Turbo Nesting

Definitely feeling the nesting instinct kick in. I work from home on Fridays and I decided this last Friday afternoon that the floor of the entire house needed to be swept and mopped. Then Saturday morning, I went to the grocery store and bought all the fixings for making some freezer meals. We had a fun morning of cooking and rolling breakfast burritos. 

Then we got the big solar system mobile up and over the crib, the bookshelves up on the wall, and the smaller mobile up and over the changing table. 

But did we stop there? Nope. Today S has spent all day sanding and painting a small nightstand we’re putting in the nursery. We had a larger one in there earlier, but it just took up too much real estate in that tiny room. I finally finished reupholstering the cushions on our second-hand rocker. It took me forever though! It’s amazing how tired I became just sitting at a sewing machine. I thought it’d be an easy day of sitting and sewing, but I kept having to stop and go lie down for a few minutes.

Oh yeah, S is also organizing our basement – which is kind of a mess. I still consider that nesting behavior. I understand her need to get it organized before the kiddo arrives, even though it’ll be a very long time before the baby is ever in the basement – it’s unfinished and is just used for laundry and storage right now. But if it doesn’t get done now, it’ll be a long time before we get around to cleaning it up. 

I’ve reached that point where just the thought of running errands exhausts me. Doing stuff around the house? No problem. I am free to stop and relax whenever I need to. But going to stores? Ha! We talked about stocking up on toilet paper and such this week and my new go-to line is “Let’s have it delivered.” We’re lucky to live in an area where we can have pretty much anything we need delivered to us, so why not? 

As we countdown the last month of pregnancy, I can feel myself slowing turning more inward. We had a really fun and social spring, but now I just want to curl up at home and cook or sew or read. Or just snuggle. A part of me feels like we should be cramming in as much time with our friends as we can while it’s just the two of us. But a larger part of me just wants quiet evenings, a slow pace, and plenty of time for introspection. I kinda feel like cocooning us away from the rest of the world whenever we’re not at work.  How did you guys balance this? 

I will eventually take photos of the nursery when it’s complete, but for now I’ll leave you with a photo of the amazing solar system mobile some friends got us. 

All the planets happened to be lined up in this picture, but each layer is slowly and  constantly rotating in different directions. It’s kind of hypnotizing.


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