Not-so-boring update

Busy week at work, so I haven’t updated since my ultrasound Monday.

The follicle grew! It wasn’t mature by Monday, but it grew a little over 1 mm (is that the unit of measurement?) per day, which is normal. To recap: last Friday it was at 11.7; Monday it was measuring 15.1. The NP told me once eggs reach 14, they tend to grow ~2mm per day, so I was instructed to trigger Wednesday night between 9-10pm and come back to the clinic Friday morning (tomorrow!) for insemination. So if my follicle keeps with average speed, we’ll have a follicle measuring 22-23 tomorrow morning.

The trigger wasn’t bad at all. I don’t have a fear of needles, so I wasn’t nervous about poking myself. Scared of fucking it up somehow, definitely, but not of it hurting or anything like that.

Calmly sticking myself with a needle

Calmly sticking myself with a needle

The injection site has been really sore, puffy and red all day today. I emailed the NP and she said this wasn’t uncommon, but if it gets worse to let them know. It seems to have leveled out, but my wife, the scientist, is already making plans for creating a completely sterile environment for next cycle if we have to do the trigger again 🙂

I had a lovely acupuncture session this evening that involved a nice abdominal massage. I had a few extra needles in me and my body felt tingly and vibrate-y during the session, so I take that as a good sign. We’ve done everything in our power to help nudge this cycle in the right direction. So now we just sit back and let nature do it’s thing.

Tomorrow morning, we go in for IUI#2. We haven’t yet decided what we’re going to do for this cycle’s Fun Day (aka 14DPIUI aka Test Day) but we have 2 weeks to plan something awesome.


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