Crying over a crib

We put together two cribs on Saturday.

I was determined to get the nursery organized this weekend. At least the big pieces. The nursery/guest room has been a storage closet for the last few months and I knew we needed to sort it out soon before all my energy and motivation left me. 

We woke up Saturday morning and wanted to tackle the crib first. We had been given a white crib that had been used by the babies in S’s family for the past 6 years or so. It has yellowed with age, so we planned to freshen it up with a nice coat of white paint. S was worried about the crib’s age and if it was sturdy enough, so she suggested we put it together, make sure we had all the hardware and it was sturdy and then paint it. It went together easily….until we got to the part that holds the mattress. We realized we were missing some major hardware components. My SIL last had the crib, but her two daughters never slept in it because they did cosleeping for years. And they moved houses twice this past year, so I knew the odds of finding the hardware pieces at her house were very slim. I called customer service for the crib brand, realized this crib had been discontinued and they likely didn’t have replacement parts for it. Soph left the nursery to go get her laptop and look up a certain company that specializes in hardware for discontinued cribs.

Once she left the room, I sort of lost it. I had so been hoping to get the crib completely put together and start organizing the baby’s room this weekend. 

My supervisor reminded me last week that she was put on strict bed rest at 34 weeks. She mentioned this because I’ve been dragging my feet in regards to completing my maternity leave to-do list. I’ve been meeting with those who will carry the load of my work while I’m gone this summer, but haven’t written out the specific plan for each colleague yet. My supervisor was just trying to light a fire under my ass by reminding me that anything can happen at any point from here on out. And it worked. I’ve been stressed about completing my work load ever since.  Not to mention that I have two big events to manage before my due date. Things are hectic at work to say the least. 

A lovely fellow blogger recently had her beautiful baby girl at 35 1/2 weeks, which is just 2 weeks from where I’m at. 

So yeah, on Saturday I was feeling the anxiety of “holy shit, I could have this baby at any point now or be put on bed rest. Shit needs to get organized, stat.”

After fetching her laptop, S walked back into the nursery to find me sitting on the floor next to the crib, crying. In a testament to her incredibly sweet nature, she immediately put down her laptop and said “Let’s go buy a new crib right now.” So we gathered up some Babies R Us gift cards we’ve received and trekked to the store to buy a new crib and some storage cubbies for the nursery closet. 

We put the new crib together (and took apart the hand-me-down crib and stored it in the basement) and did a massive laundry marathon, so now all of the Newborn-3 month clothing is washed, folded and stored away in the dresser. We’ve started organizing the rolling diaper caddy that sits next to the dresser and we have fresh sheets for the crib and bassinet all washed and ready to go. 

What’s left on our Nursery To Do list:

  • Organize all the bigger clothes (6months+) we’ve received into the appropriate storage bins.
  • Cover the cushions for the hand-me-down rocker we received. Right now it has pale pink cushions, not at all part of the color scheme we want, so they’ll all be covered in a blue/ turquoise / green fabric we bought a couple weeks ago. 
  • Hang the two mobiles we have ( a big solar system one for over the crib and a smaller one with wooden fish over the changing table)
  • Hang up two shelves above the guest bed for books. We bought white rain gutters to use for this, so the front of the books face outward.
  • Hang up some artwork on the walls. We have a couple nice pieces, plus some cute wooden letters that spell out our Gummy Bear’s name. 
  • Organize the closet. Right now we have all the muslin swaddle blankets  and receiving blankets washed, folded and stored in the closet cubbies, along with the sheets and changing table covers, but still need to organize the towels, toys and where to place the bins holding the bigger clothes. 

So we still have a lot to do, but the big pieces are in place. And we can slowly peck away at the other items in the coming weeks. 

I felt a tad irrational on Saturday, making such a big deal about the crib. I mean, the kid isn’t even going to sleep in it until she’s like 6 months old. We’ve had the bassinet ready to go for weeks! But something about having all the major pieces of the room in place just eases my mind considerably. 


3 thoughts on “Crying over a crib

  1. I totally understand your feeling of urgency to get the nursery ready. Sure, you might not need the crib for a while when baby is born, but it makes perfect sense to me that you would want to put it together before you become totally consumed by caring for baby! It must feel so good to have that big job done. And to have all the clothes you’ll need for the first 3 months ready! Sounds like you’re in really good shape now!

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  2. I totally get it. So many huge things are happening and you’re dealing with them but the little things can break you. You guys did exactly the right thing, stepped away from the problem, got some perspective and did something else. That approach will serve you well. You’re going to be great parents!

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  3. I always try to give myself a little credit for being able to realize when I’m being (or was) irrational, haha. It makes me feel better to know that even though the hormonal swings cause me to think and feel bizarre things, I can recognize it when it happens. Don’t sweat the crib cry – you’ll be able to laugh at it in the future. The nursery sounds cute!!

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