Soo, this happened today…

We inseminated for the first time! 

You might be thinking, WTF? Last we spoke, my doctor told me I had probably already ovulated and we were set for trying mid-August. 

But here’s the thing: We know our bodies way better than these doctors. I had been peeing on OPKs since I stopped the BCP 2 weeks ago and didn’t get a positive. My temperature never spiked. And this week I started seeing familiar symptoms. Some twinges, lots of fertile mucus, and I realized – Holy shit, I’m about to ovulate. I’ve been tracking my cycles for about a year now, so I’m real comfortable with spotting the signs. 

I noticed the OPKs were getting a bit darker, so I warned S. and asked if we should just go for it this cycle. We agreed that we should! Sure enough, yesterday morning I got a positive OPK test. I took 3 tests throughout the morning just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Still positive. So there was a flurry of calling the sperm bank for a pick-up that afternoon (more on our new donor in a later post – for now I’ll just say that we’re both really happy with him) and calling the clinic to schedule an insemination the next morning. 

S. picked up the goods after work and lovingly made sure the tank was strapped in properly.   

We cooked a nice meal together and then just sat and stared at the tank in our living room like a couple of crazies. Kind of surreal. 

Went in this morning and did the deed! The NP who performed the procedure was so nice and sweet. She said I definitely had the fertile mucus going on. Afterwards, she left us alone and told me to lie on my left side for 10 minutes and then my right side for 10 minutes. S turned off the light in the room and we just snuggled until it was time to leave.

This clinic doesn’t automatically schedule a beta test for each patient. I’m supposed to take a home test on Aug 11 and if it’s positive, I go in for the bloodwork. Otherwise, I call on the first day off my next cycle and we do this all over again.  

And now, I have 45 million sperm swimming in my uterus. I’m so rooting for one of them to make it! Fingers crossed.


23 thoughts on “Soo, this happened today…

  1. Yayayay! I’m so excited to have a TWW to follow! I feel like nearly everyone on my reader has babies or is in a holding pattern, so this is a refreshing bit of news. I’m so excited for you, and I really hope this cycle works!!

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