20 Week Bumpdate

I’m a day late on this update, as today is my weekly turnover and I’m actually 21 weeks today. But oh well.

How far along: 21 weeks today

Baby is the size of: a banana seems to be the most used fruit comparison for this week. The apps also switched the measurements this week from head to rump to head to toes. So baby is now about 10 inches long!

Total weight gain: hard to say. Our scale at home isn’t quite as accurate as the doctors. I have an apt next week, so I’ll know for sure. But I’d estimate around 7 lbs total?


  • Boobs are going through another sore period. Especially my nipples. Super sensitive when I’m at home and not wearing a bra
  • Ribcage keeps expanding! I bought two new bras about 4 weeks ago, a couple inches bigger in the band and a cup size bigger, and I’m already having to use band extenders on them! Pre-pregnancy I wore a 32, looks like I could probably fit a 36 comfortably now.
  • Lots of movement with our Gummy Bear. This past week I started feeling her movements everyday. They’re most prominent right after I wake up and when I come home from work and put my feet up in the evenings. S even felt her move from the outside once. She was being particularly active one evening right before bed and S felt one of the kicks!
  • Hungry all the time. I’ve started having what I call Breakfast 1, Breakfast 2, Lunch 1, and Lunch 2. I can’t eat a lot of once or I get nauseous, so I’m just grazing all.day.long.

Food cravings: salad, particularly cherry tomatoes, cashews, granola, soy milk, pasta with lots of marinara sauce. 

Things that make me queasy: eating too much at once. That’s about it now. Finally!!

Maternity clothes: Wore my maternity jeans for the first time this week. I have a couple pairs of pre-pregnancy pants that can still button, but it’s starting to be slim pickings. Still wearing my normal shirts.

Sleep: like a rock. Find myself waking up a few times an hour or so before my alarm goes off, but having no problem falling asleep.

Purchases for baby: no purchases, but a friend of mine that has an 18 month old gave us a A LOT of clothing. Most of it is 6-18 month stuff. Very cute items. We just need to sort through it all soon. We also got a hand me down Pack n Play, and some kind of swing. It’s still in a bag – with the move we just haven’t had time to take it out and look at it. My friend is done having kids, so I think she was excited to clean house and pass whatever she could onto us!

Purchases for mama: nothing for me this week.

Best moment this week: being in our new house! New Years was lovely. We just had Chinese food delivered and watched Making a Murderer on Netflix. I was so proud of us for staying awake until midnight!

Miss anything? We went to watch a football game at a bar the other night and I missed ordering a nice cocktail.

Looking forward to: settling into our house. Ready to start setting up the nursery/guest room.

The Bump: getting bigger. Our new next-door neighbor saw it and asked if we were having a baby. That was the first time someone not “in the know” commented on my belly. It was nice!  

Also, has anyone else had this issue with band extenders? Apparently all of my bra bands are narrow and I can’t find any band extenders that have hooks closer together. So to wear these, I can only hook the top clasp. It still feels comfortable, but I worry about it not being very secure.  


13 thoughts on “20 Week Bumpdate

  1. Aww your belly is for sure growing!! You look like your glowing. Pretty soon your going to be ditching the regular bras anyways so I wouldn’t worry to much. The bras underwire will rub your rib cage, try and invest in some good sports bras with super soft elastic bands. Your boobs are also going to grow many times between now and giving birth so get big bras.

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    • Thanks! Yeah, I’ve given up on underwires and am wearing my sports bras around the house. My probably with wearing my sports bras in public is that my nipples are HUGE these days and if I’m the slightest bit cold it is veerrrrry obvious. I’ll have to find some sports bras that have a nice thick lining on the front.


      • I couldn’t ever solve that problem. So good luck. Lol it only gets worse. Haha I have a tiny torso so my ribs suffer the most. I’m 4’11 and each pregnancy I get massive. Hopefully your a little taller and it’s easier for you. Did you find out what your having yet?


      • I’ve been wearing maternity bras since about 16 weeks, with very thick padding. Even with the thick padding, I have the same issue!
        Also, the maternity bras have three hooks vertically, and about eight horizontally, removing the two narrow vs two wide issue you’re having with the extenders

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