Not-so-boring update

Busy week at work, so I haven’t updated since my ultrasound Monday.

The follicle grew! It wasn’t mature by Monday, but it grew a little over 1 mm (is that the unit of measurement?) per day, which is normal. To recap: last Friday it was at 11.7; Monday it was measuring 15.1. The NP told me once eggs reach 14, they tend to grow ~2mm per day, so I was instructed to trigger Wednesday night between 9-10pm and come back to the clinic Friday morning (tomorrow!) for insemination. So if my follicle keeps with average speed, we’ll have a follicle measuring 22-23 tomorrow morning.

The trigger wasn’t bad at all. I don’t have a fear of needles, so I wasn’t nervous about poking myself. Scared of fucking it up somehow, definitely, but not of it hurting or anything like that.

Calmly sticking myself with a needle

Calmly sticking myself with a needle

The injection site has been really sore, puffy and red all day today. I emailed the NP and she said this wasn’t uncommon, but if it gets worse to let them know. It seems to have leveled out, but my wife, the scientist, is already making plans for creating a completely sterile environment for next cycle if we have to do the trigger again 🙂

I had a lovely acupuncture session this evening that involved a nice abdominal massage. I had a few extra needles in me and my body felt tingly and vibrate-y during the session, so I take that as a good sign. We’ve done everything in our power to help nudge this cycle in the right direction. So now we just sit back and let nature do it’s thing.

Tomorrow morning, we go in for IUI#2. We haven’t yet decided what we’re going to do for this cycle’s Fun Day (aka 14DPIUI aka Test Day) but we have 2 weeks to plan something awesome.

Boring update

Went in for my CD11 ultrasound today. It lasted all of 5 minutes. The NP put in the dildocam and immediately saw that my eggs were still small. Lots of follicles, but the biggest one only measured 11.7 with the next biggest one slightly smaller.

Here’s the thing. I can usually see my OPK gradually darken a few days before I get a positive. And it’s getting pretty dark. As in, I was expecting a positive in the next day or two, dark. Obviously, I will not have a mature egg in the next 2 days, so now I’m wondering if my body is releasing immature eggs. Or going through the motions of releasing an egg (positive OPK, temp spike) but not actually releasing it? Is that a thing?

Anyway, I had blood drawn to check my hormone levels, so I should get those results sometime this weekend. The NP told me to not use the OPKs this weekend- just to come back on Monday for another ultrasound. However, I am still going to test each day. Because if I get a positive, I want to know that I’m surging prematurely. That’s important information to have, right?

Also, this could all mean nothing. When you have no control over a process, it’s easy for every tiny thing to take on huge significance. I tend to get a positive OPK anywhere from CD12-CD16. This could just simply be one of those months where I ovulate later. My OPKs might just stay the same dark-butnot-quite-positive shade for the next 5 days. Who knows.

S is out of town visiting a friend, which means I get to order Indian take-out. She’s not crazy about Indian food and it’s my absolute favorite, so I always treat myself to a feast when she’s away. Looking forward to a relaxing evening of snuggling with the cats and watching a movie while I stuff myself with samosas and saag paneer. I will enjoy this weekend, damn it, and not think about my next ultrasound on Monday. Send growing thoughts to these little follicles, please!

If at first you don’t succeed….

I can’t believe it’s been less than a week since AF showed up. It feels like a long time ago.

I’ve been trying to just stay in the moment this week, enjoying my evenings with S, indulging in kitchen therapy/baking, and delving into work. We’re gearing up for the busy fall event season, so while it’s getting progressively more hectic, I’m trying to make sure I leave work at a reasonable hour. That will all change in about a month, so I’m clinging to these last couple weeks of summer.

When AF arrived, I loosened the reigns on my fertility diet – by enjoying a few adult beverages, eating a bit more junk food than usual. I said good-bye to AF yesterday though (hopefully for a good long while), so it’s back to the healthier stuff now. I’m back on my acupuncturist’s herb mixture twice a day. It is so incredibly stinky and unpleasant to drink I have to chase it with orange juice, but I trust V’s advice completely. I loaded up on healthy lunch fixins for this week and we planned out our dinners. Oddly, even though it’s only mid-August, we’ve both been craving fall-type foods like soups, casseroles and oatmeal. Not sure why, (I mean, it’s still in the upper 70’s here!) but we’re just going along with it. I’m making my potato and corn chowder this week – so good – and we’re just going to pretend it’s cozy fall season, ok?

I’m still training for the 5K run – which is in 2 weeks, yikes! I’ve upped my training a bit this week. If all goes according to plan (haha, right?), IUI#2 will be early next week, around Aug. 23-25 and I’ll want to take it easy for a couple days after that – hence the harder training this week to make up for that. Any way you slice it though, I’ll be running a 5K about 3-5 days after insemination. I have zero anxiety about this. I’ve been gradually increasing my running all summer, so I don’t think the 5K is going to be a shock to my system or anything. Our triathlon relay teams are all going out for brunch afterwards, so if I find myself wanting to stop running, I’ll have thoughts of french toast to motivate me to finish the race 😉

That’s all that happening over here. I’ll be sure to update after our ultrasound this Friday when we have a better idea of what my eggs are up to. Some of you are this close to meeting your babies and I can’t wait to hear all about it! And some of you are in the early stages of pregnancy and I’m so rooting for you all to reach the next milestone! I just realized my wordpress newsfeed really covers the spectrum of pregnancy stages. Well done.

Test Day

I didn’t even test today as AF showed up yesterday morning at work. 

I wasn’t surprised. I had zero symptoms the last 4 days aside from extreme hunger – which is actually a very reliable PMS symptom for me. And my temp went down dramatically 3 days ago, so I was prepared for AF to rear her ugly, unwanted head.

S and I made a plan for this process. No matter how many tries this takes, we will always plan something fun on Test Day. This week, we just bumped up our Fun Plan by one day and went out last night on a date. This was my consolation prize:  

Full of tequila and deliciousness. Although we both want a baby really badly, it was nice to remind ourselves that we have a pretty great life right now. A baby will just be the much-wanted icing on the cake.

We’re both actually doing ok. We tried, we know the timing was great, and the rest was out of our hands. Onwards. 

I have an appointment for an ultrasound on CD11, next Friday, to start monitoring my follicles. I have the unmixed contents of a trigger shot at home, just waiting to be used. Still no clomid yet. Let’s see how this monitored cycle goes. 

We’re still hopeful guys. Still hopeful.


Here we are. Halfway through our first 2WW. In the months leading up to insemination, I thought, “I’m not going to be one of those women who spend the entire two weeks over analyzing every possible pregnancy symptom.”

Haaaaahahahahahahaaaaha. That’s hilarious. 

Let’s be real, I am totally over analyzing every.possible.symptom. I started crying one morning because I couldn’t decide what to wear to work. I only stopped crying because I thought, “ooh, I’m crying, is this a sign?” Any tiny bit of indigestion and I’m wondering if it’s because I’m pregnant. Was that a cramp I just felt? Was that implantation? If I smell a strong odor, I wonder “does everyone smell it this strongly or has my sense of smell become more sensitive?” And come on, I work in downtown San Francisco – it’s a pretty smelly city.  This symptom spotting needs to stop. Today I had zero symptoms, so I’m leaning toward IUI#1 not working. My brain knows the odds of it working the first time are small, but damn, someone needs to explain that to the rest of my body. 

We’re not testing until Wednesday, August 12 or 14DPIUI. No early tests. Mostly because I think I’d be devastated to see multiple negatives. If it’s negative, I just wanna see that once. Then I’ll have a couple glasses of wine, go for a nice hard run, and then move on to the next round.