23 Week Bumpdate

We signed up for a birthing class! It’s not until March, but the other option was in May. Not useful. It’s 1 evening a week for 4 weeks and this means shit is getting real. It’s through a small company near us that also offers lactation consultation, baby CPR classes and a host of other services. I also like that they use the terms birth partner and spouse in their literature and not father, husband, or other straight-centric labels. 

How far along? 23 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of:  a grapefruit. And my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. I believe it. This bump has grown quite a bit these last couple weeks. 

Total weight gain: who knows. I just weigh myself at my appointments, but it seems to be progressing normally


  • I feel like I’m in the Golden stage of pregnancy this week. I’m obviously pregnant, but not so much that its impeding my everyday life. The bump is totally manageable and I’m enjoying dressing it. I’m feeling our Gummy Bear every day now and getting used to her sleep/active schedule. But her kicks and jabs aren’t uncomfortable or painful yet. I’m only slightly achy and still have energy to get through the day, cook dinner, etc. It’s really nice. 
  • Heartburn is back with a vengeance. Back to carrying Tums with me everywhere
  • Runny nose. Having to carry tissue now too
  • Lots of burping. This has been the case since the very beginning. I get these weird burp/hiccups, but I’ll just have a couple at a time. Odd.
  • Rib pain. My ribs were kinda fucked up before I got pregnant anyway – one side has always stuck out more than the other and they never really aligned. One side of my chest wall looks slightly concave compared to the other side. My sister, brother and two of my nephews also have this issue. Anyway, the left side, which has always stuck out more, now seems to be rubbing against my bra band. Even when I’m wearing a soft sports bra. And that side definitely has more soreness from the expansion. Oh well.

Food cravings: I go between desperately needing protein like beans and fish to gulping down a bag of Doritos. Everything in moderation, right?

Things that make me queasy: not much. Although someone at work heated up a Hot Pocket in our microwave yesterday and I thought I might lose my lunch from the smell.

Maternity clothes: I wore my last pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that fit this week. Technically, I can still button them because they have a low waist. But by 10:30am, I had to resort to the rubber band trick because they were so uncomfortable. Tops are still a mix of regular and maternity tops.

Sleep: better. I seem less cranky than last week. But I find it uncomfortable to switch sides in the middle of the night. Still waking up on my own about an hour before the alarm goes off. Not fun. 

Purchases for baby: we didn’t buy anything, but we combed through the hand-me-downs piling up in the nursery and figured out what we needed. That was a lot of fun. 

Purchases for mama: nothing this week.

Best moment of the week: starting our registry! So much fun picking things out.

I also updated my 3 month goals at work and realized I leave for maternity leave in a little over 3 months! I’m hoping to work until 2 weeks before my due date, so until May 6th likely. That seems very close.

Miss anything: a nice cold beer sounded really good this week. 

Looking forward to: just look forward to the weekends now when I can wear pjs or soft pants all day and lounge around bra-less. It’s the little things.

The Bump: growing! Sorry for another bathroom selfie, but I tend to take off my “daytime” clothes as soon as I get home from work and I’m tired of most of my bump photos showcasing my pj pants 🙂  

Pink vs Blue

I realized I never actually  confirmed the sex of our baby with you guys. We’re having a GIRL!

We finally started a registry this weekend. My sister-in-law is planning our baby shower for us in mid-March, so we figured it was time to start combing through the stuff we have and writing down what we need. We did it all online and still need to go to the store to test carriers and I still need to add pumping supplies to the registry, but I feel like we got the bulk of our needs on the list now. 

We had a fuzzy plan for the nursery, but filling out the registry helped solidify it a bit. I noticed a pattern while we were picking out sheets and changing pad covers. Lots of sage green and navy blue, with bits of turquoise and yellow. Not very girly at all, but it’s what we were drawn to.

