Boring update

Went in for my CD11 ultrasound today. It lasted all of 5 minutes. The NP put in the dildocam and immediately saw that my eggs were still small. Lots of follicles, but the biggest one only measured 11.7 with the next biggest one slightly smaller.

Here’s the thing. I can usually see my OPK gradually darken a few days before I get a positive. And it’s getting pretty dark. As in, I was expecting a positive in the next day or two, dark. Obviously, I will not have a mature egg in the next 2 days, so now I’m wondering if my body is releasing immature eggs. Or going through the motions of releasing an egg (positive OPK, temp spike) but not actually releasing it? Is that a thing?

Anyway, I had blood drawn to check my hormone levels, so I should get those results sometime this weekend. The NP told me to not use the OPKs this weekend- just to come back on Monday for another ultrasound. However, I am still going to test each day. Because if I get a positive, I want to know that I’m surging prematurely. That’s important information to have, right?

Also, this could all mean nothing. When you have no control over a process, it’s easy for every tiny thing to take on huge significance. I tend to get a positive OPK anywhere from CD12-CD16. This could just simply be one of those months where I ovulate later. My OPKs might just stay the same dark-butnot-quite-positive shade for the next 5 days. Who knows.

S is out of town visiting a friend, which means I get to order Indian take-out. She’s not crazy about Indian food and it’s my absolute favorite, so I always treat myself to a feast when she’s away. Looking forward to a relaxing evening of snuggling with the cats and watching a movie while I stuff myself with samosas and saag paneer. I will enjoy this weekend, damn it, and not think about my next ultrasound on Monday. Send growing thoughts to these little follicles, please!


2 thoughts on “Boring update

  1. I would definitely keep using the OPK just for information. And I also think you might be right – you could ovulate in 4-5 days and have a mature follicle. I think they seem to surge in growth in the few days before ovulation. I’ll cross my fingers that they grow to be big fat follicles, and fast!

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  2. I would keep doing the OPKs too. Information is comforting and you’ll feel you have some input and control rather than just waiting. Maybe your follicles mature really quickly before ovulation. The docs work based on averages but every woman is different. Have a great weekend!

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