32 Week Bumpdate

Starting to feel super emotional and mushy with S. I think it’s just the pressure to really cherish these last remaining weeks of it just being the two of us. I have a mental list of things I want us to do like go have a really fancy meal, go see a movie, enjoy a few leisurely paced brunches, sleep in as much as possible, etc. I’m so worried about our relationship changing when the baby arrives. I want to make sure we keep our “wife” identities and don’t just get completely swallowed up by our new “mom” identities.

How far along: 32 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: a pineapple

Total weight gain: As of this Monday at my appointment, 19 lbs total. I am very comfortable with my body and actually love watching it change through this process, however, there was a smidge of shock at seeing the number on the scale. Simply because I have never seen it before. But I’m happy with my weight gain. Not doing anything to impede it.


  • Rib pain. My acupuncturist told me when she delivered her daughter she felt immediate relief in her rib cage. Sounds lovely!
  • When I’m sitting, I can now feel the bottom of my belly resting on my upper thighs and the bottom of my boobs resting on the top of my belly. Weird feeling. Makes me feel like I’m all belly these days.
  • Restless leg syndrome. I’m self-diagnosing here, but that seems to be the issue at night. I wake up so many times every night with sore legs and the urge to move them around and reposition them.
  • Definitely waddling now. 
  • More grunting when standing up
  • Getting so tired in the evenings, but then have trouble falling asleep!
  • Crazy heartburn that makes me want to just double over. But bending over just makes it worse.

Food cravings: Gatorade. I’m always thirsty and water doesn’t seem to quench it these days.

Things that make me queasy: cant think of anything

Maternity clothes: Yep.

Sleep: Possible restless leg syndrome makes sleeping difficult. If I wake up at night or in the early morning, I find it very hard to fall back asleep. S had to get up super early for work one day, but then proceeded to snooze for almost an hour. I however, woke up on the first alarm and couldn’t go back  to sleep, even though I didn’t have to get up for another hour and a half. I threw a slightly hormonal cranky fit and told her she cannot snooze like that anymore if she has to get up early. 

Purchases for baby: We bought a new baby carrier that was on sale. Navy blue Ergobaby. And then tested it out with one of our cats, who was super pissy about it. 

Purchases for mama: nothing this week, unless you count my acupuncture session.

Best moment this week: It was so nice to return to acupuncture and just relax for an hour. She treated my back pain and my recurring nausea. I’m gonna try to go regularly now until labor.

Miss anything: sleeping on my back

Looking forward to: this weekend we have vowed to get the nursery organized. I’m determined to make this happen. My energy is rapidly going downhill, so it’s either now or never.

The Bump: I’m all belly these days. She seems to be positioned pretty high, hence my poor mistreated ribs. 

31 Week Bumpdate

We had our last childbirth prep class last night. We’re already planning a reunion in June with all the couples and newborns! I thoroughly enjoyed the class and feel much calmer about laboring. And also feel more strongly about laboring at home as much as possible before heading to the hospital. As progressive as our hospital is, it just doesn’t beat the comfort of our home. 

How far along? 31 weeks 6 days

Baby is the size of: a head of cabbage

Total weight gain: who knows. I have an appointment on Monday so we’ll find out then.


  • Awful heartburn. It actually took my breathe away a couple times this week. I’ve been trying to eat alkaline foods and keep my meals small to help. I hope the old wives tale is true and this means the kiddo will have a lot of hair:) 
  • The heartburn seems to have brought back some nausea and food aversions. The other day absolutely nothing sounded good except mashed potatoes. It felt exactly like the first trimester again! 
  • No room in my stomach. It takes me about an hour to eat a meal now. I’ll eat for a couple minutes, feel full, wait about 20 min, nibble on it some more, feel full, wait 20 min or so, etc. I’m just constantly grazing all day. 
  • No energy these days. I would love to nap at work, but we have no space to do that. I would have to nap on the floor of one of our huddle rooms. My hips hurt just thinking of sleeping on the floor.

Food cravings: The heartburn has actually made me crave bland foods. Pizza doesn’t sound good, tomato based pasta doesn’t sound good anymore. More aversions this week than cravings.

Things that make me queasy: When the heartburn is in full swing

Maternity clothes: oh yeah. Though I’m excited that the weather is warming up because I have the cutest little maxi dress that I haven’t really been able to wear yet. Hoping to wear it this weekend.

Sleep: lots of waking up in the middle of the night and finding it hard to go back to sleep. The other day one of my coworkers looked at me and said “you look really tired.” Yep. Starting to get some dark circles under my eyes.

