36 week bumpdate

Found out this week that I am negative for Group B Strep! I was relieved. Mostly because the thought of having to take antibiotics during labor was stressing me out. I’m fascinated with our microbiomes – the bacteria that colonize our bodies. We’re more bug than human – for every 1 human cell in our body, there are 100 bacterial cells. These guys are what allow us to have a healthy immune system, digest food properly and they have a major impact on our overall health. Babies are pretty much in a sterile environment in the womb, but they get their “starter kit” of microbes from mom when they squeeze through the birth canal, including the microbes that help them digest their first meal of breast milk. 

While I’m fairly laid back about this whole pregnancy/birth process, I am pretty adamant about making sure this kiddo gets a good microbial start to life. It’s even in my birth plan that if I have to have a c-section, I want my vaginal secretions rubbed over the baby’s skin immediately after birth. Weird? Gross? I don’t care. Which is why the thought of taking antibiotics during labor and potentially wiping out a lot of the good bacteria was stressing me out.

 Obviously, if I had tested positive for Group B, I would have taken the antibiotics. I’m also not a doctor, so please don’t take this as medical advice of any kind. Just my personal hopes and opinions about my birth experience. We’re all just trying to do what we feel is best for our kids. 

Now onto the Bumpdate!

How far along? 36 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: a papaya

Total weight gain: 22 lbs, as of a week and a half ago. So probably a bit more now. Next appt is on Tuesday.


  • More heaviness in my pelvis. Not sure if this means she’s engaged, but she definitely feels a bit lower. Or maybe she’s just grown longer.  When she has the hiccups, which is at least once a day, I can now feel them in my hoo-ha. So, yeah. she’s pretty low.
  • Slightly out of breath all the time. Today I was talking a lot in a meeting and I had to stop to catch my breath! Wha??? It’s hard to take a deep breath. Not sure why my diaphragm feels squished if she seems to be sitting lower. Isn’t that supposed to make it easier to breathe? Unless it’s just all my organs getting pushed up under my diaphragm…
  • Slightly cranky. I found myself snapping at a Lyft driver today. And a work vendor earlier this week. My patience seems to be a tad short these days. Having trouble breathing will do that to you. 

Food cravings: still cereal. But also protein. I could eat a bowl of black beans all day every day and be perfectly happy. 

Things that make me queasy: if I eat too much in one sitting. This week in particular, it just feels like there’s hardly any room for food in there.

Maternity clothes: my maternity leggings can no longer stretch over my bump. They just kind of bunch up a bit under my belly. Maternity jeans still cover it though! Shirts are getting slightly shorter. 

Sleep: still off and on. Although this past Sunday, I woke up and felt so refreshed. I realized I had only woken up once in the night to pee! What a difference that made.

Purchases for baby: none this week

Purchases for mama: I booked a prenatal massage for next Tuesday evening! Can’t wait. 

Best moment this week: not sure. It’s been a pretty great week and a fun weekend. 

Miss anything: being able to stay up later. I’m so ready to crawl into bed by 9pm

Looking forward to: the prenatal massage on Tuesday. Next weekend we go on our Babymoon – just a cute little cabin in the redwoods of Sonoma county. Only an hour and a half drive from home. And close to another Kaiser hospital in case of an emergency. Can’t wait for a weekend of reading, relaxing, and hanging out in a hammock. And yes, we’ll be bringing our hospital bags and the car seat. Just in case. 

The Bump: large and in charge. 


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