Cooking at 7am

We have our Thanksgiving potluck at work today. I offered to bring vegetarian stuffing. I thought it’d be fine to cook it this morning before I headed into the office. 

I really underestimated how queasy I’d be from the smell of cut onion and simmering onion first thing in the morning. Note to self: from here on out, no cooking of onions allowed in the house before noon. 


Now that I feel like a human again, I figured it was time to start doing those cute bumpdates I’ve seen on other blogs. So here goes.

12 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 12 weeks 6 days

Baby is the size of: a plum

Total weight gain: No idea. Between our 6 week ultrasound and our 8 week ultrasound, I lost 2 lbs. But that was during the worst of the morning sickness when I had zero appetite. 


  • Queasy stomach in the mornings and when I’ve gone too long without snacking. 
  • Still have episodes of light headedness and dizziness when standing for a long time or on the train during my commute
  • Starting to get a few pangs in the abdomen area which I assume are muscles and ligaments stretching
  • Lots of heartburn if I eat anything remotely spicy or tomato based.

Food Cravings: Fruit, especially blueberries. Sparkling apple cider. Ice cold water. Slices of smoked Gouda with honey mustard. Coke-flavored Slurpees. This last one is odd because it had been years since I had a Slurpee, yet I’ve had 4 in the last 2 weeks. Oddly, they seem to calm my stomach. 

Things that make me queasy: the smell of cooked eggs. Any fishy smell. Going too long without eating. Eating too much at once. 

Maternity clothes: Not yet. Though I am shopping for a new bra this weekend. I’m wearing my sports bras now because my regular ones are just too uncomfortable. I need a band extender and my pre-pregnancy bras will likely last a little longer. But I also want to get a nice comfy one that isn’t underwire. 

Sleep: Like a rock. Not even getting up to pee in the middle of the night. I’m in bed by 9:30 at the latest.

Purchases for baby: we bought a few cute “science-y” onsies. S is a scientist. One says “Cute as pi” with the pi symbol:)

Purchases for mama: nothing yet.

Best moment this week: Seeing our Gummy Bear at the NT scan! And hearing that everything looks great. The technician was awesome and pointed out all the body parts for us and even gave an educated guess at the sex. We’ll see if she’s correct in about 6 weeks when we have the anatomy scan.

Miss anything? Having my energy levels back to normal. I get so tired so quickly these days.

Looking forward to: Heading to TX on Nov. 20th to spend Thanksgiving week with my mom. Looking forward to a week of relaxing and eating all my childhood comfort foods. 

The Bump: just starting to curve out a bit. Though that curve is likely just my intestines and other organs getting pushed  up. 


Where the hell have I been?

Short answer: lounging on the couch.

This whole first trimester thing really hit me harder than I expected. The day I hit 6 weeks, it was like a switch was flipped. I was nauseous and exhausted all.the.damn.time. I came home from work, took a nap on the couch, ate dinner (what I could stomach anyway) and moved to the bed to pass out for the night. It was rough. For about a month there, I pretty much lived off potatoes and brothy noodles. It was all that sounded good. 

I didn’t puke every day, but 3-4 days a week I’d find myself in the bathroom at work with my hand over my mouth, willing the person in the next stall to hurry it up so I could barf in peace. I started avoiding certain foods specifically because of how painful they were coming back up. Tomato soup – so much burning! Strawberries – so acidic coming back up my throat was sore the rest of the day. 

And then something happened. Suddenly at 11 weeks, I wasn’t so nauseous. I actually wanted to drink something besides watered down lemonade. I ate a carrot for first time in 5 weeks. And didn’t puke. It was magical! I’m starting to feel like my old self again. Certain smells still make my  stomach turn- like bacon. Cooked eggs. Coffee. But it’s way better than it was. I’ll take it!

Thankfully, my lack of appetite didn’t effect our little Gummy Bear. We’ve seen her 3 times now. Each time we were amazed at how much she grew in the few weeks since we last saw her. She started off as a little tadpole- looking thing. Today at our NT scan, we saw an actual baby. It was the first time S and I became emotional during an ultrasound. A few minutes in and we both had tears running down our cheeks. It seems so real now! 

our little Gummy Bear at 12w3d

She’s measuring 3 days ahead of schedule and is perfect. We’re officially smitten.

Now that I have some energy back, I promise to be better about posting!  There are some new babies that have entered the world recently! And some new BFPS! Rooting for all of you going through the IUIs and IVFs. Crossing everything I have for you guys to get that take-home baby. I’ve missed this community these last few weeks. Looking forward to diving back in and being inspired by all you ladies.