Speaking of being drawn to colors, I am hating how segregated boys and girls things are. Even at the infant stage! Quite a few items on our registry are labeled as the Boy Version. What the fuck? What makes a green pacifier a boy pacifier? Why do we have to look in the boys section to find cool leg warmers with rockets on them? Girls like rockets too!  I have nothing against pink items, but by labeling things like pacifiers, bibs and blankets as “boy versions” that somehow implies that buying them for a girl is incorrect. And don’t even get me started on the clothing! I’m already frustrated with children’s clothing and she’s not even born yet. Sheesh.  

Besides the overuse of Boy and Girl labels, filling out the registry was a lot of fun. Picking out an adorable robe and fuzzy hooded towels, cozy sleep sacks and, hell, even cute teething supplies, made us all giggly and lovey. This is really happening! And we have a room full of boxes and a registry to prove it! 

Coming up on the big 24 week viability milestone this Friday. I know we still have a ways to go until she arrives (hopefully) but really happy to know our little gummy bear is close to reaching that mark.

22 Week Bumpdate

How far along? Today I am 22 weeks 6 days

Baby is the size of: spaghetti squash!

Total weight gain: last week I had gained a total of 9 lbs. so probably close to 10 lbs by now. I’m not weighing myself between appointments though


  • Sore ribs. Still.
  • The belly on my skin is starting to get itchy. I heard that scratching it makes you more likely to get stretch marks. Is this just a wives tale?
  • Peeing quite a bit now. I was never a huge water drinker before pregnancy but now I can’t get enough of it.
  • I’m starting to make funny grunting sounds when I get up from the couch. I don’t feel like I’m big enough yet to necessitate those noises but whatever.

Food cravings:  Eating loads. Every couple of hours at least. I’m really good about bringing my breakfast and lunch to work to save money, but yesterday I ran out of food at 1pm. I had eaten a granola bar, plain Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries, a veggie enchilada with some rice for lunch, followed by an orange. Followed by a slice of peanut butter toast. Followed by an apple. All by 1pm! And I was still starving. I walked to a local grocery store and bought some things to just keep stocked at my desk so this doesn’t happen again. I now have black beans, instant brown rice, olives, soup, crackers and trail mix on hand. Oh yeah and we had cupcakes in the office yesterday, so add 1 chocolate cupcake to that food list. Yeesh. 

Things that make me queasy: nothing at the moment. I have started eating eggs again, though I’m still not a fan of the smell of them cooking.

Maternity clothes: I have one pair of non-maternity jeans that I can still tolerate. Everything else is either leggings, maternity jeans, or tights. I need to get some more maternity jeans. I’m now mixing in a couple maternity tops with my regular ones. My pre-pregnancy sweaters are starting to be a tad short when stretched over the bump now.

Sleep: I’ve been super uncomfortable lately. It doesn’t seem to be bump related though. Our two cats sleep in the bed with us and it can get a little crowded. I’ve woken up twice this week all in a huff and making S scoot over more to her side of the bed. I love that she’s so cuddly at night, but for some reason lately it’s super aggravating to have something touching me on both sides while I’m sleeping. One cat usually is curled up against me and either S or the other cat is curled up against my back. I need more space!

Purchases for baby: we went to my sister-in-laws this weekend and picked up a bunch of hand me downs. I haven’t had time to go through it all, but the gist of it: 

  • A nice bassinet with a wooden stand
  • A like-new car seat
  • A stroller (I haven’t inspected to see if the cat seat connects to the stroller yet)
  • A diaper genie with lots of liners
  • Lots of towels and swaddle blankets
  • Crib and bassinet sheets (couldn’t fit the crib in our car so we have to pick that up another time)
  • Both of my nieces have very pink rooms, so my sister-in-law also gave me pink bumpers for the crib. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that we will NOT be decorating the nursery in pink.

