Final beta and settling in

We had our final beta on Sunday, which was a crazy busy day. We got up and stopped by the lab on our way to a friend’s baby shower. The shower was fun and I was taking mental notes of baby supplies while she was opening gifts. No one there knew about the pregnancy, so I couldn’t ask advice. Just listened intently as the guests gave our friend advice. I was actually surprised at how traditional her shower was. Females only with a full sit down lunch and everyone wearing dresses. If we have a shower, it will definitely be pretty different. Co-ed, alcohol for the non-preggos, and much more casual and relaxed. More like a barbecue or something.

Anyway, we had to leave early and drive 2 hours to my sister-in-law’s house for her housewarming party. Adorable new home and we got to see all my in-laws, which was nice. We’ve told our immediate families that we’re pregnant and this was the first time we saw them since they heard the news. Lots of hugs and congratulations. And no questions about the process, which I was pleasantly surprised by. I was sure someone would ask about the donor, his traits, the sperm bank, how it all works, etc. Nope. My mom has already given me the third degree about the donor, wanting to know everything, so it was nice to not be questioned and just congratulated.

We called the patient hotline Sunday afternoon to find out our beta results. The last beta was 2954, so we were just hoping for anything over 6000. It was 8,792! 

No more betas and our first ultrasound is scheduled for October 1! I’m a little nervous about it. What does the first ultrasound entail? I know we should see the heartbeat by then (I’ll be 6wks6days by that point). But other than that, I have no idea what to expect. 

My cat B has been super affectionate with me these last few weeks. This started before I even took the pregnancy test. I wonder if he senses something weird going on with my body. If I’m sitting down, he’s in my lap. He even took a little post-work catnap (pun intended) with me last week.  

No major symptoms to report. Still slightly nauseous in the mornings if I don’t eat breakfast, but it goes away pretty quickly. Boobs are definitely a bit bigger, but not that much. They’re mostly sore at night. If I lie on my side and my arm is squishing one, the soreness wakes me up. I’m mostly just super tired all day. It’s a struggle to not take a nap at work around 2pm. Usually a walk around the block helps wake me up, but man, I’m pooped all day.

Speaking of poop, I am feeling the  constipation. This system has definitely slowed down. Lots of burping, bloating, and not pooping. I got in the shower the other day and was shocked at how rounded my belly was, even though I’ve upped my fiber and water intake. Might be time to start adding Metamucil to my daily routine.
I really didn’t think I’d ever discuss my digestive system online. Yet here we are.


Beta #2 & #3

This week is flying by. Between late work meetings and evening naps, I haven’t had time to update on here. 

To recap:

Our first beta Friday afternoon – 14DPIUI- was 173. 

On Monday 17DPIUI, it was 818! (doubling time of 32 hours)

Today, 20DPIUI, it’s 2,954! (doubling time of 38 hours)

These are very good numbers, so I’m trying not to freak out about the hcg rising a bit more slowly now. That happens, right?

I go back on Sunday for another blood draw. They said once I hit ~7,000 they’ll schedule the first ultrasound. Hopefully Sunday’s bloodwork shows that I’ve hit that number. Or am at least close enough that I can stop with the beta testing.

As far as symptoms go, I’ve started feeling a bit of nausea in the mornings if I don’t eat something quickly. And the boobs are definitely a bit bigger. Even the actual nipples themselves seem bigger. Is that a thing? I feel like they’re way more noticeable now when I’m cold or not wearing a bra. And the weepiness has started. We ordered 2 kids books online and got them in this week. I was reading one out loud while we cuddled on the couch the other night. About halfway through the book I just started sobbing. Happy sobs, but still. S took over and finished reading the book while I continued to cry. And then I went to bed. At 9:00. Which seems to be my new normal bedtime these days.

Well, what do you know

Thank you all for your support and kind words from the last post! I love this little community.

Thursday evening I had an “episode” on my commute home. I was on the crowded  train, standing, holding the overhead bar, and reading an article on my phone. All of a sudden I got a huge wave of nausea and broke out into a cold sweat. I had to put away my phone and stare out the window for a few minutes, desperately willing my body to calm down, before it went away. I hate throwing up and I imagine throwing up on a crowded train would be pretty damn traumatic. I was fine for a minute. But then out of nowhere I became very hot, like sweat suddenly dripping down my face and chest, hot. My vision started blurring and going black around the edges and I just thought “Holy fuck. If I pass out on this train, one of these strangers better fucking catch me before I hit the floor.” We were almost to my stop when this happened, so I was willing every fiber of my being into keeping it together until I could leave the train. As soon as the doors opened, I ran out and plopped down on one of the platform benches and ripped off the denim shirt I was wearing over a sun dress. If I ever see a woman sitting on the platform with her head between her legs, I will feel nothing but empathy. And maybe offer her some cold water. It took me a solid 10 minutes before I could stand up and make it out of the station. 

