29 week bumpdate

My sister arrives tonight!! Ok, now back to the Bumpdate.

How far along: 29 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: an eggplant

Total weight gain: a little over 15 lbs at this point


  • Less weepy this week, thank goodness
  • Still have some anxiety, but it’s mostly work related and less about the house and our shower on Saturday
  • I’m waking up before my alarm goes off, which is really annoying
  • A little out of breath now if I take stairs or walk up a hill
  • This kiddo has the hiccups a lot! You can see my belly lurch with each one
  • I can feel my walk slowing down a bit.
  • I wonder if my ribs are stretching more these days because my left rib is killing me once again. I find it hard to sleep on my left side because of it

Food cravings: still thirsty all the time. Still downing fruit like there’s no tomorrow. Confession: I’ve been vegetarian for 15 years and I have found myself craving and EATING meat recently. Turkey, some chicken, and bacon. No beef – zero desire for that. But this eating of meat definitely comes with some guilt. 

Things that make me queasy: i can’t think of anything

Maternity clothes: yep. 

Sleep: same ol’ same ol’. Achy hips, lots of turning

Purchases for baby: none but with the shower this weekend, we expect to see some cute baby items.

Purchases for mama: none this week.

Best moment this week: our childbirth class last night. We had to do a “pain challenge.” The teacher froze water balloons and had us hold one for 90 seconds (the longest a contraction is ever expected to last- and she said even that length is rare). And our partners had to use some of the techniques we’ve learned to help distract us and get us through it. S was so great! She massaged my shoulders in time with my breath and was so comforting. I know those 90 seconds are nothing compared to the hours of labor we’ll go through, but it gave me some confidence about the process.

Miss anything: wearing my regular clothes. Obviously my maternity wardrobe is more limited, so some days I look in my closet and sigh “ok. I guess I’ll wear you. Again.” And then gaze longingly at my cute, varied, normal wardrobe. Might still buy a couple more maternity items, but also feel weird about that when we only have about 2 months left and still have things to get for the baby. Although, let’s be real, I’ll be wearing maternity clothes all summer as well!

Looking forward to: our shower! Even though it’s supposed to rain all day. My SIL is loaning us some pop up canopies to place over the grill and a few tables. And the house will just be a little more crowded than we first thought. No big deal.

The Bump: little comparison photo. The difference in the last 7 weeks feels more dramatic than it looks. She’s super high right now and has rounded out a lot since 22 weeks.  


3 thoughts on “29 week bumpdate

  1. The childbirth class sounded great! I can’t wait to take my hypnobirthing class – I think they will do the pain challenge too.


  2. So glad I got to come and see the growing baby bump! You look fabulous! Great baby shower even with the rain. Congrats to you two and can’t wait to meet the baby!

    Liked by 1 person

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