Test Day

I didn’t even test today as AF showed up yesterday morning at work. 

I wasn’t surprised. I had zero symptoms the last 4 days aside from extreme hunger – which is actually a very reliable PMS symptom for me. And my temp went down dramatically 3 days ago, so I was prepared for AF to rear her ugly, unwanted head.

S and I made a plan for this process. No matter how many tries this takes, we will always plan something fun on Test Day. This week, we just bumped up our Fun Plan by one day and went out last night on a date. This was my consolation prize:  

Full of tequila and deliciousness. Although we both want a baby really badly, it was nice to remind ourselves that we have a pretty great life right now. A baby will just be the much-wanted icing on the cake.

We’re both actually doing ok. We tried, we know the timing was great, and the rest was out of our hands. Onwards. 

I have an appointment for an ultrasound on CD11, next Friday, to start monitoring my follicles. I have the unmixed contents of a trigger shot at home, just waiting to be used. Still no clomid yet. Let’s see how this monitored cycle goes. 

We’re still hopeful guys. Still hopeful.


19 thoughts on “Test Day

  1. That’s a great idea to plan something fun for test day. When we start trying again, I’m going to borrow that idea, even if it’s a little spirit boost. I’m glad you’re still feeling hopeful, hope is good. It’s our driving force through this madness, and I feel like the hope is what gets us there.

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    • Thank you ! Yes, we keep reminding ourselves that this will take a few tries and that’s ok. Weird about the hunger right? I wonder if it’s the body’s way of loading up on nutrients in preparation of blood loss. huh.


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