Gotta balance it out

I’m a pretty well rounded person. Logical yet optimistic. Grounded, yet hopeful. So it only makes sense for me to balance out all the medical intervention going on downstairs with something a bit more holistic. Today I had my first acupuncture session ever. And I loved it!

The practitioner is really great. We did the intake session and I learned I’m physically “sensitive”.  Not quite sure what that means, but she said she would use her thinnest needles on me because otherwise she might move my chi too much and that would make me extremely exhausted afterwards.

She felt around on my abdomen and under my ribcage and muttered, “I knew you would pulse there. You’re very easy to diagnose.” Again – not quite sure what that means or what diagnosis she was referring to. But she placed some needles in me – not nearly as many as I expected – and then I just relaxed for 40 minutes. It was great! I felt little electric zings coming from the needles and asked if that was normal. She said it’s a good sign.

My seemingly random symptoms and tendencies fit a specific pattern – I’m thin, I sweat easily, I have heart palpitations or sensations and abdominal palpation, I’m sensitive to stimuli – so my herb mixture includes cinnamon (gu zhi). So fascinating. She knows our TTC timeline and about the polyps, so she’s working on building my blood up and increasing the circulation to my uterus. I’m taking the herb mixture twice a day for the next 10 days until I go back. I’ve been warned that my next period will probably be really heavy and full of clots, but that its a good thing. It’s means the herbs are cleaning everything out and I can start with a clean slate, so to speak.

Today I also heard back from Dr. H. She told me to call her office on the first day of my next cycle, she’d take another look at my uterus and we’d figure out the next step. Bummed I have to wait another few weeks, but I’m going to push for her to take more action next cycle. I’m ready to get this damn ball rolling already. There must be a procedure where she can take a looksie up in there AND cut the polyps out – although technically we have to yet to confirm that they’re polyps and not fibroids.

So here we are. Taking full advantage of both medical technology and old eastern wisdom. With both of these in our arsenal, we’re bound to be successful, right? …right?


4 thoughts on “Gotta balance it out

  1. I was going to try acupuncture this cycle, but with everything else that had been going on I didn’t have time to look into it. My RE told me though that if I do, to absolutely NOT take any herbs from them. Maybe if this cycle doesn’t work, I’ll try it next time. Glad it went so well for you!

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