I need a vacation from my vacation

Happy New Year everyone! I’m back at work after a week and a half off and it is rough. These past two weeks have been crazy busy and I’m so glad I took time off work to focus on our move. But I really don’t feel like I got any rest over the holidays.

Last week we had our 20 week scan. Everything looks great and our Gummy Bear is growing right on track. We also moved to our new house that same day! The movers were loading up the moving truck at our apartment when we received the house keys, so we were really cutting it close. But we’re now in the house. It’s full of boxes, but at least all the boxes are in the appropriate rooms where they will eventually be unpacked. That’s progress, right? 

My big learning curve this pregnancy is that I can’t keep up with my pre-pregnancy self. 6 months ago I would have had the whole house unpacked by now and looking gorgeous. Now, I’d really rather just take a quick nap before dinner than unpack some boxes. My energy levels are super low. I thought the second trimester was when I would have a big burst of energy. I wonder if I need to start taking iron pills. I have a history of being anemic, though not for quite a few years.  I have an OB appointment next week, so I’ll ask Dr. S about it. 

So this house unpacking will take a tad longer than usual. And I’m ok with that. Our goal is to have it fully unpacked and looking nice by March when my sister visits. Until then, more naps and less unpacking are on the agenda. 


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