31 Week Bumpdate

We had our last childbirth prep class last night. We’re already planning a reunion in June with all the couples and newborns! I thoroughly enjoyed the class and feel much calmer about laboring. And also feel more strongly about laboring at home as much as possible before heading to the hospital. As progressive as our hospital is, it just doesn’t beat the comfort of our home. 

How far along? 31 weeks 6 days

Baby is the size of: a head of cabbage

Total weight gain: who knows. I have an appointment on Monday so we’ll find out then.


  • Awful heartburn. It actually took my breathe away a couple times this week. I’ve been trying to eat alkaline foods and keep my meals small to help. I hope the old wives tale is true and this means the kiddo will have a lot of hair:) 
  • The heartburn seems to have brought back some nausea and food aversions. The other day absolutely nothing sounded good except mashed potatoes. It felt exactly like the first trimester again! 
  • No room in my stomach. It takes me about an hour to eat a meal now. I’ll eat for a couple minutes, feel full, wait about 20 min, nibble on it some more, feel full, wait 20 min or so, etc. I’m just constantly grazing all day. 
  • No energy these days. I would love to nap at work, but we have no space to do that. I would have to nap on the floor of one of our huddle rooms. My hips hurt just thinking of sleeping on the floor.

Food cravings: The heartburn has actually made me crave bland foods. Pizza doesn’t sound good, tomato based pasta doesn’t sound good anymore. More aversions this week than cravings.

Things that make me queasy: When the heartburn is in full swing

Maternity clothes: oh yeah. Though I’m excited that the weather is warming up because I have the cutest little maxi dress that I haven’t really been able to wear yet. Hoping to wear it this weekend.

Sleep: lots of waking up in the middle of the night and finding it hard to go back to sleep. The other day one of my coworkers looked at me and said “you look really tired.” Yep. Starting to get some dark circles under my eyes.

Purchases for baby: a car seat!! The car seat my SIL gave us is expiring soon, so we bought a new one. We went with a convertible car seat, instead of an infant one. I realize this means we can’t keep her in the seat and carry her around in it, but we’re ok with that. We plan on buying an Ergo carrier with the gift cards we got at our shower, so we’re prepared to wear her a lot at first.

Purchases for mama: nothing this week, though I have booked an acupuncture session for tomorrow morning. Looking forward to relaxing for an hour and hopefully getting some relief from my achy joints, sore ribs, and burning esophagus. 

Best moment this week: we got a CD of some lullaby instrumentals at our shower and this week S put them on her iPod. We’ve been putting our headphones on my belly and playing them right before we go to bed most nights. Our Gummy Bear seems to move around a lot when we play them. I’m hoping that means she likes them and not that she hates them.

Miss anything: having energy

Looking forward to: this Saturday we’re hoping to go on a hike and take in some of the gorgeous weather we’re having right now

The Bump:  


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