34 week bumpdate

You know you’re pretty far along when you have to stop and think about which week you’re on for a few minutes.

How far along? 34 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: a butternut squash

Total weight gain: 19lbs +. I have my next OB appt on Tuesday, so we’ll see where I’m at then.


  • Lower back pain. I can feel my spine curving in response to all the weight up front now. I try to correct it, but once I stop thinking about it, it just naturally goes back to curving.
  • I’ve had a few lightening bolt type sensations in the hoo-ha region. Does this just mean she’s pressing on a nerve? She still feels pretty high up, so I don’t think she’s engaged in my pelvis yet
  • Insomnia! So tired of waking up numerous times a night. 
  • Lots of exhaustion all afternoon and evening.

Food cravings: Not really craving anything. Still eating the hell out of fruit and cereal though.

Things that make me queasy: lettuce has been a food aversion for most of this pregnancy. I once loved salad! And for a couple months in the middle of this pregnancy, I loved it again. But now, not so much. If I do eat it, it had to be super crisp and cold. If it’s warm or limp, it makes me gag. I keep trying to eat it, but can’t get past a few bites of it. Which makes me sad. I’ve read that you can help  shape your kid’s future eating habits in the third trimester, since they can taste what you’re eating. So I’m trying to eat lots of veggies. I just need to stop trying to make lettuce happen. 

Maternity clothes: all day every day. Didn’t think it was possible to outgrow maternity tops, but that is happening! A few of them just do not cover the stretchy panel on my pants anymore. And my long tank tops are no longer long enough. Might have to bite the bullet and buy some extra long tanks to wear under my shirts these last few weeks. At least I can keep wearing them this summer. 

Sleep: not good. Waking up a few times every night and just lying there wide awake. Makes me cranky in the mornings and super sleepy at work. Also have become a light sleeper, which is odd. 

Purchases for baby: nothing this week

Purchases mama: nothing this week

Best moment this week: I found out this week that our maternity leave policy at work was revised! There are 4 of us in the office who are either pregnant or have had a baby in the last couple months. Previously, our maternity leave was just the federal governments’s FMLA- 12 weeks off but unpaid. California pays parents 55% of your wages for 6 weeks, but we were still looking at 6 weeks of zero pay for me, which would have been hard for us. So two of us preggos approached our COO and asked if the organization could review the maternity leave policy. And they have! It’s not official yet, the board has to do the final vote on it in May, but it looks like we’ll get 100% of our wages for all 12 weeks!!! Huge load off my mind. 

Miss anything? Cocktails

Looking forward to: I just have one more week of commuting to the office 4 days a week (I work from home on Fridays). Starting the week of April 25th, I’ll work from home 2 days a week! Can’t wait for that. 

We’re also trying to plan a very late Babymoon. We’re looking at cute little AirBnB cabins for early May – 2 weeks before the due date. Hopefully this kiddo stays put until after that. We’re sticking close by – looking at places within a two hour drive. We basically just want to curl up in the woods for a weekend and relax and take pretty walks. 

The Bump: I had someone ask me this week, “you’re bump is so big. Are you due any day now?” She was shocked when I told her I still had a little over 5 weeks to go! Do I look tired in this picture? It’s because I am. I really would love a full nights sleep right about now. 


5 thoughts on “34 week bumpdate

  1. I remember reading that the poor quality sleep in the last trimester is nature preparing you for the first few months with baby. Sounds like you’ll be well prepared! Good luck with the babymoon. That sounds like a great idea.

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