Oh lord

This morning I discovered just how stubborn my body is. After 3 weeks of birth control pills, my uterus decided to forge ahead with our regularly scheduled program and start my period today. Granted, today is the day I would normally start, but this is REALLY not useful the day before my hysteroscopy. I called Dr. H’s office to make sure it was ok and the nurse said we should keep the appointment anyway. I really hope this is just some breakthrough spotting and not the real deal. And that the Dr. will still be able to check out my uterus and cut out the polyps. I’ve heard of people having to reschedule because the bleeding was just too thick to see anything. I will be heartbroken if we have to reschedule this procedure tomorrow.  Please send some good luck our way!


8 thoughts on “Oh lord

  1. I know it’s not the same thing, but I had an internal ultrasound done to assess for PCOS while I was on day 2 of my period, and they could still see everything they needed to. Fingers crossed for you that your period is no match for their technology (and the fact that they do this procedure so often).

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