Pink vs Blue

I realized I never actually  confirmed the sex of our baby with you guys. We’re having a GIRL!

We finally started a registry this weekend. My sister-in-law is planning our baby shower for us in mid-March, so we figured it was time to start combing through the stuff we have and writing down what we need. We did it all online and still need to go to the store to test carriers and I still need to add pumping supplies to the registry, but I feel like we got the bulk of our needs on the list now. 

We had a fuzzy plan for the nursery, but filling out the registry helped solidify it a bit. I noticed a pattern while we were picking out sheets and changing pad covers. Lots of sage green and navy blue, with bits of turquoise and yellow. Not very girly at all, but it’s what we were drawn to.

Speaking of being drawn to colors, I am hating how segregated boys and girls things are. Even at the infant stage! Quite a few items on our registry are labeled as the Boy Version. What the fuck? What makes a green pacifier a boy pacifier? Why do we have to look in the boys section to find cool leg warmers with rockets on them? Girls like rockets too!  I have nothing against pink items, but by labeling things like pacifiers, bibs and blankets as “boy versions” that somehow implies that buying them for a girl is incorrect. And don’t even get me started on the clothing! I’m already frustrated with children’s clothing and she’s not even born yet. Sheesh.  

Besides the overuse of Boy and Girl labels, filling out the registry was a lot of fun. Picking out an adorable robe and fuzzy hooded towels, cozy sleep sacks and, hell, even cute teething supplies, made us all giggly and lovey. This is really happening! And we have a room full of boxes and a registry to prove it! 

Coming up on the big 24 week viability milestone this Friday. I know we still have a ways to go until she arrives (hopefully) but really happy to know our little gummy bear is close to reaching that mark.


17 thoughts on “Pink vs Blue

  1. We have had the same problems. J, who is two weeks farther than you is a boy. We are having a hard time because I want to be able to provide him with ‘girl’ toys but they are so so very pink. I hate that there can’t be more stuff in the middle for both boys and girls to choose from.

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    • Me too. Just make them neutral and let kids play with whatever they want, damn it. Sorry you’re having issue with the ‘girl’ toys. They seem to think all girls want to be surrounded by pink, glitter, and animal prints. Blergh.


    • The boy/girl stuff is harder (I think) when you have a boy. it’s easy for boy stuff to be middle of the road but the girl stuff is SO girlie. We always said we wouldn’t get a boy child only “boy” stuff but the girl stuff is awful. Our son does have a doll (a boy doll) and a carrier to wear his doll. He has a few clothes from the “girl” section. Ultimately I think what it comes down to is not limiting their choices when they do have opinions.

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  2. I’ve been wondering what your going to have!! Welcome to the world of children’s items. We struggle with this with Shawn our five year old that likes doc mcstuffins and other things that people tell
    him he shouldn’t like because they are for girls only. It drives me MAD!! I have to break it down that doc mcstuffins is a strong, African American Doctor that Shawn looks up to. So if you want to label her as being ONLY a girl toy don’t do it in front of my son.

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  3. The gendering of kids stuff is crazy and I agree that it makes it harder for boys than girls to cross that commercialised gender gap. Our son (now 13, eek!) loved having his nails painted up until about age nine when other children started making comments. Made me very sad when he stopped because it felt like it wasn’t his own decision. And our daughter (now 10) decided to cut her hair short and has been called a boy half a dozen times regardless of her clothing, earrings, etc. Thankfully she does’t mind and actually thinks it’s funny. Kids should be allowed to just be themselves.

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  4. Oh, the gendering of kids’ stuff, it kills me. Basically if we dress our kid in anything but pink (and we often do), strangers think she’s a boy. Which doesn’t bother me that much – well, the assumption does, but not the misgendering – but people’s reactions to being corrected are pretty strong. If I say ‘she’ after they’ve said ‘he’, they get noticeably flustered, as if they’ve been deceived by us. I certainly didn’t expect that.
    It’s crazy that things like soothers are even gendered. I mean, I’m sure that people could navigate colour choices on their own without being specifically told which colours should correspond to their kid’s gender.

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  5. Yay congratulations on finding out the gender! I am SO excited for that myself… But have definitely learned from all the other bloggers out there that i better not reveal the gender to anyone if I don’t want to be inundated with pink or blue… I love the colours you are thinking of for your nursery. Beautiful!

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  6. Little girls are the best! Not that I’m biased or anything. 🙂 I feel you on the gendered baby items, too. It bugs me to no end. I actually watched a segment on the news yesterday morning about the gender tax and how items for women tend to be more expensive than the same item for men. It pissed me off–especially since I have a daughter. They were showing some toys where the boy version was cheaper than the “girl” version when the only difference was that one was pink plastic and one was blue plastic. Grrrr.

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