If at first you don’t succeed….

I can’t believe it’s been less than a week since AF showed up. It feels like a long time ago.

I’ve been trying to just stay in the moment this week, enjoying my evenings with S, indulging in kitchen therapy/baking, and delving into work. We’re gearing up for the busy fall event season, so while it’s getting progressively more hectic, I’m trying to make sure I leave work at a reasonable hour. That will all change in about a month, so I’m clinging to these last couple weeks of summer.

When AF arrived, I loosened the reigns on my fertility diet – by enjoying a few adult beverages, eating a bit more junk food than usual. I said good-bye to AF yesterday though (hopefully for a good long while), so it’s back to the healthier stuff now. I’m back on my acupuncturist’s herb mixture twice a day. It is so incredibly stinky and unpleasant to drink I have to chase it with orange juice, but I trust V’s advice completely. I loaded up on healthy lunch fixins for this week and we planned out our dinners. Oddly, even though it’s only mid-August, we’ve both been craving fall-type foods like soups, casseroles and oatmeal. Not sure why, (I mean, it’s still in the upper 70’s here!) but we’re just going along with it. I’m making my potato and corn chowder this week – so good – and we’re just going to pretend it’s cozy fall season, ok?

I’m still training for the 5K run – which is in 2 weeks, yikes! I’ve upped my training a bit this week. If all goes according to plan (haha, right?), IUI#2 will be early next week, around Aug. 23-25 and I’ll want to take it easy for a couple days after that – hence the harder training this week to make up for that. Any way you slice it though, I’ll be running a 5K about 3-5 days after insemination. I have zero anxiety about this. I’ve been gradually increasing my running all summer, so I don’t think the 5K is going to be a shock to my system or anything. Our triathlon relay teams are all going out for brunch afterwards, so if I find myself wanting to stop running, I’ll have thoughts of french toast to motivate me to finish the race 😉

That’s all that happening over here. I’ll be sure to update after our ultrasound this Friday when we have a better idea of what my eggs are up to. Some of you are this close to meeting your babies and I can’t wait to hear all about it! And some of you are in the early stages of pregnancy and I’m so rooting for you all to reach the next milestone! I just realized my wordpress newsfeed really covers the spectrum of pregnancy stages. Well done.


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