Final beta and settling in

We had our final beta on Sunday, which was a crazy busy day. We got up and stopped by the lab on our way to a friend’s baby shower. The shower was fun and I was taking mental notes of baby supplies while she was opening gifts. No one there knew about the pregnancy, so I couldn’t ask advice. Just listened intently as the guests gave our friend advice. I was actually surprised at how traditional her shower was. Females only with a full sit down lunch and everyone wearing dresses. If we have a shower, it will definitely be pretty different. Co-ed, alcohol for the non-preggos, and much more casual and relaxed. More like a barbecue or something.

Anyway, we had to leave early and drive 2 hours to my sister-in-law’s house for her housewarming party. Adorable new home and we got to see all my in-laws, which was nice. We’ve told our immediate families that we’re pregnant and this was the first time we saw them since they heard the news. Lots of hugs and congratulations. And no questions about the process, which I was pleasantly surprised by. I was sure someone would ask about the donor, his traits, the sperm bank, how it all works, etc. Nope. My mom has already given me the third degree about the donor, wanting to know everything, so it was nice to not be questioned and just congratulated.

We called the patient hotline Sunday afternoon to find out our beta results. The last beta was 2954, so we were just hoping for anything over 6000. It was 8,792! 

No more betas and our first ultrasound is scheduled for October 1! I’m a little nervous about it. What does the first ultrasound entail? I know we should see the heartbeat by then (I’ll be 6wks6days by that point). But other than that, I have no idea what to expect. 

My cat B has been super affectionate with me these last few weeks. This started before I even took the pregnancy test. I wonder if he senses something weird going on with my body. If I’m sitting down, he’s in my lap. He even took a little post-work catnap (pun intended) with me last week.  

No major symptoms to report. Still slightly nauseous in the mornings if I don’t eat breakfast, but it goes away pretty quickly. Boobs are definitely a bit bigger, but not that much. They’re mostly sore at night. If I lie on my side and my arm is squishing one, the soreness wakes me up. I’m mostly just super tired all day. It’s a struggle to not take a nap at work around 2pm. Usually a walk around the block helps wake me up, but man, I’m pooped all day.

Speaking of poop, I am feeling the  constipation. This system has definitely slowed down. Lots of burping, bloating, and not pooping. I got in the shower the other day and was shocked at how rounded my belly was, even though I’ve upped my fiber and water intake. Might be time to start adding Metamucil to my daily routine.
I really didn’t think I’d ever discuss my digestive system online. Yet here we are.


9 thoughts on “Final beta and settling in

  1. Amazing beta!! Whoop whoop. I’ve always been told that being nauseous is annoying yet a great sign that everything is moving in the right direction. It’s a love hate relationship for me. I totally feel ya on being exhausted, imagine chasing two kids under five and being as exhausted as you are now. I definitely miss my cat naps. Soak it all in now before your officially docked into the parent club 🙂 the best club you can join!!

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  2. Wonderful, wonderful beta. Start taking stool softeners or Metamucil now. I only say that with love…..

    First ultrasound is awesome. The baby is still beside the yolk sack and it looks like pac man. And it’s really nice when it goes well. Listening to the heartbeat is crazy, wonderful, life changing. Wishing you love and lots of baby dust.

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  3. I had to come back to this post, because it is literally describing my life right now. Except it is my dog, who has been super attentive (since before I even took the test) instead of a cat. Everything else fits to a T.

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