Peeing on sticks at work

We only have 2 stalls in the women’s restroom at work, so I have a whole system in place for peeing on OPK sticks during the work week. I’m usually in the office by 8:30am (I like a quiet start to the day), so I tend to check it when I get in – before the office fills up at 9am. Then, if it’s close to when I usually ovulate, I’ll check it again after 5, right before I leave for the day.

I have a tiny plastic container that I pee in. I tried to just pee directly on the stick a few times, but I must have terrible aim or something, because they either didn’t have enough liquid on them to read correctly or my hand would get covered in pee. No thanks. I hide the little cup in the metal receptacle, under the paper bag where you place your feminine hygiene items. Luckily, I work with tidy ladies who place everything neatly inside the bag. So it’s never gross. I pee in the little cup, dip the wondfo stick and wait a minute or so, depending on how busy the bathroom is. I usually place the stick in my pocket for the walk back to my desk and then hide it under my notebook, checking it periodically until it’s fully cooked.

Today was a busy day. I’m still tracking my cycle even though I started BCP Monday morning. Mostly out of curiosity to see if I still ovulate. I started the pills on CD8 and I typically ovulate between CD12 – CD15, so who knows what will happen. Anyway, since today is CD10, I checked twice today.

The nonprofit I work for has a volunteer board of young professionals and I’m the staff liaison to the board. We had our monthly meeting this evening, so I was rushing from work to the meeting a few blocks away. I did my typical peeing routine, then had to place the stick in my blazer pocket while I gathered my stuff for the meeting and left the office. I got to the meeting location and realized I still had the stick in my pocket. So right there on the busy street corner in the Financial District of downtown San Francisco, I took out my Wondfo stick, held it up to check the darkness of the line, and then threw it in the corner trash can.

I have a feeling that will not be the last time I do that.

11 thoughts on “Peeing on sticks at work

  1. A trick that I used was using the Wondfo pack itself as a pee cup. So you tear it open, and push on the sides so that it forms a little cup, and pee and dip in it and as you would a cup.

    I’ve also checked and chucked pee sticks in public haha. No one was the wiser 🙂

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  2. That is awesome! I always used dixie cups and disposed of them in the little tampon receptacle when I was done. No idea how I will do it the next go around now that I have a cubicle and public restroom in my new job. Last time I had my own office that was across from a private bathroom.

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  3. It’s funny how we find ways of dealing with these things. I kept my supply of wondfos and a little stack of paper dixie cups in a cosmetic pouch and would take that to the office restroom with me. Then the stick would go into the pouch until it was dry and I’d check it discreetly back at my desk. I always wondered what the cleaning crew must think of the wondfo wrappers and dixie cups in the little metal waste bins in the stalls when they would empty them out.

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    • I know! I wonder that too. Every month, the cleaning crew is like, “Someone’s ovulating right now…”. I also wonder how many of the women I work with are doing this. In an office of 40 people, a solid 36 are women. I can’t be the only one.


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