16 Week Bumpdate

Funny story from this week. I accidentally ingested a cocktail. 

S and I met a friend at a local tiki bar. S went up to the bar to order our drinks while our friend K and I hung out at the table. I told S I wanted a virgin frou frou drink, like a piña colada or something. She walked back with our drinks and put what looked like a smoothie in front of me and told me this was the virgin one. Her and K had cocktails over ice. I sucked that bad boy down and it was delicious. Like a mango/coconut milkshake. Later S went up to the bar to order her and K another round – the same drinks they ordered before. She walked back to the table with a stricken look on her face – carrying one drink with ice and another smoothie drink. During the first round, she had accidentally given me K’s drink – which had rum in it – and had given K the virgin drink! She was so upset and worried about it, thinking it would harm the baby. I tried to assure her that one drink was not going to damage the baby. I didn’t even taste any alcohol in it, so it had to have been pretty weak. S was so worried though, poor thing. 

I don’t know if it was just the power of suggestion or my body going “nope. I dont think so.” but about 20 minutes later I wasn’t feeling very well. I went to the bar’s restroom and proceeded to vomit most of that cocktail up. 

One drink isn’t going to do any harm, right??

16 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 16 weeks 6 days

Baby is the size of: an avocado. About 4.5″ long and roughly 3.5 oz.

Total Weight Gain:  according to my last appointment total weight gain is 3 lbs. the bump is poppin this week though so I imagined I’ve gained a bit since then.


  • Nausea is still sticking around. Now when I cough it seems to trigger my gag reflex, which makes my coughs sound way worse than they are. Also, it makes coughing in public a little scary. I actually did puke one morning this week from coughing. Innocent cough right before I got in the shower, then I suddenly felt it happening and just barely made it to the toilet. Oh lord.
  • Dryness! I’ve always had oily skin and hair. After reading a few bloggers who saw their oil production kick it up a notch during pregnancy, I was all prepared for that. Instead, my hair is super dry and frizzy and I’m slathering thick lotion on twice a day. What the what?
  • Shortness of breath. I have to walk up a pretty steep hill from the bus stop to our apartment. Earlier this week, I got home and was so out of breath from it! I sounded like I had just run a marathon or something. Even S was like, “are you ok?” 

Food Cravings:  still fruit, especially apple slices with peanut butter. Hot chocolate, which is odd because I’ve never been a big fan before. Sautéed kale. Haven’t quenched my Indian food craving yet. Wasabi peas.

Things that make me queasy:  still coffee and eggs. Tonight our downstairs neighbors were cooking some salty strong smelling dish that was making me queasy. I had to shut all our windows to keep the smell out.

Maternity Clothes: nothing new. Still wearing my normal clothes. Maternity clothes are neatly packed in my dresser waiting for their turn.

Sleep: starting to be uncomfortable lying on my back. It doesn’t hurt, but my abdomen just feels really heavy and uncomfortable. I spend most of the night on my side, but wake up on my back every once in awhile.

Purchases for baby:  nothing this week

Purchases for mama:  nothing this week. We’re about to close on the house so all spending has been halted.

Best moment this week:  we had our company holiday party Wednesday and it was so great to just relax and hang out with my colleagues. Lots of laughter and delicious Mexican food. At one point I was standing in line at the buffet and a colleague shouted out “I can see it!” while pointing to my belly. The bump is starting to pop.

Miss anything? Not really

 Looking forward to: getting the exact closing date on the new house. I just want to skip the whole moving part and jump to being settled in the house. Our anatomy scan on Dec 29th!

The Bump: This was the first week where I could see the bump while wearing clothes. Still kind of looks like a food baby, but hopefully will round out a bit more in the coming weeks. 



8 thoughts on “16 Week Bumpdate

  1. That drink definitely won’t hurt the baby. And I’m sure it was your body’s defense mechanism making you puke it up. Good work, stomach!

    I’m eating apple slices and peanut butter like crazy. They were never one of my favorite things before, but now, I love them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I figured my body was just forcing it out of here. The body is kind of amazing like that. I’ve always loved apples and peanut butter, but now I’m going to through peanut butter jars like crazy!


  2. From here on out you and baby are going to grow like Crazy. You have some growth spurts ahead of you. Are you going to wait and find out gender during delivery? Only asking because there are 2d/3D places by us that can determine the gender at 14 weeks. I think price was 50-60.00 We did with all three of our babies, they were always accurate. Can’t wait to see what your having.

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  3. Sleeping on your side is good. As baby gets heavier laying on your back can affect blood circulation to the placenta. I used to sleep with a pillow under me on one side so I couldn’t lay flat but it sounds like it’s changing naturally for you. Great bump!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I moved our body pillow under me to one side last night so I can kind of lean on it and not be on my back. I worked! Except my cat, who usually sleeps on that side, was not happy the pillow was in his spot 🙂


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