A milestone…?

First trip to emergency Labor and Delivery? Check.

Everything was normal all day yesterday. Gummy Bear was doing her typical aerobics routine throughout the day. I worked from home, so it was a pretty relaxed day of sitting on my couch and typing away at my laptop. It wasn’t until about 9pm that we became a little concerned.

We were sitting on the couch watching TV after dinner. Soph had her hand on my belly feeling the baby move around. Suddenly, a portion of my belly started moving up and down rhythmically, almost like a really fast heartbeat. It’s right around where her booty is situated, so we had no idea what was causing it to move like that. It didn’t feel like kicking and it continued for about 2-3 minutes. We were both a little freaked out by it and  S thought she might be struggling, so we went to L&D to check it out. 

Everyone was so nice there. We were placed in a private triage room within a couple minutes of arriving. No one made us feel dumb for coming in to check on the baby. No first-time parent overreaction shaming, thank goodness. They hooked me up to some monitors, one for baby’s heartbeat, another for checking to see if I was having contractions, and we got to listen to her heartbeat for about 30 minutes. It seemed totally normal. The doctor on call came in  and did a quick ultrasound. The baby is head down and in place and the amniotic levels look good. She said Gummy Bear looks beautiful, I wasn’t having contractions, and they could send me home. We were in and out in an hour. She couldn’t explain what the rhythmic motion was, but just said sometimes a baby’s muscles will spasm or they’ll move in weird ways, but they didn’t see anything worrying. She also said we can come in anytime we’re concerned about anything and not to worry about over reacting. 

So not a bad experience, besides the worrying beforehand. Gummy Bear is still moving around like normal. On the way home I said to the baby, “Don’t scare your moms like that anymore.” S responded with “oh, this was just the first of many, I’m sure!” Sigh.


12 thoughts on “A milestone…?

  1. Glad it was all OK. Always wise to go in if you’re unsure. S is absolutely right, first of many scares. New parents should get some kind of frequent flyer miles at A&E.

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  2. Glad everything is ok! I think it’s good to have an L & D visit before the real thing… gives you a chance to get familiar with those surroundings! I felt a lot less anxious about my delivery knowing what I was walking into. (The hospital tour is nice, but it’s not the same as actually being in one of the beds.)

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    • Very true. I’m not sure what I thought would happen when we went, but I was surprised that I had to change into a gown and have a wrist band and the whole shebang. I guess I thought it’d be like a doctors appt and they’d just hook me up to some monitors while I wore my normal clothes. So it was a nice practice run!


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