉 Once everyone left, we took a 2 hour nap, woke up to eat a little something for dinner, and then went right back to sleep. I love weekends like that.

So the HSG. I took your advice and told my director I had a medical appointment and wouldn’t be able to make the committee meeting. She was totally fine with that and suggested I skip the board meeting too (it’s being held about an hour’s drive from our office – super inconvenient). I jumped at that chance, so now I’m in my PJs cuddling with my cat and not sitting in a large conference room with 80 other people. yay! I handed my report to my director this morning so she can present it. I have some great colleagues.

Everyone at the medical office was so incredibly nice. I struck up a conversation with the receptionist (I wanted to make sure it was ok that I didn’t submit a pregnancy test before the x-ray) and I found out her wife was 30 weeks pregnant! She even recommended a sperm bank for us. And get this, her wife got pregnant on the first try. I was like, “Shut. Up. Ok, now you’re just showing off.” Wouldn’t that be amazing?! The first try!

The technician took me back and it was two lovely ladies who did the procedure. They were so sweet and walked me through everything. And when one inserted the catheter, the other technician rubbed my arm, as if to comfort me(!). I didn’t take the Valium, just ibuprofen, and I’m now glad for that. I honestly didn’t even feel the catheter –  I guess that means my cervix is nice and straight? I had some mild cramping when the dye was put in but I’ve had worse menstrual cramps. I didn’t get to watch the dye being inserted, the monitor was turned away from me, but they showed me afterwards and explained it all. Tubes are open! They’re longer than I expected, but the technician said every woman is different and mine are totally normal. That elusive right ovary that hid from the ultrasound was hanging out on top of my uterus. It almost looked like someone sleeping with their arm raised over their head.

The confusing part was when I mentioned the polyps and the technician said this wasn’t a good test for looking at polyps. They don’t fill the uterus completely – just enough for it to spill into the fallopian tubes – so we only saw the bottom half, which was normal looking. I specifically remember Dr. H saying she wanted me to have this test so she could see the polyps better. I’m about to email her and ask “What now?” At least we know they’re not blocking my tubes?

I can’t really complain. The whole thing took maybe 20 minutes and cost me a $5 copay. Hopefully, we’re now one step closer to this uterus being open for business!


6 thoughts on “That wasn’t so bad

  1. I’m glad that it wasn’t so bad and that you found a way to relax at home after the procedure. It’s so hard to ask for help, but people usually rise to the occasion and help 🙂


  2. Glad everything went well. I’m pretty sure the test you needed tho was a saline sonogram. They fill your uterus with saline and do an ultra sound and are able to see things like polyps and fibroids and things like that. HSG is totally only to see if the tubes are clear. Maybe the lab tech got it wrong…woopsie! Either way, sleep away darling….I’m jealous!


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