Picking out a donor, forging ahead, and…running?

We’ve made a decision!  We haven’t officially purchased the sperm yet, but we’ve picked our first choice. With a few possible back-ups, just in case.

We had a few choices regarding sperm banks. We could either go with a larger one that’s further away and would have to ship the sperm to us or a smaller local sperm bank practically down the road from us, making for an easy pick-up. A few pros and cons:

Larger sperm bank:

  • Pros: larger pool of donors, more diverse range of donors
  • Cons: more expensive sperm, plus having it shipped in a tank would add another couple hundred bucks to each cycle (our fertility clinic doesn’t store sperm, so we just have to bring it with us for each insemination)

Smaller sperm bank:

  • Pros: so close to us so it’d be easy to pick it up, less expensive yet has the same number of guaranteed sperm per vial as the larger bank
  • Cons: smaller pool of donors, not very diverse, a lot of young college students it seems

We decided to go with the local guys! With the variation in my cycles, the thought of trying to time a shipment of sperm was stressing me out already. While my luteal phase is pretty consistently about 14 days, the follicular phase varies every month, from 11 days to 18 days. Trying to guess when I’ll ovulate, placing the shipping order, and then hoping I ovulate before the tank runs out sounds really exhausting. This way, we only have to give them a day’s notice and then we’ll pick it up in a tank, which will last about 6 days. I can usually see the OPK line darken a day or two before I surge, so this sounds totally doable. Plus, the lower cost doesn’t hurt.

I thought picking a donor would be something we’d agonize over and spend days just pouring over profiles. Surprisingly, it took all of 5 minutes! Granted, this sperm bank has a smaller pool. Plus, I’m CMV negative, so picking a CMV negative donor narrowed it down even more. We ended up with 5 possibilities. We read through each free profile and chose one pretty quickly. We’re not even going to pay for a longer profile or for his baby photo. We don’t really care. He has S’s coloring, he’s tall, he seems very intelligent, his family medical history seems fine, he’s creative and musical (nice bonus!) and he’s a part of the Identity Release Program. We’re totally fine with our kid(s) wanting to look up their donor when they’re 18. I would if I were conceived by a sperm donor.

We’ve decided to call him “Mr. Buddha”. He mentions the values of Buddhism in his profile, so this seems fitting. We’re emailing our registration forms to the sperm bank tomorrow morning and I’m calling to ask how many pregnancies his sperm has brought about, as his profile says he’s had a least one (at least we know his swimmers work!). I just want to make sure he’s not close to his limit. Once the registration is confirmed, we’ll order a few vials to have on stand-by. So exciting!! Shit’s getting real.

After talking with my sister today, I found out she had fibroids during the pregnancies of both of her kids and everything was totally fine. I’m still a little over 2 weeks away from my next appointment with Dr. H, but I’m tempted to ask her if we can just go ahead and start trying in June. The polyps (or fibroids) seem to be at the very top of my uterus and not blocking either tube – according to the HSG, the bottom 2/3 of my uterus is totally normal and fine. Is this naive of me? Am I just being impatient?

Also, my work colleagues are all signing up for a team triathlon in August. I’m thinking about signing up for the running portion – a 5K – but I’m not sure. While I’m a fit person – I take weekly dancing classes and yoga – I’m not a runner. i got on a treadmill today at the gym and lasted all of 5 minutes. I like the idea of working toward this goal of running a 5K, but since we seem to be on the cusp of TTC, is it smart to start a new workout routine right now? On one hand, I don’t want to stop living while we TTC, but I also don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize our tries. I have to let the guys at work know in the next week or so if I’m going to sign up so they can start putting teams together. Hell, I might be optimistic in saying that we’ll be trying by August. Who knows what will happen between now and then!


13 thoughts on “Picking out a donor, forging ahead, and…running?

  1. Good luck with everything! I hope you get to start soon. For the running…I don’t run myself, but I’ve seen other women on here mention that they aren’t allowed to run during fertility treatments/pregnancy. I would check with your Dr before signing up for a marathon!

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  2. Good luck! We chose a bank that we could drive to too and with my irregular cycles it took out some of the stress knowing we just had to call before 6pm the day before picking it up. Hoping things go well for you as you gear up!

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  3. I trained for a 5k during treatment. My Dr. encouraged me to do it. I found the challenge of training a welcome distraction from treatment anxiety. Bonus, I found out I was pregnant the same weekend as the 5k I had been training for. Good luck and happy training if you choose to.

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  4. I love the name you have given your donor – Mr. Buddha. I wish I had the motivation to start running again… although I don’t know any of the science behind why running could be dangerous in pregnancy, it seems to me that any type of fitness is a good thing. When I hear about new things on the “can’t do when pregnant” list, I always think about all the pregnancies that happened 100+ years ago without all this new knowledge of risk. Pioneer women were probably more physically active than any modern woman and they made lots of babies…. Perhaps that’s a naive comment to make, but I don’t like being told not to do something! And running just seems so healthy and good for every system in your body.
    Hope your doc says go for it!

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    • Thanks! Yeah, you would think fitness would be great, regardless. I think it’s just when it’s something new that your body isn’t used to that they recommend refraining. Who knows. It’s not like I want to run a marathon, just a little 5k.


  5. Pregnancy advice varies so much. When I was pregnant in Japan they recommended hot baths for relaxation, the opposite of my UK docs. I also had a French OB who said unpasteurized cheese was fine as long as it was good quality and a glass of red wine was good for mommy and baby. I think just being sensible is the thing. You’re fit, a 5k isn’t going to push you to your limit. Talk to your doc, listen to your body and you’ll be fine.

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  6. I have always been an athlete (all state, but lazy as hell!) and i know that 10 years after stopping playing organized sports, I decided to do the Couch 2 5K app, and that worked out well…i ended up moving on to the Couch to 10K, and then ultimately to Couch 2 13.1, and i highly recommend it. As far as pushing through those polyps/fibroids, if your sister is in a hetero relationship, it potentially doesn’t really make a difference in the sense that she can just, ya know, get the “goods” whenever she wants, but as buying vials can get pretty expensive (upwards into a few thousands bucks if you want siblings with the same genetic makeup) it might be best to take care of that stuff first before spending money and the odds of it not working out being higher. Ultimately, I would go with the recommendation of the RE.

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    • Thanks! A friend of mine used the couch to 5k app as well. I’ll check it out. I meet with Dr. H in about 2 weeks, so I’ll see what she says about trying once she gets another look at my goods 🙂


  7. How exciting!! As far as the running, check with your doctor, but if you’re healthy and otherwise active it shouldn’t be an issue. I was training for a marathon while we were trying and got the first positive pregnancy test the day of a 10 mile run.

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