Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Went to my 39 week prenatal appt today. Though according to Dr. S, my due date is today. During the 13 week ultrasound, Gummy Bear was measuring 3 days ahead, so they bumped her due date up 3 days. I find this really odd, since we know exactly which day she was conceived. If you go by the date of the IUI, this Friday, the 20th, is her due date. But Dr. S says that I’m 40 weeks today. Whatever. I’m still saying the 20th.

Anyway, the appointment went well. I’ve actually LOST 2 lbs in the last two weeks, which I found alarming. But Dr. S said its normal for your body to start purging water weight before you go into labor. I am peeing a lot more these days. 

There was some disappointment when she did the cervical check. I’m almost 1 cm dilated, but my cervix hasn’t thinned at all. It’s very soft apparently and ready to go, but hasn’t budged much yet. And the baby’s head is still at -2 station. With all the pressure I’ve been feeling, I was sure she was fully engaged. But alas, not yet. The station level points out how far down she is in my pelvis. She’s fully engaged when her head is at 0 station, in line with my ischial spines (the narrowest part of my pelvis). Anything above that is a minus station and anything below that is a positive station. So she’s only 2 cm from being fully engaged. But still. She is apparently real comfy and in no hurry to exit.

So what now? I’m working from home now, which means long walks around the neighborhood at lunchtime. Lots of bouncing on the birth ball. My heartburn doesn’t allow me to eat spicy foods right now. My chest hurts just thinking about that. 

I know she’ll get here when she’s ready. I’m lucky in that, besides just being tired and uncomfortable hauling this belly around, I don’t have any complications or real pain.  S and I are just trying to enjoy the last days of it being the two of us. And trying to not be impatient


2 thoughts on “Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

  1. Some of my best memories of pregnancy were from the week before Charlotte was born. Try to enjoy these days! My wife and I spent a lot of quality time together. We had a nice dinner, went to a movie one day, and had a lot of quiet time with just the two of us.

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