38 week bumpdate

A little late this week, but oh well. My last big event at work is tonight. I’m not going, just the thought of managing a huge event until 1am makes me exhausted. But I was still the lead on all the planning and logistics up until this morning. I am a bit of a control freak, so it was tough to walk away yesterday and leave it in the hands of my maternity leave replacement. I was at the office until 8pm last night making sure everything was ready to go. Now I’m at home, in my robe, and trying to not email my colleagues a million reminders about their event duties tonight. I need to take a step back and trust that everything will run smoothly tonight. 

I’m working from home from now until my due date! So nice to not have to trudge through my commute, although my round trip commute involved 30-40 minutes of walking, which is the only exercise I’ve really been doing. I need to make sure I still get some walking in each day. 

How far along? Today I am 39 weeks, 0 days

Baby is the size of: a winter melon? Not sure what that is.

Total weight gain: 24.5+. I don’t see my OB until this next Tuesday, so that weight gain is a week and a half old. My appetite has returned with a vengeance, so I’m sure it’s about 26+ at this point


  • Lots of Braxton Hicks. Or just contractions, who knows. Nothing that feels like real labor, but just lots of tightening and some cramping along the bottom and front of my belly.  
  • Trouble breathing still. It’s hard to take a deep breath and I feel like my breathing sounds a bit labored. Just getting dressed in the morning makes me all out of breath!
  • She’s definitely a bit lower now. I waddle more and am getting lots of lightening bolts in my hooha when I walk. 
  • Congested. Not sure if this is pregnancy related or allergies, but not being able to breath out of my nose for a lot of the time really doesn’t help with the whole “having trouble breathing” symptom above
  • Some sciatica nerve pain? I’ve never had that before, but sometimes when I’m walking, one side of my butt will get a zing of pain that lasts a few minutes. Is that what that is?

Food cravings: I feel like I’m back in the first trimester. While I have much more of an appetite now than I did in the first 3 months, I’m craving all those first trimester foods – mashed potatoes, bland pasta, plain hot brothy noodles, toast. It’s like my body is carbo-loading before delivery or something. 

Things that make me queasy: my heartburn makes me queasy at night. My gag reflex seems to have lowered even more lately and just brushing my teeth can make me come close to vomiting

Maternity clothes: yep. And I’m having to wear all the longer shirts, as the shorter tops don’t cover all of the bump anymore.

Sleep: ok. Waking up to pee a couple times a night, plus lately I’ve been stressed about work. But now that the last big event is tonight, hopefully the stress goes away.

Purchases for baby: nothing this week

Purchases for mama: nothing this week

Best moment this week: we had our late Babymoon in the redwoods this past weekend. So needed that! Cutest little cabin with no wifi and no tv. So it was 3 days of relaxing, reading, taking pretty walks, cooking good food, playing board games and snuggling in front of a fire. We decided we have to make sure we get away with for a weekend each year – just the two of us. Drop the kid off at a grandparent’s and go have some adult time for a few days. 

Miss anything: my energy. Would also love a nice cold cocktail these days.

Looking forward to: our Gummy Bear’s arrival! Being able to relax and work a much lighter workload from home next week. Today is S’s birthday, so we’re going out for a nice meal tonight and having her family over for a barbeque tomorrow.

The Bump: she still looks high to me, but all the pressure in my pelvis is telling me otherwise. I think she’s just taking up ALL the room in my abdomen. All of it. 


8 thoughts on “38 week bumpdate

  1. The congestion could be a good sign. All those mucous membranes gearing up! If the sciatica bothers you you can google some stretches online that should help. I had it with my first pregnancy but did some stretches second time around and was fine. So close now!!

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  2. Definitely sounds like sciatica. I hope the event goes well tonight so you can relax. Happy that you got to have your weekend away before she decided to come!! Hope she doesn’t make you wait too much longer though!

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  3. I’ve just been getting my first hooha lightning bolts too. I’ve been having those butt shocks the whole time from my hips, but they are getting more intense. I figure it’s sciatica or another nerve getting pinched. No me gusta.

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