The bright side? As someone who has never passed out and hasn’t thrown up in years, I took this as a sign that I might be pregnant. So Friday morning, exactly 14DPIUI, I peed on a stick and made S go check it when the timer went off.

Shock, tears, squeals, and excitement ensued.  Still doesn’t feel real. We’re fucking pregnant!

I called the clinic that morning when I got to work and went to get blood drawn during my lunch hour. Longest day of my life. I can’t think of a single productive thing I did at work on Friday.

First beta at 14 days – 173! 

Our clinic checks betas every 3 days until we reach 7,000-ish – which they said typically takes about a week. Then they’ll schedule the first ultrasound. So I’ll be back on Monday to see how things have progressed. 

The only symptoms I’ve had are exhaustion, constipation and lots of burping. And those lightening bolt zings in the uterine area are still there every day. 

We’re in a bit of a daze right now. I realize it’s very early and anything can happen these next few weeks, but we’ve decided to not worry and to just enjoy this. Actually, S is already pretty damn joyful. I’m the one having to consciously make an effort to not think of what could go wrong and just focus on the amazing fact that I have a tiny poppy seed-sized human growing inside me. Fingers crossed we have good numbers this week! 


I don’t normally put myself out there, afraid of disappointing people. When I was interviewing for jobs 2 years ago, I wouldn’t tell people when I had an interview, because I didn’t want to go back and have to tell them if I didn’t get the job. Same thing with TTC. A very small group of people know we’re trying, but that’s it. 

In the interest of putting myself out there more, even if it leads to disappointment, here goes. I noticed something different with my cycle the last few days and did a chart overlay in Fertility Friend this morning. 

The Green line is this cycle. The Purple line is last cycle. And the other two lines are just from earlier this year and on here as a reference. My temperature has never been this high this late into my cycle. Also, it’s been really fucking hot where we live, so our bedroom has been warmer than usual. Could this be causing my higher than usual temp in the morning?  I’m still too nervous to get excited, but I can’t stop thinking about it! Am I crazy?

I’ve also had lots of sharp pangs in the lower abdomen area the past 2 days. We’re still not testing til this weekend though. I only want to do the one test, just in case its negative. Waiting is hard.

This time is different

Before you get excited, I don’t mean different as in, I have symptoms and I think I’m pregnant. I mean different in that I keep forgetting that I could be pregnant! 

I kept track of every single possible symptom last time, but this cycle TTC is much more on the sidelines. Some coworkers were going out for drinks and I first thought, “yes! A margarita sounds perfect.” My brain stopped me and said “you shouldn’t be drinking.” It took me a solid few minutes to remember why I couldn’t drink this week. Sheesh. 

This week has flown by. Can’t believe we’re already halfway through this TWW. I ran a 5k last Saturday, the day after insemination. It was fine though. My body was prepared and I wasn’t overly exhausted by it. I can see why people get addicted to these races. I can totally see myself doing this again. My teammates mentioned an area marathon relay that happens in the spring. Each person on the relay team runs 10k of the marathon. I would normally be all for that, but I’m really hoping I’m pregnant by the spring.  So I think I’ll sit that race out. 

I’ve decided what we’re going to do for this cycle’s Fun Day aka Test Day. First, we’re going to check out Cream – an ice cream shop nearby that has homemade ice cream and homemade cookies – together equaling some scrumptious ice cream sandwiches! And then we’ll mosey on over to our town’s Cat Cafe. It’s a coffee shop that also features a giant room with rescue cats lounging around. For a small donation, you can spend an hour in the room with the cats, playing with all the cat toys in there. They limit the number of people in the room so the cats are never overwhelmed. The cats are all up for adoption and are just too precious. I’ve been once and it was magical. So I figure if we get a negative this cycle, rolling around on the floor playing with cats will make me feel much better 🙂

Symptom-wise, not much to report I’m afraid. The IUI went well last Friday and the NP who performed the procedure commented on my mucus and said the timing seemed to be great. But at 7DPIUI, I’ve felt a whole lotta nothing. Which I know doesn’t really mean anything. I have taken a little nap on the couch the last 2 days right after work – but work is also getting really busy, so it could just be your garden variety tiredness. We’re not going to test until I’m late. My luteal phase is pretty consistently 13-14 days, so if I haven’t started by next Friday afternoon, that’s a very good sign!!