Purchases for mama: a sump pump for our basement! Yay? We’ve had problems with water collecting in our basement during this rainy season (it’s all concrete and unfinished so at least there’s no real damage from it). We realized the sump pump that came with the house is about a million years old. It doesn’t turn itself on and off in response to the water levels in the sump basin, so we bought a new one! Hoping to install it tonight, just in time for a weekend forecast full of rain. Wish us luck. 

Best moment this week: I’ve been taking an express bus to work lately instead of the commuter train. The bus is way less crowded so I always get a seat, unlike the train. The train also gave me mad motion sickness during the first trimester. So my commute is much nicer these days. Yesterday I had to take the train home for the first time in about 2 months, as I had an evening meeting and the express bus stops running after a certain time. I walked into the train, saw there were no empty seats and so just stood like everyone else. No big deal. But a woman looked at me, looked at my bump and got up from her seat and offered it to me! I took it! It was the first time anyone has done that. I wasn’t wearing a coat, which is probably why my bump was so noticeable. I could get used to this.

Miss anything: not really

Looking forward to a cozy weekend at home just cooking some nice meals and enjoying the warm indoors and maybe starting a new book. I do love rainy days.

The Bump: here’s the standard work bathroom selfie for your viewing pleasure.  

21 Week Bumpdate

A day late again. I promise to get it together at some point. 

How far along? Today I’m 22 weeks but the update is for this past week.

Baby is the size of: carrot or pomagranate, depending on the app

Total weight gain: Had my appt yesterday and I’ve gained 6 pounds since my last appointment, which seems right – about a pound a week. This makes my total weight gain 9 lbs.


  • Calf and foot cramps! They’ve woken me up a few times. I’ve started stretching right before bed and it seems a bit better.
  • Achy lower back and ribcage
  • Feeling her move every day now. She’s most active in the mornings during my commute and when I come home in the evening and put my feet up
  • The heartburn. Oh, the heartburn.
  • Super tired at work. I’ve found myself doing the sleepy head nod a few times in front of my computer.

Food cravings: nothing in particular really. Just a lot of eating. I’m now consuming Breakfast 1, Breakfast 2, Lunch 1, Lunch 2, Pre-Dinner appetizers, Dinner, and a Late Night Snack. They’re all fairly small meals. I get queasy if I eat too much at once. But I’m pretty much eating something every couple of hours.

Things that make me queasy: drinking orange juice on an empty stomach. I made that mistake this week. Woke up so thirsty and chugged a glass of juice. Had to run to the restroom and throw up as soon as i got to work. So ready to go a few months without puking. The longest I’ve gone between pukings this pregnancy is about 3 weeks.

Maternity clothes: I’ve worn my maternity jeans a couple times and some maternity leggings (which I love!). I just need to find some long tunics to wear with the leggings. Still wearing my regular tops, though my button ups are getting a bit tight in the belly.

Sleep: Not that great. Find myself waking up about an hour before my alarm goes off and not being able to go back to sleep. I’ve tried going to bed earlier, but it still happens. 

Purchases for baby: nothing this week, though we’re heading to my sister-in-law’s this weekend to grab some of her hand me downs. We’ve been meaning to do this for the past 2 weeks.

Purchases for mama: nothing for me this week. Unless you count going to Ilea and buying a pantry for our kitchen?

Best moment this week: having S feel the baby move on a regular basis now. 

Miss anything: not really

Looking forward to: this might sound crazy, but I’m looking forward to unpacking this weekend. We’re gonna make a push to get a lot organized on Saturday and just hang out around the house in our pjs while doing it. 

The Bump: getting a bit bigger. At my appt, Dr. S said it was measuring on track and she even felt our Gummy Bear kick while she was measuring me. Definitely feel my thighs and booty getting bigger too.  

20 Week Bumpdate

I’m a day late on this update, as today is my weekly turnover and I’m actually 21 weeks today. But oh well.

How far along: 21 weeks today

Baby is the size of: a banana seems to be the most used fruit comparison for this week. The apps also switched the measurements this week from head to rump to head to toes. So baby is now about 10 inches long!