Purchases for baby: a car seat!! The car seat my SIL gave us is expiring soon, so we bought a new one. We went with a convertible car seat, instead of an infant one. I realize this means we can’t keep her in the seat and carry her around in it, but we’re ok with that. We plan on buying an Ergo carrier with the gift cards we got at our shower, so we’re prepared to wear her a lot at first.

Purchases for mama: nothing this week, though I have booked an acupuncture session for tomorrow morning. Looking forward to relaxing for an hour and hopefully getting some relief from my achy joints, sore ribs, and burning esophagus. 

Best moment this week: we got a CD of some lullaby instrumentals at our shower and this week S put them on her iPod. We’ve been putting our headphones on my belly and playing them right before we go to bed most nights. Our Gummy Bear seems to move around a lot when we play them. I’m hoping that means she likes them and not that she hates them.

Miss anything: having energy

Looking forward to: this Saturday we’re hoping to go on a hike and take in some of the gorgeous weather we’re having right now

The Bump:  

30 weeks bumpdate

How far along? 30 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: a large cabbage 

Total weight gain: 15+ lbs


  • Heartburn is raging out of control. I emailed Dr S to make sure it was ok that I was taking the maximum amount of Tums every.single.day. I was told that was safe but I should switch to Zantac, which is more effective. 
  • Some light headedness. Might be because I’ve had a super busy week and didn’t eat as much as usual. And definitely didn’t drink as much water as I usually do
  • I get full so quickly! I’ll be starving but after a few bites, I feel like my food is already backed up into my throat. And then I’m hungry a half hour later. Baby girl is definitely crowding my stomach
  • Sore ribs. I sound like a broken record. This kid is sitting pretty high and my ribs seem to be bearing the brunt of that. 
  • Tiredness. I can practically feel all that energy I gained in the 2nd trimester slowly seeping out of me. I’m walking more slowly, working more slowly.
  • The last 2 hours of the work day, I have to move away from my desk and go work on the couch near our office kitchen with my feet propped up. I just can’t handle sitting in a chair all day anymore. No swelling or anything yet. Just general  achiness.

Food cravings: veggie hot dogs loaded with mustard. Weird, I know. But I had one at our shower barbecue and I’ve been wanting them ever since

Things that make me queasy: can’t think of anything this week

Maternity clothes: all maternity, all the time

Sleep: same. Lots of sore hips and switching sides. I need to find a better solution for cushioning my hips while I sleep

Purchases for baby: Lots of baby shower gifts!! So many cute outfits and some much needed items like diapers, wipes, lotion etc.

Purchases for mama: none for me this week

Best moment this week: I can’t pick out just one moment. We had my sister, her best friend who I’ve known most of my life, and my best friend staying with us. Even though it was raining most of the time, it was such a great week! We had all our friends and loved ones in our home for the barbecue on Saturday. We got to celebrate this kiddo, eat some good food, and laugh A LOT. The house is way too quiet now. 

Miss anything: margaritas. Again. Something about sunshine and spring makes me want to just sit on a patio and sip a frozen margarita.

Looking forward to: After our busy week, we are doing absolutely nothing this weekend. We plan on sleeping as much as possible, staying in our pjs, and just reveling in laziness. We both almost fell asleep in our child birth class last night. Time to relax and recuperate. 

The Bump: the St. Patrick’s Day edition



29 week bumpdate

My sister arrives tonight!! Ok, now back to the Bumpdate.

How far along: 29 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: an eggplant

Total weight gain: a little over 15 lbs at this point


  • Less weepy this week, thank goodness
  • Still have some anxiety, but it’s mostly work related and less about the house and our shower on Saturday
  • I’m waking up before my alarm goes off, which is really annoying
  • A little out of breath now if I take stairs or walk up a hill
  • This kiddo has the hiccups a lot! You can see my belly lurch with each one
  • I can feel my walk slowing down a bit.
  • I wonder if my ribs are stretching more these days because my left rib is killing me once again. I find it hard to sleep on my left side because of it

Food cravings: still thirsty all the time. Still downing fruit like there’s no tomorrow. Confession: I’ve been vegetarian for 15 years and I have found myself craving and EATING meat recently. Turkey, some chicken, and bacon. No beef – zero desire for that. But this eating of meat definitely comes with some guilt. 

Things that make me queasy: i can’t think of anything

Maternity clothes: yep. 

Sleep: same ol’ same ol’. Achy hips, lots of turning

Purchases for baby: none but with the shower this weekend, we expect to see some cute baby items.

Purchases for mama: none this week.

