21 Week Bumpdate

A day late again. I promise to get it together at some point. 

How far along? Today I’m 22 weeks but the update is for this past week.

Baby is the size of: carrot or pomagranate, depending on the app

Total weight gain: Had my appt yesterday and I’ve gained 6 pounds since my last appointment, which seems right – about a pound a week. This makes my total weight gain 9 lbs.


  • Calf and foot cramps! They’ve woken me up a few times. I’ve started stretching right before bed and it seems a bit better.
  • Achy lower back and ribcage
  • Feeling her move every day now. She’s most active in the mornings during my commute and when I come home in the evening and put my feet up
  • The heartburn. Oh, the heartburn.
  • Super tired at work. I’ve found myself doing the sleepy head nod a few times in front of my computer.

Food cravings: nothing in particular really. Just a lot of eating. I’m now consuming Breakfast 1, Breakfast 2, Lunch 1, Lunch 2, Pre-Dinner appetizers, Dinner, and a Late Night Snack. They’re all fairly small meals. I get queasy if I eat too much at once. But I’m pretty much eating something every couple of hours.

Things that make me queasy: drinking orange juice on an empty stomach. I made that mistake this week. Woke up so thirsty and chugged a glass of juice. Had to run to the restroom and throw up as soon as i got to work. So ready to go a few months without puking. The longest I’ve gone between pukings this pregnancy is about 3 weeks.

Maternity clothes: I’ve worn my maternity jeans a couple times and some maternity leggings (which I love!). I just need to find some long tunics to wear with the leggings. Still wearing my regular tops, though my button ups are getting a bit tight in the belly.

Sleep: Not that great. Find myself waking up about an hour before my alarm goes off and not being able to go back to sleep. I’ve tried going to bed earlier, but it still happens. 

Purchases for baby: nothing this week, though we’re heading to my sister-in-law’s this weekend to grab some of her hand me downs. We’ve been meaning to do this for the past 2 weeks.

Purchases for mama: nothing for me this week. Unless you count going to Ilea and buying a pantry for our kitchen?

Best moment this week: having S feel the baby move on a regular basis now. 

Miss anything: not really

Looking forward to: this might sound crazy, but I’m looking forward to unpacking this weekend. We’re gonna make a push to get a lot organized on Saturday and just hang out around the house in our pjs while doing it. 

The Bump: getting a bit bigger. At my appt, Dr. S said it was measuring on track and she even felt our Gummy Bear kick while she was measuring me. Definitely feel my thighs and booty getting bigger too.  


2 thoughts on “21 Week Bumpdate

  1. I was really hungry around weeks 20-24. Lots of second lunches and breakfasts. I find I now need a VERY substantial breakfast at 30 weeks. If I don’t eat something around 600 calories I’m chasing my hunger all day. But if I do, then I can eat normal meals the rest of the day. Funny how out bodies are all so specific!


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