Total weight gain: hard to say. Our scale at home isn’t quite as accurate as the doctors. I have an apt next week, so I’ll know for sure. But I’d estimate around 7 lbs total?


  • Boobs are going through another sore period. Especially my nipples. Super sensitive when I’m at home and not wearing a bra
  • Ribcage keeps expanding! I bought two new bras about 4 weeks ago, a couple inches bigger in the band and a cup size bigger, and I’m already having to use band extenders on them! Pre-pregnancy I wore a 32, looks like I could probably fit a 36 comfortably now.
  • Lots of movement with our Gummy Bear. This past week I started feeling her movements everyday. They’re most prominent right after I wake up and when I come home from work and put my feet up in the evenings. S even felt her move from the outside once. She was being particularly active one evening right before bed and S felt one of the kicks!
  • Hungry all the time. I’ve started having what I call Breakfast 1, Breakfast 2, Lunch 1, and Lunch 2. I can’t eat a lot of once or I get nauseous, so I’m just grazing all.day.long.

Food cravings: salad, particularly cherry tomatoes, cashews, granola, soy milk, pasta with lots of marinara sauce. 

Things that make me queasy: eating too much at once. That’s about it now. Finally!!

Maternity clothes: Wore my maternity jeans for the first time this week. I have a couple pairs of pre-pregnancy pants that can still button, but it’s starting to be slim pickings. Still wearing my normal shirts.

Sleep: like a rock. Find myself waking up a few times an hour or so before my alarm goes off, but having no problem falling asleep.

Purchases for baby: no purchases, but a friend of mine that has an 18 month old gave us a A LOT of clothing. Most of it is 6-18 month stuff. Very cute items. We just need to sort through it all soon. We also got a hand me down Pack n Play, and some kind of swing. It’s still in a bag – with the move we just haven’t had time to take it out and look at it. My friend is done having kids, so I think she was excited to clean house and pass whatever she could onto us!

Purchases for mama: nothing for me this week.

Best moment this week: being in our new house! New Years was lovely. We just had Chinese food delivered and watched Making a Murderer on Netflix. I was so proud of us for staying awake until midnight!

Miss anything? We went to watch a football game at a bar the other night and I missed ordering a nice cocktail.

Looking forward to: settling into our house. Ready to start setting up the nursery/guest room.

The Bump: getting bigger. Our new next-door neighbor saw it and asked if we were having a baby. That was the first time someone not “in the know” commented on my belly. It was nice!  

Also, has anyone else had this issue with band extenders? Apparently all of my bra bands are narrow and I can’t find any band extenders that have hooks closer together. So to wear these, I can only hook the top clasp. It still feels comfortable, but I worry about it not being very secure.  

I need a vacation from my vacation

Happy New Year everyone! I’m back at work after a week and a half off and it is rough. These past two weeks have been crazy busy and I’m so glad I took time off work to focus on our move. But I really don’t feel like I got any rest over the holidays.

Last week we had our 20 week scan. Everything looks great and our Gummy Bear is growing right on track. We also moved to our new house that same day! The movers were loading up the moving truck at our apartment when we received the house keys, so we were really cutting it close. But we’re now in the house. It’s full of boxes, but at least all the boxes are in the appropriate rooms where they will eventually be unpacked. That’s progress, right? 

My big learning curve this pregnancy is that I can’t keep up with my pre-pregnancy self. 6 months ago I would have had the whole house unpacked by now and looking gorgeous. Now, I’d really rather just take a quick nap before dinner than unpack some boxes. My energy levels are super low. I thought the second trimester was when I would have a big burst of energy. I wonder if I need to start taking iron pills. I have a history of being anemic, though not for quite a few years.  I have an OB appointment next week, so I’ll ask Dr. S about it. 

So this house unpacking will take a tad longer than usual. And I’m ok with that. Our goal is to have it fully unpacked and looking nice by March when my sister visits. Until then, more naps and less unpacking are on the agenda.