Best moment this week: our childbirth class last night. We had to do a “pain challenge.” The teacher froze water balloons and had us hold one for 90 seconds (the longest a contraction is ever expected to last- and she said even that length is rare). And our partners had to use some of the techniques we’ve learned to help distract us and get us through it. S was so great! She massaged my shoulders in time with my breath and was so comforting. I know those 90 seconds are nothing compared to the hours of labor we’ll go through, but it gave me some confidence about the process.

Miss anything: wearing my regular clothes. Obviously my maternity wardrobe is more limited, so some days I look in my closet and sigh “ok. I guess I’ll wear you. Again.” And then gaze longingly at my cute, varied, normal wardrobe. Might still buy a couple more maternity items, but also feel weird about that when we only have about 2 months left and still have things to get for the baby. Although, let’s be real, I’ll be wearing maternity clothes all summer as well!

Looking forward to: our shower! Even though it’s supposed to rain all day. My SIL is loaning us some pop up canopies to place over the grill and a few tables. And the house will just be a little more crowded than we first thought. No big deal.

The Bump: little comparison photo. The difference in the last 7 weeks feels more dramatic than it looks. She’s super high right now and has rounded out a lot since 22 weeks.  

28 week bumpdate

How far along? Today I am 29 weeks, 0 days

Baby is the size of: this past week the baby was the size of an eggplant

Total weight gain: as of my Monday morning appt, 15 lbs total. Almost all in the bump, though I’m now noticing it spread to my hips, thighs, and butt. Luckily, S likes curvy hips and butts so she’s very happy about this development 🙂


  • Weepiness. OMG. S and I got into an argument this week and I cried. I cried the next day just thinking about it. And I wasn’t just crying because I was pissed. I was crying because she was upset and I found the thought of her being sad so heartbreaking, I would tear up at the thought of it. My cat unexpectedly bit me and I started crying. S bandaged me up and was being so sweet I started crying again. S mentioned that we only had about 11 weeks left of it being just the two of us and, you guessed it, I started crying. I hope this goes away soon. I’m annoying myself with all this weeping.
  • Anxiety. Feeling the pressure to get stuff down around the house before our shower next weekend. Feeling the pressure to get everything in order for my maternity leave. My organization is reviewing our maternity leave policy (there are 4 of us at work that are either pregnant or just had a baby in the last month). Right now it’s unpaid (except for California’s temporary disability pay- for 6 weeks.) We’re hoping that they change it to paid, or at least partially paid, leave, but I’m trying to prepare our budget in case we have to deal with me not having a salary for 12 weeks. I’m anxious about finding a daycare or nanny share – a lot of them seem to have 9 month waiting lists! 
  • Oh yeah and achy back, heartburn, yada yada yada. The typical physical symptoms. But man, it’s the psychological symptoms that are killing me this week.

Food cravings: unquenchable thirst. Weird craving for Asian food for breakfast. Twice I’ve passed a deli near work that opens their lunch buffet early and ended walking into the office with a container of veggie dumplings, chow mein, fried shrimp, fried rice, spicy tofu, etc. And eating it all immediately. At 9am.

Things that make me queasy: nothing really. Coughing fits, I guess. This might be TMI, but I’ve become really good at swallowing vomit that creeps into my mouth during a coughing fit. And it doesn’t even phase me anymore.

Maternity clothes: all the damn time!

Sleep: I’m waking up a lot. Not uncomfortable or anything. Just waking up and finding it hard to fall back asleep. I’m sure the increased anxiety isn’t helping. 

Purchases for baby: we received more boxes of stuff from my sister in law. Her Medela Pump in Style (just need to get new flanges and tubing). Some bouncy chairs, a high chair, a bag full of baby shoes. The nursery really needs to get sorted this weekend. I feel like we have way too much stuff and the clutter is not helping my anxiety.

Purchases for mama: our new mattress arrived! It’s glorious and now our guest room/nursery had our old bed in it for our guests.

Best moment this week: we had our first birthing class. It was so nice to be around other pregnant ladies. We were the only lesbian couple, but I like that the teacher kept referring to the “birth partner” and “spouse” rather than just saying Dad or Husband. One of the women has the same due date as me! – though she’s giving birth in a different hospital. And we hit it off with another couple who’s due a month before us.

Miss anything: Being able to bend over without grunting.

Looking forward to: my sister arrives next week!! Looking forward to eating lots of good food with her and her getting to meet our Gummy Bear by feeling all her kicks and jabs.

The Bump: A little concerned about how much bigger this thing will be in 11 weeks. My walk is definitely already morphing into a waddle.