39 week bumpdate

Here we are! Due date is tomorrow!

I’ve wrapped up most of my work to-do list. Just have to pass along some instructions tomorrow and then I’m good to go. It feels weird to email vendors and inform them that I’ll be out of the office until late August. It’s been really nice to work from how this week. I’ve been taking a lunchtime walk around the neighborhood, trying to work this baby lower into my pelvis. Bouncing on the birth ball while typing up work emails. Making nice dinners and not being exhausted from my commute. It’s been lovely. 

I’m officially on leave starting Monday!  Just using PTO I’ve saved up until the kiddo arrives and my maternity leave kicks in. No work emails, no meetings, just relaxing at home. It almost makes me hope the baby arrives a week late, so I can get in a few days of doing absolutely nothing. Almost.

How far along: 39 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: a watermelon! Our friend K is a midwife for the hospital where we’re giving birth. When we went over to her and her wife’s house this past weekend for dinner, she felt around my belly and predicts a 7.5 lb baby. 

Total weight gain: since I lost 2 lbs in the last two weeks, my totally weight gain is down to 22.5lbs. 


  • Peeing a lot
  • Lots of lightening bolts in the hooha
  • Achy back
  • Bad heartburn as soon as I bend over or lie down
  • Soft cervix, according to Dr S
  • Almost 1 cm dilated, no effacement yet
  • Baby’s head is at -2 station

Food cravings: eating a lot of ice cream and popcicles. My appetite has been ravenous lately so I’ve been making some nice dinners for us lately. I can tell the baby has moved down some this past week because I can eat a bit more than usual before feeling full. Stomach is obviously less squished!

Things that make me queasy: heartburn!

Maternity clothes: it’s been hot here, so I’ve been wearing lots of skirts and tank tops

Sleep: getting to sleep in a bit this week, due to no commute, has really helped. I feel much more refreshed lately

Purchases for baby: nothing this week

Purchases for mama: nothing this week

Best moment this week: this past weekend, we celebrated S’s birthday. We had dinner out with friends Friday night at a great restaurant, hosted some of S’s family Saturday, and spent Sunday evening with other friends. Very social weekend and a lot of fun!

Miss anything: having energy. And as much as I’m gonna miss my bump when it’s gone, I miss not having to haul this thing around. 

Loking forward to: her arrival! Haven’t felt anything resembling labor so far. Hoping she kicks it into gear soon. If she’s still inside on Tuesday morning, I have an appt with Dr S to check my cervix again and have a non stress test to check on the kiddo. I’m gonna ask for a membrane sweep at that point. 

Also, I have an acupuncture appt tomorrow and I’m hoping that helps get the ball rolling.

We’ve got the freezer, fridge and pantry stocked. We’ve got the basics like toilet paper, paper towels and other necessities stocked. The baby’s room is finished. The bassinet is set up. The hospital bags are packed. Car seat is installed in the car. We’re ready to go!

The Bump:


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