Flat orange soda

Just had my glucose screening test. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. Everyone told me it would taste like flat orange soda and they were right. I was a little worried, since even drinking orange juice on an empty stomach will make me nauseous and likely to barf. But there was no barfing. Slight wooziness, but not too bad. The most awkward part was drinking the glucose liquid. The lab employee said I had to drink it all in 5 min and then proceeded to just sit there and stare at me while I drank it. At first it tasted kind of nice (I have a weakness for soda) but by the end of the bottle, it was just sugary grossness.

Not sure when I’ll get the results, but I’m not too worried. While I do have a sweet tooth, I eat really healthy most of the time (Girl Scout cookies aside). And if my mom has never had blood sugar issues with her crazy sugar-laden diet, I’m hopeful I inherited those same genes!


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