27 Week Bumpdate

I passed the glucose test! My sugar level came back at 74, and they were looking for anything below 139. I should really thank my mom for my ability to process sugar quickly. However, I am anemic, so I’m now on iron supplements.

How far along? 28 weeks, 0 days today

Baby is the size of:  a rutabaga, whatever that looks like

Total weight gain: no idea. I’m guessing maybe 15 lbs


  • So much sinus congestion. Allergies have been kicking my butt this week
  • Peeing more frequently
  • Achy lower back
  • Lots and lots of movement. This little girl is waking me up with her jabs in the middle of the night and entertaining me with her rolls during the day while I’m sitting at my desk
  • Still snissing (pissing a bit when I sneeze).
  • Oh and the other day I had a  coughing fit and it triggered my gag reflex and I barfed into my hand. Haven’t had that happen in a couple months now.

Food cravings: my appetite went down a bit this week. My allergies may have something to do with that. Still can’t consume enough fruit though. I go through blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and apples like there’s no tomorrow!

Things that make me queasy: not much these days. Coffee finally sounds good again and I’m drinking about a half a mug each morning.

Maternity Clothes: all maternity, all the time. Actually I have a couple of pre-pregnancy flowy shirts that still fit. I wore a regular t-shirt yesterday (with a cardigan over it) but it definitely was stretched a bit. Don’t want to fuck up my regular clothes, so I need to go buy some simple maternity tshirts and tanks.

Sleep: awful this past week, simply because of allergies. My Dr said I could only take Claritan or Zyrtec. Neither really do much for me, so I’d just use our Neti pot right before going to sleep, had the warm humidifier right next to my side of the bed, slathered Vaporub under my nose (sexy- needless to say my poor wife did not get any whoopie this week) , and I STILL couldn’t breathe through my nose. At all. 

Purchases for baby: None this week. Though we’ve gotten a couple of registry gifts in that my mom bought us. Super cute diaper bag that’s navy blue and orange and looks sporty. Some crib sheets, a changing pad cover, and a cute little head support cushion for the car seat. 

Purchases for mama: A much needed hair cut! My hair was getting way too long and I was sick of dealing with it. It’s now just above my shoulders with long layers. Would have loved to have cut it all off super short, but I figure now is not the time to have a haircut that requires a trim every 4-6 weeks. Also need to do something about my roots. I’m about 50% grey under my hair dye (started finding grey hair while still in my teens!) but I’ve been spacing out my root touch ups while pregnant. Our baby shower is in 2 weeks, so I should take care of those roots soon.

Best moment this week: passing the glucose test!

Miss anything: not much this week

Looking forward to: my sister arrives for a visit in a week and a half. My best friend who lives in NYC arrives in 2 weeks. Our shower is in 2 weeks! We’re hosting a very casual co-ed barbecue in our backyard. Lawn games, burgers, beer, pies. Can’t wait!!

The Bump: Belly button is officially sticking out a bit now.  

photo taken at 27w5d. pre-haircut


Flat orange soda

Just had my glucose screening test. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. Everyone told me it would taste like flat orange soda and they were right. I was a little worried, since even drinking orange juice on an empty stomach will make me nauseous and likely to barf. But there was no barfing. Slight wooziness, but not too bad. The most awkward part was drinking the glucose liquid. The lab employee said I had to drink it all in 5 min and then proceeded to just sit there and stare at me while I drank it. At first it tasted kind of nice (I have a weakness for soda) but by the end of the bottle, it was just sugary grossness.

Not sure when I’ll get the results, but I’m not too worried. While I do have a sweet tooth, I eat really healthy most of the time (Girl Scout cookies aside). And if my mom has never had blood sugar issues with her crazy sugar-laden diet, I’m hopeful I inherited those same genes!

26 Week Bumpdate

Skipped a week as it was pretty busy at work. I also planned a surprise trip to TX to visit my mom for her 70th birthday. It was lovely! So glad I did that. But flying is definitely starting to be uncomfortable.

I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is going by! It still feels like we just got pregnant and yet here we are at the end of the 2nd trimester. I’m trying to just enjoy it and stay in the moment. I think I’m gonna be one of those women who really miss being pregnant. 

