33 week bumpdate

A few days late with this. I have a big event on Monday, so I’ve been working late and passing out early this past week.

How far along? I’m very late with this Bumpdate, so today I’m actually 34weeks, 1 day.

Baby is the size of: Durian fruit. Oddly, I know exactly how big those are. Saw them everywhere when we were in Vietnam last year

Total weight gain: 19+ lbs. I have another week and a half until my next OB appt


  • I feel huge these days. Not sure if she went through a growth spurt of what, but my belly is taking on an identity of its own
  • Her movements have changed. There’s less jabbing and kicking and more rolling and twisting. She seems to more cramped in there now. Not sure if this is accurate, but her movements feel more interior. I can feel her pushing inward toward my intestines and other organs, rather than kicking out toward my belly button. Does that make sense?
  • Awful cramp calves in the middle of the night
  • Heartburn, of course
  • I think I’ve felt a couple Braxton Hicks? It felt like a cramp, but it wasn’t restricted to one side, like round ligament pain. It was super low and covered the whole bottom of the uterus. And both times, it stopped me in my tracks for a few seconds. Is that what they feel like?
  • Tired every evening. It almost feels like the first trimester. I come home and just want to take a nap

Food cravings: cereal. I’ve had a bowl almost every night around 10:30 or 11. A few times I had already been dozing off but then woke up and immediately needed to eat some. Weird. 

Things that make me queasy: if my heartburn gets too bad, I feel nauseous 

Maternity clothes: oh yes. Nothing but maternity. Even a couple of my maternity tops are barely long enough now. They just barely cover the stretchy panel on my maternity jeans.

Sleep: still waking up a lot at night. Not in pain, but just oddly wide awake a few times a night. I’m assuming this will remain so from here on out

Purchases for baby: a crib. If you read my last post, you know I freaked out about prepping the nursery last weekend. But I’m so glad we went and got a new one. 

Purchases for mama: nothing this week.

Best moment this week: we did a lot of laundry last weekend, washing all the newborn-3 month clothing. And spent a lot of hours oohing and awwing over the cuteness of them. We’re now washing all the older stuff we’ve received and storing them in bins under the guest bed. This kid is set on clothes for awhile. 

Miss anything: my energy. Oh how I miss having energy in the evenings

Looking forward to: completing this event on Monday. Then I only have one more event until my maternity leave. And I’ll be letting my replacement take on more responsibilities for that event in the coming weeks. Oh and I start working from home two days a week starting the week of April 18th. Can’t wait for that!

The Bump: this was taken right after a shower. Hence the dark circles under my eyes (the result of not sleeping well these days) and wet hair



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