Well, what do you know

Thank you all for your support and kind words from the last post! I love this little community.

Thursday evening I had an “episode” on my commute home. I was on the crowded  train, standing, holding the overhead bar, and reading an article on my phone. All of a sudden I got a huge wave of nausea and broke out into a cold sweat. I had to put away my phone and stare out the window for a few minutes, desperately willing my body to calm down, before it went away. I hate throwing up and I imagine throwing up on a crowded train would be pretty damn traumatic. I was fine for a minute. But then out of nowhere I became very hot, like sweat suddenly dripping down my face and chest, hot. My vision started blurring and going black around the edges and I just thought “Holy fuck. If I pass out on this train, one of these strangers better fucking catch me before I hit the floor.” We were almost to my stop when this happened, so I was willing every fiber of my being into keeping it together until I could leave the train. As soon as the doors opened, I ran out and plopped down on one of the platform benches and ripped off the denim shirt I was wearing over a sun dress. If I ever see a woman sitting on the platform with her head between her legs, I will feel nothing but empathy. And maybe offer her some cold water. It took me a solid 10 minutes before I could stand up and make it out of the station. 

The bright side? As someone who has never passed out and hasn’t thrown up in years, I took this as a sign that I might be pregnant. So Friday morning, exactly 14DPIUI, I peed on a stick and made S go check it when the timer went off.

Shock, tears, squeals, and excitement ensued.  Still doesn’t feel real. We’re fucking pregnant!

I called the clinic that morning when I got to work and went to get blood drawn during my lunch hour. Longest day of my life. I can’t think of a single productive thing I did at work on Friday.

First beta at 14 days – 173! 

Our clinic checks betas every 3 days until we reach 7,000-ish – which they said typically takes about a week. Then they’ll schedule the first ultrasound. So I’ll be back on Monday to see how things have progressed. 

The only symptoms I’ve had are exhaustion, constipation and lots of burping. And those lightening bolt zings in the uterine area are still there every day. 

We’re in a bit of a daze right now. I realize it’s very early and anything can happen these next few weeks, but we’ve decided to not worry and to just enjoy this. Actually, S is already pretty damn joyful. I’m the one having to consciously make an effort to not think of what could go wrong and just focus on the amazing fact that I have a tiny poppy seed-sized human growing inside me. Fingers crossed we have good numbers this week! 


36 thoughts on “Well, what do you know

  1. Yaay! Congrats to you. I knew it would take this time. We’ll be Preggo buddies. Doing the happy dance for you.
    I added you two to my new blog, you have to go to the page and click follow as well. Please do

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