How far along? 26 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: head of lettuce

Total weight gain: no idea. My next appt is Feb. 29th, so we’ll find out then


  • Having to pee more frequently. I’m surprised this didn’t start earlier especially with how thirsty I am all the time. I still don’t have to pee in the middle of the night, but I pee a tremendous amount first thing in the morning
  • Snissing – pissing when I sneeze. Just a smidgen, but still. Not fun. When I feel a sneeze coming on, I instinctively cross my legs now! Need to do some more kegels.
  • Still have awful heartburn. Still feel it come up into my throat some nights.
  • I feel like my walk is changing a bit. It’s not a waddle just yet, but a precursor to one.
  • Achy lower back. Trying to walk around during the day so I’m not sitting at my desk all day. 

Food cravings: Fruit, fruit, fruit. I have eaten a carton of blueberries in one sitting. This kid is marinating in blueberries and brussel sprouts these days. Also, I may have 4 boxes of Girl Scout c0okies in my pantry.

Things that make me queasy: still can’t handle burnt coffee smell. 

Maternity clothes: All pants are maternity. Still wearing a couple non maternity tops, but my t-shirts are starting to stretch, so I’ll pack those away soon. Can no longer zip up my jackets!

Sleep: ok. Still have sore hips and have to switch sides often.

Purchases for baby: during my trip to TX, my mom gave me baby clothes she’s been purchasing. There are some really cute ones! She also went on our registry and bought a bunch of stuff since she won’t be here in CA for the shower next month. 

Purchases for mama: nothing for me. Thankfully a coworker of mine with an 11 month old gave me a bunch of her maternity clothes. She’s the same size as me so they all fit! I’ll only have to get a few things to supplement them, which will save us a lot of money.

Best moment this week: Surprising my mom for her birthday! She was so excited and we had a great long weekend. She also got to feel the baby kick, which made me happy.

Miss anything? Margaritas. We’ve had some nice weather and it would have been nice to sit on a patio and sip one.

Looking forward to: putting the nursery together. We have a list of projects to complete these next couple weeks. We need to do it soon while I still have some energy.

The Bump: Please ignore my pjs 🙂 belly button is almost an outie. 

Late 24 Week Bumpdate

This week got away from me. 

First things first, any recommendations for books on birthing and breastfeeding? We would prefer to go the natural route, though we will be giving birth in a hospital. Our hospital seems pretty progressive, letting us labor as we choose and using midwives unless you’re deemed high risk. Having said that, I’m not so stubborn that I’m completely against an epidural. Who knows how I’ll feel in the moment. So I’m not interested in books that are too preachy and completely against pain meds usage.

Ok here we go. 

How far along: I’m now 25 weeks, 1 day

Baby is the size of: a cantaloupe!

Total weight gain: who knows, but I did notice a big jump this week in my size


  • A couple times this week I’ve woken up suddenly in the middle of the night with vomit/stomach acid making its way up my throat and into my mouth. Resulting in me chugging water to make my throat stop burning. Not fun. To calm my nerves I did read that the likelihood of choking to death on vomit is really really low. Unless you’re incredibly drunk like Jimmy Hendrix.
  • Calf cramps!
  • I had a slight scare in that Gummy Bear was super quiet and calm last weekend. I only felt her moving around a couple of times. I kept telling myself, it’s just a growth spurt- she’s sleeping a lot. By Sunday evening though, I was ready to call the doctor and go get an emergency ultrasound. As soon as I reached that point, I suddenly felt her moving again and she continued to kick, jab and roll around practically non stop for the next few days. She’s already playing mind games with me
  • Tingly numb patch on my upper left ribs. Either someone is pressing on a nerve or when my ribs expanded a nerve ending got dessimated in the process. I hope it goes away after birth. 

Food cravings: sugar and salt. Any kind of baked goods or anything really salty. 

Things that make me queasy: not much

Maternity clothes: I’m now wearing all maternity pants or leggings. Tops are a mix of maternity and regular. 

Sleep: ok. My hips always start to hurt after a while, so I have to switch sides often, which is annoying. 

Purchases for baby: nothing this week

Purchases for mama:  a new mattress! Our current one will be transferred to the guest room/ nursery. We were hoping to get a king sized bed, but our room just isn’t big enough for one, so a queen it is. It should be here in a couple weeks. Just need to get a new bed frame now.

Best moment this week: when Gummy Bear started moving again and let me know she was ok. She definitely feels bigger and stronger these days.

Miss anything? Hung out with some friends after work and felt slightly lame drinking a Sprite instead of a beer. 

Looking forward to doing some DIY projects around the house. Putting together the nursery. Here’s a Before photo of it with all our boxes of hand me downs. And yes, we’re using it as a place to hang dry clothes right now. Eventually it will look like a nursery/guest room. 

The Bump: I felt huge yesterday! I think it’s definitely grown even in the 3 days it’s been since I took the 24 week photo.