It’s going a little more slowly than I anticipated. I went back to work the day after the procedure feeling ok. However, as of this morning, I was still bleeding heavily from it all. And I know it’s from the procedure and not just my period because A) it becomes heavier when I’m walking around, like during my commute and lunch break. B) it slows down when I’m sitting or lying down. and C) my period would be over by now. I’m starting to feel a bit weak from the blood loss too. This also makes me feel like a wuss.

I emailed Dr. H right after the procedure and asked if I should schedule a follow up appt. with her and whether I need to continue the BCP. I left the clinic without being given any clear instructions about what’s next. Aaaand, I have yet to hear back from her. I’m starting to realize she’s a bit flaky.

On the other hand, Dr L, not my RE but the doctor who performed the procedure, has been wonderful. She emailed me Friday to check in on me and make sure I was recovering ok and to tell me the polyps were biopsied and are not pre-cancerous. I replied immediately, grateful for any sort of communication from the clinic, and told her about my heavy bleeding. She responded within 5 minutes and said that means I’m overdoing it and need to take it easy, put my feet up as much as possible this weekend, and take an iron supplement. If it doesn’t taper off in a few days, she recommends going in for a blood count. However, Sunday night I fly to Boston for my best friend’s wedding and will be on Cape Cod for a week. Hopefully, the bleeding stops before I get back. If it’s still going on when I return to CA July 19th, then I’ll be worried.

I called the nurses’ line at the fertility clinic Friday, frustrated at the lack of communication from Dr H and how no one has reached out to me. They were very apologetic and looked at my record, thinking maybe Dr. H wrote some information on there they could pass along to me. Apparently my records say that we can attempt pregnancy once this procedure is done, but what does that mean exactly? Do I stop taking the BCP now and start monitoring this cycle immediately? There were no notes on my record about medications or upcoming appointments. Dr. H was in surgery when I called, but the nurse told me she always works on Saturdays doing inseminations and they would leave a note for her, telling her to contact me about next steps. The nurse I spoke with promised that she would get the needed information and contact me herself Monday morning if I didn’t hear from Dr. H by then. It’s 7:30 pm and I haven’t heard anything, so Monday morning it is.

Am I being a big baby about this? Is it unreasonable for me to expect my RE to follow up with me after surgery? If we can start inseminating this next cycle, shouldn’t she have told me and made that clear? I feel like that surgery was kind of a big deal and I’ve just been left floundering this past week, soaking through one pad after another, unsure of what was happening and what to do next.

End of rant. I’m now going to go comfort-eat macaroni and cheese from our favorite restaurant in Oakland that my lovely wife has picked up for me while I’m on bed rest.


11 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. They ended up not doing a polypectomy on me (as it was just a poorly placed fibroid not a polyp), just a d&c to get all the gunk out. I wasn’t bleeding heavily for days, it wasn’t great the first day, but after that it was like a light day for a few days (4 or 5). My dr followed up with me the day after the procedure and then there was a 2 week post-op appointment.

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  2. I don’t think you’re overreacting at all! I’d be furious if I were you. She definitely should have checked in with you after your surgery, especially if you’ve been trying to get in touch with her. I’d be on the phone first thing Monday morning if I were you! I hope your bleeding slows and that you get some answers from her. Take it easy until then!

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  3. Glad to hear they weren’t precancerous. What a relief! Rest up young lady!! I have been extremely frustrated countless times by my fertility clinic. They’re completely, unbelievably awful with phone service, and they don’t even offer email service. I look forward to hearing about your next cycle! Have a great wedding trip, and take it easy!!!

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  4. Ugh, no, that’s clearly unacceptable. You should definitely call on Monday.
    My obi did my D&C, and they removed two small polyps, and then we had a follow-up appointment two weeks later. But aside from that appointment, nothing. I didn’t bleed heavily, only spotted for a week, but I did have a lot of cramping. But my next period was twice as heavy as normal, so I was probably just retaining it for some reason.
    I hope your bleeding slows soon! ❤

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