Say goodbye to Burt and Ernie

I can’t believe it’s almost July. The swiftness with which summer passes always takes me by surprise. Every year, I’ll say to S,”Ooh, this summer we should go (insert activity here).” And every year S says, “You know it’s August, right? Summer is almost over.” And then I get really sad.

We’ve had a great May/June though. Lots of dinner parties and great times with friends. We’ve only been in the Bay Area for a year and a half, but we’ve built up a lovely little support network of friends and family. I don’t know if it’s our age or we’re doing this on purpose, but I’m seeing a trend in that a lot of our friends are either pregnant or have small children. S reconnected with one of her college roommates recently and we had her and her family over for dinner. They have an adorable 5 year old son and a 3 month old baby boy. It was so nice to snuggle the newborn and breathe in that New Baby smell.

Things to look forward to in July: My hysteroscopic polypectomy is scheduled for the morning of July 7th! We have the ultrasound image of my 2 polyps on our fridge and have been calling them Burt and Ernie. We haven’t had friends over since doing that, but I imagine it could be seen as misleading if someone came over and saw the two white blobs on what is obviously a uterine ultrasound. But this is our way of not taking things too seriously. We’ve been wanting to start inseminations since April and this is how we cope with the wait.

I’m excited that the procedure is just over a week away, but also nervous about being awake for it all. I hope the hydrocodone / Valium mixture they have me taking that morning really works. I kind of want to watch the procedure. Do they typically let patients see the screen while they work? I love watching surgeries, but I’ve never watched my own. I figure it’ll either add some distance to whats going on, so I’m distracted OR it’ll make me hyper-aware of every move they’re making and make it 10 times more painful. But I won’t know until I try it. I also want see the polyps before they get thrown in the waste bin. Just curious about those little suckers.

S is taking that morning off and then working from home the rest of the day. I assume I’ll just pass out and sleep once we’re home. Any ugly recovery things I should know about? I haven’t asked my doctor yet how long I keep taking the BCP after the procedure. I assume I keep it up until everything heals in there, but how long does that usually take?

Three days after the procedure, we have a family birthday party in Sacramento, followed by me flying to Boston for a friend’s wedding prep. S will meet me on the east coast a couple days later for the actual ceremony. After a week in Boston, I fly back to CA and S flies to TX for a work conference. And then a week later my sister and her family arrives! Busy but fun month up ahead.


8 thoughts on “Say goodbye to Burt and Ernie

      • Yes, I bet that’s hard too. We started TTC in 2012, and suffered in silence with infertility this whole time. It’s really tough. Hopefully you have a couple of supports that understand what’s going on, and you have your blog family too- which I always found to be the greatest source of support.


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