Beta #2 & #3

This week is flying by. Between late work meetings and evening naps, I haven’t had time to update on here. 

To recap:

Our first beta Friday afternoon – 14DPIUI- was 173. 

On Monday 17DPIUI, it was 818! (doubling time of 32 hours)

Today, 20DPIUI, it’s 2,954! (doubling time of 38 hours)

These are very good numbers, so I’m trying not to freak out about the hcg rising a bit more slowly now. That happens, right?

I go back on Sunday for another blood draw. They said once I hit ~7,000 they’ll schedule the first ultrasound. Hopefully Sunday’s bloodwork shows that I’ve hit that number. Or am at least close enough that I can stop with the beta testing.

As far as symptoms go, I’ve started feeling a bit of nausea in the mornings if I don’t eat something quickly. And the boobs are definitely a bit bigger. Even the actual nipples themselves seem bigger. Is that a thing? I feel like they’re way more noticeable now when I’m cold or not wearing a bra. And the weepiness has started. We ordered 2 kids books online and got them in this week. I was reading one out loud while we cuddled on the couch the other night. About halfway through the book I just started sobbing. Happy sobs, but still. S took over and finished reading the book while I continued to cry. And then I went to bed. At 9:00. Which seems to be my new normal bedtime these days.


8 thoughts on “Beta #2 & #3

  1. Awesome numbers! Hope your test this weekend goes well and you can stop being poked for the time being! Sorry you aren’t feeling the best, but at least it’s for a good cause!


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