Here we are. Halfway through our first 2WW. In the months leading up to insemination, I thought, “I’m not going to be one of those women who spend the entire two weeks over analyzing every possible pregnancy symptom.”

Haaaaahahahahahahaaaaha. That’s hilarious. 

Let’s be real, I am totally over analyzing every.possible.symptom. I started crying one morning because I couldn’t decide what to wear to work. I only stopped crying because I thought, “ooh, I’m crying, is this a sign?” Any tiny bit of indigestion and I’m wondering if it’s because I’m pregnant. Was that a cramp I just felt? Was that implantation? If I smell a strong odor, I wonder “does everyone smell it this strongly or has my sense of smell become more sensitive?” And come on, I work in downtown San Francisco – it’s a pretty smelly city.  This symptom spotting needs to stop. Today I had zero symptoms, so I’m leaning toward IUI#1 not working. My brain knows the odds of it working the first time are small, but damn, someone needs to explain that to the rest of my body. 

We’re not testing until Wednesday, August 12 or 14DPIUI. No early tests. Mostly because I think I’d be devastated to see multiple negatives. If it’s negative, I just wanna see that once. Then I’ll have a couple glasses of wine, go for a nice hard run, and then move on to the next round. 


18 thoughts on “7DPIUI

  1. Lol Oh how I not so fondly remember those 2wws! I symptom tracked for sooooo many cycles that I really thought I knew exactly which symptoms would be *the* signs (most are exactly the same for af as bfp, unfortunately). Keep in mind that 14 DPIUI may not necessarily give you your 2 lines. With my first pregnancy (that resulted in a live birth), my two lines only appeared on 17 DPIUI. Good luck!!

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  2. Yeah the 2ww will mess with you, I didn’t find there was any way to avoid it. And ya never know, someone has to be in the group of folks who it works the first time, why not you right?

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    • Yeah, it definitely has been affecting me more than I thought it would. I’d love for this to work the first time, but I’m trying so hard to be realistic and protect myself from massive disappointment!


  3. I remember my first 2ww, and I was POSITIVE that everything happening was a sign that I was pregnant. I was crushed when I got a BFN on CD 11 or 12, and then felt so silly for the crazy symptom-spotting. I hope your signs are REAL signs of pregnancy! My fingers are crossed for you!


  4. The TWW is the worst, like for reals! And i feel that it’s even worse for the NGP because we have NO IDEA what is going on, unless we harrass you! I remember Callie telling me to go Eff myself if I asked her one more time if her boobs hurt! LOL! BEst of luck friend! Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

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