35 week bumpdate

Can’t believe tomorrow we’ll be 4 weeks away from our due date! Crazy. Things are still hectic at work with a big event in 3 weeks, but I’m kinda checked out at the moment so I’m not feeling the stress. 

I realized yesterday that since April 20th has passed, when people ask when I’m due, I can just say “the 20th.” So weird. 

How far along: 35weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: a honeydew melon

Total weight gain: according to my appt on Tuesday, I’ve gained a total of 22 lbs. seems about right.


  • Insomnia is still wreaking havoc on my sleep
  • Definitely waddling now
  • Finding it hard to concentrate on projects
  • Her movements have become a bit smaller and more subtle. Unless I’m in a meeting at work and then suddenly she’s moving all over the place and it’s kind of painful. She must hate meetings 🙂

Food cravings: nothing that I can think of. My appetite has cooled a bit this week. Having said that, I just realized in the last week I have gone through a box of fudge pops and half a box of ice cream sandwiches. I stand corrected. 

Things that make me queasy: drinking juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This has happened to me repeatedly, yet I keep doing it! What’s wrong with me??

Maternity clothes: all day, every day. 

Sleep: not much. I’m awake for awhile in the middle of the night every single night. I refuse to look at the clock though, so I have no idea how long I’m awake

Purchases for baby: nothing this week

Purchases for mama: a birthing ball! The couch was becoming really uncomfortable, so it’s nice now to alternate between the ball and the couch when I’m home. It feels so much better on my hips. And getting to rock a bit or move my hips around while sitting helps tremendously.

Best moment this week: S came with me to my OB appt and we had no idea we’d get to see our Gummy Bear in an ultrasound, but we did! It was super fast, my doctor was clearly just checking on a few specific things, but she pointed out certain body parts and we got to hear the heartbeat. Baby is head down and looking good. My amniotic fluid levels look great. Apparently she’s a “squirmer” and was moving around a lot. We saw her head (though the doctor said, “it looks bigger here than it will be in real life, don’t worry!”). Ha! Big heads run in my family, so that comment makes me think this kiddo is just following in our footsteps. We also saw her tiny ribcage and her cute little legs. So sweet, but she definitely looks a bit squished in there now. We hadn’t seen her since the 20 week anatomy scan!

Miss anything? My energy. Getting a full nights sleep. 

Looking forward to: this weekend I’m gonna start making some freezer meals- enchiladas and some baked ziti to start. And maybe some breakfast burritos for easy breakfasts once the little one arrives. I also plan on making padcicles. For those unfamiliar, these are for postpartum recovery. Maxi pads with witch hazel and aloe vera spread on them and then frozen. Is it weird that I’m looking forward to cooking meals and freezing pads this weekend?

The Bump: got to enjoy some gorgeous weather earlier this week and break out some summer clothes. And actually wear sandals! Though today we’re back to the more typical overcast, slightly chilly Bay Area weather.  


9 thoughts on “35 week bumpdate

  1. Breakfast burritos were a lifesaver for me when I was on maternity leave. That’s a really good freezer thing to have. Most people only think about dinners, but having something portable with a good amount of protein in it really helped me in the mornings or at lunch time. I could eat a breakfast burrito with one hand while the baby was nursing!

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      • We did frozen turkey spinach meatballs and they were great because they freeze so well and you can use them a number of ways. (Really good with spaghetti squash and spaghetti sauce.) I also made baked beans and refried beans in small containers so that we’d have something to go with whatever protein we had handy. My SIL made us little calzones that were fantastic for one handed lunches!

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  2. Would love to hear your padsicle recipe – how much liquid do you add so it is effective but doesn’t soak through your pants when it melts?


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