Post Partum Hives?

Hello world,

It’s been a whirlwind week and a half of motherhood. I’m in the middle of typing out Mabel’s birth story and hope to put it up here this weekend. Also, lots to say on breastfeeding and sleep deprivation as it’s been a bit of a struggle in this household. I feel like maybe we’re starting to sorta get the hang of this parenting thing. More on that later.
But for now, is it common to be covered in hives postpartum?!? I didn’t have any weird skin reactions while pregnant, but right after giving birth, I had some raised bumps around my belly button that itched like CRAZY. And now I have these weird rashes on both thighs and calves. And tonight the tops of my feet started itching. What the hell is going on? Is this from the quick drop in hormones? Is this PUPPS or PEPS or whatever it’s called these days? I just want to cover my belly and legs in about 3 inches of calamine lotion. 


2 thoughts on “Post Partum Hives?

  1. I’ve heard of this, and there are a handful of reasons that it can occur, ranging from simple hormone changes (uncomfortable, but generally short-lived), to reactions to pain meds. Do you have a 24 hour line through your insurance? I’d give them a call sooner rather than later if you do.


  2. Have you changed skin cream, laundry detergent, shower gel, etc? I had some itchy welts that turned out to be the new ‘baby safe’ detergent.


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