Polyp free!

I was so nervous this morning’s hysteroscopy was going to be canceled. I woke up really early after tossing and turning. I was still bleeding when I woke up. Lightly, but definitely more than just spotting. Normally, I would have done some yoga stretches to help me relax, but not this morning. A lot of those stretching and twisting moves give your uterus a nice massage, which is a great way to increase circulation to your pelvic area. But also would have helped facilitate the flushing of my uterine contents, which is not what I wanted this morning. I just wanted everything to stay put for a few hours until after the appointment.

We got to the office, the valium and codeine in my purse, ready to go. The receptionist couldn’t find my appointment at first on her computer. I immediately thought, “Fuck! They canceled the procedure and didn’t even tell me!” Turns out it was just a glitch in the system and they found it, so all was fine. After taking my vitals and having me sign the consent form, they said I could take the pills and they allowed S. to come sit in the room with me.  I’ve never had valium before and I was 19 the last time I had codeine (after my wisdom teeth were taken out), so I definitely felt it kick in. I just felt like I was moving really slowly and my eyes were heavy. I’m glad I didn’t say anything embarrassing while under the influence 🙂

I’m so glad S was able to sit in the room with me and hold my hand the whole time. I immediately asked Dr. L if I could watch it on the screen and she said yes! Dr. L is another doctor at the clinic and she performed the procedure. She talked us through the whole thing. They filled my uterus with water to expand it, so they could see well. And she showed me the long metal tool with a wee camera and headlight on the end that she placed in my uterus. I have to say the inside of a uterus looks really odd. I could see that my lining was super thin or even non-existent in a lot of places – which means the BCP did their job! She spotted the 2 polyps immediately, close to my right fallopian tube opening. The polyps looked bigger than the ultrasound led us to believe, like 2 fat squishy skin tags just hanging out. Dr. L said it’s a good thing we’re removing them. Their placement next to the fallopian tube meant an egg coming from that side could have easily implanted onto one of them, resulting in a miscarriage. She unveiled a tiny scissor-like tool that was then threaded up my va-jayjay and used to chop off the polyps. It took a few tries to get both of them, but she happily showed us the pieces as she removed them! As she was removing the camera, she showed us my cervix and said “Can you imagine a head coming out of that? Yikes!” I could have done without that joke, for sure.

Watching it all happen on the screen definitely helped distract me. If I didn’t have that, I would have been too focused on all the cramps and twitches happening down south. There was some pretty bad cramping, mostly from them pumping so much water into me. And one of the last chops to the 2nd polyp hurt, but other than that it wasn’t too bad. Honestly, as I watched her cut the polyps, I was so tickled by the fact that I couldn’t feel anything. Thank goodness for drugs. Dr. L was very happy with the end result and wished us luck on our journey to parenthood. All that worry about the bleeding for nothing. It was totally fine.

So now I’m resting at home. I go back to work tomorrow, but I should be fine. I already feel the valium leaving my system and I have a heating pad on my lap to keep the cramps to a minimum. I’m on the BCP until my follow-up appt. with Dr. H. (which is not scheduled yet) and then we should get the all-clear to actually start inseminations. FINALLY. Three months after our first appointment with Dr. H, I’m really hoping we just jumped over the last hurdle to TTC.


9 thoughts on “Polyp free!

  1. Yay! Glad it went so well and excited for you to be able to start inseminating soon! You come off as very brave in this post. I would have done a lot more complaining about cramping and anxiety. You make it look easy, which is what women scouring the internet for comfort in these situations need.

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