28 week bumpdate

How far along? Today I am 29 weeks, 0 days

Baby is the size of: this past week the baby was the size of an eggplant

Total weight gain: as of my Monday morning appt, 15 lbs total. Almost all in the bump, though I’m now noticing it spread to my hips, thighs, and butt. Luckily, S likes curvy hips and butts so she’s very happy about this development 🙂


  • Weepiness. OMG. S and I got into an argument this week and I cried. I cried the next day just thinking about it. And I wasn’t just crying because I was pissed. I was crying because she was upset and I found the thought of her being sad so heartbreaking, I would tear up at the thought of it. My cat unexpectedly bit me and I started crying. S bandaged me up and was being so sweet I started crying again. S mentioned that we only had about 11 weeks left of it being just the two of us and, you guessed it, I started crying. I hope this goes away soon. I’m annoying myself with all this weeping.
  • Anxiety. Feeling the pressure to get stuff down around the house before our shower next weekend. Feeling the pressure to get everything in order for my maternity leave. My organization is reviewing our maternity leave policy (there are 4 of us at work that are either pregnant or just had a baby in the last month). Right now it’s unpaid (except for California’s temporary disability pay- for 6 weeks.) We’re hoping that they change it to paid, or at least partially paid, leave, but I’m trying to prepare our budget in case we have to deal with me not having a salary for 12 weeks. I’m anxious about finding a daycare or nanny share – a lot of them seem to have 9 month waiting lists! 
  • Oh yeah and achy back, heartburn, yada yada yada. The typical physical symptoms. But man, it’s the psychological symptoms that are killing me this week.

Food cravings: unquenchable thirst. Weird craving for Asian food for breakfast. Twice I’ve passed a deli near work that opens their lunch buffet early and ended walking into the office with a container of veggie dumplings, chow mein, fried shrimp, fried rice, spicy tofu, etc. And eating it all immediately. At 9am.

Things that make me queasy: nothing really. Coughing fits, I guess. This might be TMI, but I’ve become really good at swallowing vomit that creeps into my mouth during a coughing fit. And it doesn’t even phase me anymore.

Maternity clothes: all the damn time!

Sleep: I’m waking up a lot. Not uncomfortable or anything. Just waking up and finding it hard to fall back asleep. I’m sure the increased anxiety isn’t helping. 

Purchases for baby: we received more boxes of stuff from my sister in law. Her Medela Pump in Style (just need to get new flanges and tubing). Some bouncy chairs, a high chair, a bag full of baby shoes. The nursery really needs to get sorted this weekend. I feel like we have way too much stuff and the clutter is not helping my anxiety.

Purchases for mama: our new mattress arrived! It’s glorious and now our guest room/nursery had our old bed in it for our guests.

Best moment this week: we had our first birthing class. It was so nice to be around other pregnant ladies. We were the only lesbian couple, but I like that the teacher kept referring to the “birth partner” and “spouse” rather than just saying Dad or Husband. One of the women has the same due date as me! – though she’s giving birth in a different hospital. And we hit it off with another couple who’s due a month before us.

Miss anything: Being able to bend over without grunting.

Looking forward to: my sister arrives next week!! Looking forward to eating lots of good food with her and her getting to meet our Gummy Bear by feeling all her kicks and jabs.

The Bump: A little concerned about how much bigger this thing will be in 11 weeks. My walk is definitely already morphing into a waddle.   


7 thoughts on “28 week bumpdate

  1. I would HIGHLY recommend looking into getting a new pump. A pump like the Medela pump in style is really only built to last about a year, and your insurance should pay for a brand new one. The motor in these pumps can give out after regular use, and that’s the last thing you need!

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