37 Week Bumpdate

Whoa, it feels weird to say 37 weeks! Although I’m starting to be uncomfortable a lot of the time now, I’m still not ready to say good-bye to pregnancy. I’ve really enjoyed this ride and know I’ll be sad when it’s over, even though we’ll have this adorable baby to snuggle! We put off having a kid for such a long time (but I don’t regret that at all!) and I’ve been trying to just soak it all in. We’re still undecided about if we’ll have a second one. And if we do have another, which method we’ll use (biological with a donor, fostering, and adoption are all on the table). So this may be the only time I’m pregnant and I want to enjoy it fully!

How far along: 37 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: a head of romaine lettuce (?) 

Total weight gain: 24.5 lbs! Had my OB appt this past Tuesday morning


  • Apparently she has dropped! The doctor commented on how low she was compared to my last appt. She didn’t do an internal check, just felt and measured her from the outside
  • Some pelvic pressure when I walk now and lightening bolt type pains in my hooha. They usually go away when I put my feet up
  • Peeing more often. And when I have to go, I HAVE to go. Stat.
  • Lots of grunting and sighing involved when I move from a sitting to a standing position
  • I’m not sure if they’re Braxton Hicks or just regular contractions, but I’ve had them most days this week. Totally random, not with any regularity at all. Maybe once or twice a day. It’s pretty painful and feels like a cramp that covers the whole bottom of my belly. 
  • She’s running out of room in there which means we can pretty confidently pick out body parts now when we feel around my belly. It’s common to see a limb slide across my bump at night when I’m lying down. 
  • My hands are started to swell slightly. Nothing major, but my wedding ring is a little tight these days. 

Food cravings: my appetite has returned after a slight hiatus. I still don’t feel like I have much room for food, but I’m feeling famished just about every hour. Will take a couple bites and then feel uncomfortably full. Devouring oatmeal and ice cream (not together) a lot these days. Also really thirsty. Gatorade and iced tea sound good all the time.

Things that make me queasy: at night my heartburn is at its worst and makes me queasy

Maternity clothes: nothing but maternity. Really wanting to just wear large tent-like clothes these days. 

Sleep: actually a little better this week. Maybe I’m just getting used to tossing and turning all night? 

Purchases for baby: nothing this week.

Purchases for mama: my prenatal massage had to be rescheduled as my masseuse was sick this week. So now it’s this next Tuesday. Hopefully it sticks this time, since we’re nearing the end.

Best moment this week: we had a scare and made a trip to L&D. That in itself wasn’t the best moment, that was a little scary, but getting to hear her heartbeat for 30 minutes and seeing her briefly on the ultrasound (and learning that everything was ok) was definitely a high point this week.

Miss anything: it’s Cinco de Mayo and I would love to have a margarita today

Looking forward to: our getaway this weekend! Ready to hang out in a hammock for a few days. Still haven’t packed our hospital bags, but need to do that tonight so we can take them with us on the trip tomorrow.

The Bump: my poor belly tattoo is so stretched now. Hoping it looks ok after the baby’s out. A tattoo artist told me that as long as I don’t get stretch marks going through it, it should go back to normal. No stretch marks YET. Fingers crossed!


10 thoughts on “37 Week Bumpdate

  1. You look great! Sounds like you’re having a similar (soak it up now!) experience to what I had – I was not ready to be done with pregnancy until about 39+6, when suddenly I was just DONE. May you enjoy your final days/weeks to their fullest ^_^

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