Thanksgiving hangover

We’ve been back from our Thanksgiving trip to TX for 5 days now, but I still feel a bit hungover from it. I don’t know of it was the consumption of food I don’t normally eat or the flying or what. But I’m ready for a relaxing weekend. Hahah! Did I mention that we’re in contract for our first home?! Things are definitely not relaxing right now. 

We fell in love with this home and put it an offer 3 weeks ago. We were told we were their second choice, but they went with a higher offer. We moved on. Cut to the Friday before Thanksgiving when we find out the first buyers pulled out. The house was ours if we wanted it. And we do! Since then it’s just been a frenzy of paperwork and stressing about moving the week after Christmas. So yeah, no Christmas decor this year, sadly. We went to Home Depot last night and bought our first washer and dryer set – to be delivered to the new home Jan. 2nd. We walked out of there laughing and thinking, “who the hell are we now? Are we actually adults?” 

So while I’ll try to find some downtime this weekend, we also have to start the packing bonanza soon.

On to the fun baby stuff:

15 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 15 weeks 6 days

Baby is the size of:  an orange

Total weight gain: just had an appt. today and I’ve gained 3 lbs since my last appt. But since I lost 2 lbs during the first trimester, I’m only 1 lb over my pre-pregnancy weight. The doctor didn’t seem worried about me not gaining more, so I won’t either.


  • Thought I was done with puking but it has reared its ugly head twice this week. Once immediately after flying and once after drinking orange juice first thing in the morning. No more acidic drinks on an empty stomach.
  • Still feel light headed when standing on the crowded commuter train
  • Had my first nosebleed the other day. At least I was home when it happened.

Food cravings: still crazy about fruit – right now I’m all about kiwi – eating 2 or 3 a day. Wanting Indian food real bad, but S isn’t a big fan of it so I’m gonna have to buy it during lunch one day. Ice cream. Peanut butter. Seaweed salad – I could eat buckets of seaweed salad.

Things that make me queasy: Our open plan office has a distinct burnt coffee smell in the mornings that is driving me and my stomach crazy. I can’t even walk into the kitchen area sometimes. 

Maternity clothes: went shopping with my mom and got some stuff. Since she might not see me again until the baby is here, I can understand why she wanted to shop for clothes, even though my bump is not at all big enough for them yet. I got some soft leggings, a pair of maternity jeans, and a few cute tops from Motherhood Maternity. I realized I wear a lot of black and grey.

Sleep: crazy dreams. One this week involved me getting chased down a street by some dude and then stabbed repeatedly in my throat. What the fuck?!? Other than that, I’m sleeping like a rock.

Purchases for baby: we bought some cute little Oxford shoes. We have a cute idea for a pregnancy announcement on Facebook and will use them for that.

Purchases for mama: nothing beyond the maternity clothes above

Best moment of the week: seeing family at Thanksgiving. Talking all things baby with mom. Realizing we’re buying our first home this month. Telling my team at work that I’m pregnant. So much laughter and happiness 🙂 Hearing Gummy Bear’s heart beat at my appt today. S/he was moving around a lot and the doctor had to chase her around my belly for a while. These last 2 weeks have been pretty exciting.

Miss anything? not really

Looking forward to:  our 20 week ultrasound on Dec 29th! Moving into our home that same week. Feeling this baby move around. I know it can happen pretty much at any time now, so I’m just waiting and trying to be patient.

The Bump: it’s growing and its hard. It used to just stick out a bit under my belly button, but now my entire abdomen from ribcage to pelvic bone seems to be thicker. My regular jeans are starting to get uncomfortable. It definitely shows a bit under my shirts, but it doesn’t look like a bump yet. I just look like I had a big burrito for lunch or something.

I will leave you with this photo of my cat B. Still following me around everywhere. Still insisting on sitting in my lap anytime I’m on the couch. I’m worried about how he’ll handle sharing me with a baby…..



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